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  1. There is always a risk when doing a hair transplant, you minimise that risk by going to a doctor who has shown in an open and clear whay what he can do and for me Dr Zarev checked all the boxes, works only on one patient at the time, does all the work on the patients head himself, evey step of the way, has a clear calculated method of what is achievable , is great at doing large sessions proven by his many many results that he has shown, high survival rate of grafts and understands the art behind a hair transplant. Evey doctor have a different aprocah and way of work, I think choosing an
  2. We mostly looked at pictures that resembled my type of hair loss and what to expect from the first stage transplant. We never discussed BHT as the result that I wanted to achieve was applicable with my donor. For the % of my donor cannot recall we talked about this in detail, the main focus was as I had lost so much, that in the first stage build coverage and then do another assessment to see how much more would be available to take out and still keep the homogeneous look all over. From initial assessment I had 9-10k grafts. I think survival % of the grafts is one key fac
  3. I know, I think as most of Dr Zarevs patients are bulgarians (95% atleast) and from what I could gather most are of the..how to say..higher profile/higher income people ( I my self am definitely not a high profile or high income person 😅, just good at saving money as I knew this day would come and that a good doctor is not cheap), and as from what I have seen before I did my transplant he produces so many good results, what you see on his webpage is nothing compared to the folders after folders after folders of results his got in his computer, all with the same exellent results. So I thi
  4. Yes, I have been trimming my own hair on and off to try and see how it looks, I trimmed down around ears and neck as I dont like when it grows longer, but I am going to let it grow now until month 6 I think and then go to a hair dresser for a proper trim 🙂. I personally think my donor looks great considering I have had 7000 grafts taken out, seen others irl that have taken 2000-2500 grafts that look terrible. Regarding calucations, I know he did a very thorough measurement and calculation of donor, graft/cm2 and also calculated for future hair loss (even though I basically have reached al
  5. 😅 Hope not end result, expecting more growth in terms of thickness first of all as hairs still not as thick as they should be (donor hairs are thicker right now) and more growth to crown area and maybe some slow growers who haven't popped out yet 🤔.
  6. Hi guys, Day 121 update, in couple of the pictures I have combed the hair forward to resemble the previous pictures but I have started to comb my hair up now that it is getting stronger. BR Hugo
  7. It's a Swedish forum in and obviously in Swedish and no there is no one else but me that have gone to Dr Zarev in that forum...and maybe(probably) only one from Sweden... Lookgood.se is the page.
  8. I don't know the latest waiting list, last time I spoke to Dr Zarev about this was in February and at that time 2021 was basically booked. Btw, after popular demand, I have asked for the immediate post op pictures, I haven't been really interested in those pictures myself but I see many of you are, so I will ask for them 👍.
  9. I think 2021 is full, but these days with covid I wouldn't be surprised if cancellations do come in, I was actually scheduled for June 2021 but asked to be contacted when cancellation came in and because of covid one came up and I had around 10 days to prepare.
  10. Those 14k or any other high numbers have not been done in a one go which he clearly explains in his videos, first over 2 days 6000-8000 grafts and then 10 months or a year after first session the rest. He doesn't pack 7000 grafts in the hairline and mid scalp and leave rest bald and then do 7k on bald area.
  11. Have not thought about that actually, I did have longer hair in the pre op pictures so I would guess that adds to looking darker and as you mention, flash, lightning can affect this, and having skinfade adds to this probably. I have let my hair grow out a bit more for the 120 days pics that I will be taking this saturday . I am sure that the trauma caused by taking out 7000 grafts nad then placing 7000 grafts have its affect on the hair taken out and surrounding hair and until it can regain its "old" self takes time and maybe the pigmentation also takes time to get back to its original....but
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