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  1. Exactly one month after the surgery, does this look normal?
  2. Hi, I have not received any instructions to put cream or aloe vera in the area, I always send pictures to the surgeon, except for daily overlap based on baby shampoo, no other instructions were given, I hope to come to him this week for a check.
  3. Yes I showed him, I'll have to get a checkup at the clinic My personal feeling that the implant in the front is not good, I feel that the area is scarred and not uniform like the other areas
  4. Yes I showed him, I'll have to get a checkup at the clinic
  5. The last scab came down, I saw that some curly hairs came down with it, hope it has no effect on the follicle
  6. Thanks buddy, the necrosis was my strongest concern, I was very pessimistic even though the doctor stated that it is not necrosis these are hard scabs, the last scab I try not to force down because it hurts there I hope the previous scab I removed did not damage the follicles.
  7. This is what I did yesterday, as soon as I use force I kind of feel like I'm ripping something out there and it's pretty painful too I'm afraid it's going to hurt, I no longer know what's better to leave like that or try by force
  8. I finished the surgery on 8.4 almost three weeks ago, I try to massage the area with shampoo, but not too strong Do not take the risk of something being torn off there, of course send pictures on a daily basis to the doctor, Who did the surgery.
  9. I rinse the scabs with baby shampoo twice a day and massage the area but it does not go down I am afraid to try by force that will not cause harm
  10. I do not know why it is black, I am in daily contact with the transplant doctor who is actually a dermatologist, of course i consult with other people, from the field I was told to check with him if it necrosis he says it is a hard scab that eventually went down I hope this is really the problem.
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