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  1. If only Jeff Bezoz wasn't over loosing his hair... And could donate a billion or two....
  2. Exactly, he says this often, very few have the donor capacity to do 10k+ transplants without over harvesting or staying within safe zone. Even though must be said , not many surgeons can do 10-11 hours surgery a day and do all part of the surgery by themselves and do 7-8k over 2 days. I feel like donor survival is also important not often talked about, no point extracting 7k if your going to loose 10-30% of that. For me personally it looks like atleast 99.99% are growing ๐Ÿ™. Anyway, this thread is not about Dr Zarev ๐Ÿ˜. @dtap you should talk more to the surgeons you want to go with about chock loss and what to expect, but in my experience from sering other peoples journey when doing hair transplant is that chock loss is to be expected in some sort, of course there are those that don't experience any chock loss, I would think this also depends on current hair loss (very active or not) but also on surgeon that don't damage surrounding healthy folices, but I am no expert and I am sure others in this forum have better experience in this field.
  3. Dr Zarev charges 4โ‚ฌ/graft which is also stated at his web page. Expectations when doing hair transplant should be connected to your current hair loss, future hair loss and donor capacity. You should not look at another persons picture and think you will get that result, it could give you an indication, but don't expect exactly the same as it is very individual. So many factors to consider as mentioned before, age, current hair loss, future hair loss, medications. You should go with the mind set and expect shock loss in some way so you don't feel surprised when/if it happens, I think most people get some sort of chock loss, some minor some more , I didn't as I was already Norwood 6/7,not much left to chock ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜ญ. You haven't posted any pictures of your hair have you? This would help so the forum can give better answers.
  4. There is always a risk when doing a hair transplant, important things is to do your research and make sure the surgeon you choose has a good track record and have experience in the type of transplant you are doing (large secessions, repairs, FUE, strip etc) Here is my thread :
  5. I did 7000 grafts over 2 days (3500 grafts each day, I have a thread about this) . Now this doesn't mean everyone can and should do this, it is very individual and depends on many factors that have already been mentioned and the doctor you select must have a good portfolio to show other similar cases like yours to be able to give you an idea of what you might be able to achieve with the grafts he plans to extract. I would presume that you have already seen many different, well documented results from the surgeon you are thinking of choosing?
  6. Yes, I have to now and then look at those pictures and remind myself as it is easy to forget where I was.
  7. Yes, before going through with this I never expected to be at this stage at this time after surgery. I think when the second (and last) surgery where around 2000 graft is done, that should take it from over the moon to over the sun ๐Ÿ˜….
  8. Day 180 ( 6 months) update. Pictures taken as usual after shower, blow dry and with flash. One thing I can add now that there is more hair... After approximately 15 years of wearing a hair system with soft, slightly wavy Indian hair, I had forgotten how my own hair was, dry, medium vawy and coarse ๐Ÿ˜…,much more difficult to style.
  9. I was also interested in knowing why the clinics representative would need to threaten according to baalloss with โ€œlawyerโ€ and โ€œcourtโ€ when all he wanted was information and help about his situation, arenโ€™t client of Medikemos allowed to express their feelings and thought without their approval? It sounds crazy to me, and in no way did what baalloss say here sound threatening or "negative", he was just looking for input and information about his transplant.
  10. I think around the border land its always difficult to know how much further down it will go on sides and back, age is also important, and how your hair loss is progressing, I am a Norwood 6/7 and have been for 10 years and looked pretty much same, and I am soon to be 40 years, so hopefully I will will not see much more hair loss around the sides. So in general, where you still have hair left that is in a risk zone, always good to treat it in some way.
  11. It's around an average of 30 grafts/cm2, total area covered is 227cm2, 7000 grafts total.
  12. What minoxidil will do is to widen the blood vessels to deliver more oxygen-rich blood to the hair follicles. Minoxidil also helps increase the size of hair follicles, which promotes the growth of thicker, stronger hairs. In addition, the topical treatment shortens the resting (telogen) phase of hair growth, which means your hair stays in the growth (anagen) phase longer, so it's a kickstart for the transplant, I will continue with it even when I have done my last and second surgery sometime in October. It will also help the hair on sides and back (where transplant hair connects to none transplant hair). I might loose a little bit but more around those areas in the future, but I have looked the same for 10 years, so it is pretty stable.
  13. I only use 5% minoxidil mixed with 0.1 finasteride that was provided by Dr Zarev. Regarding Covid situation on Bulgaria I have no idea how it is today, I was there in the beginning of January, at that time I did not need to take any covid test before entry to the country when flying from Sweden , I think you will have to look at their embassies Web page for latest info on this. Sofia was nice city, not that big, easy to get around, cheap taxi and food, reasonable hotel prices, I am of course comparing to the Swedish prices saying this.
  14. I don't see any redness anymore actually. I think this spray is similar and can be ordered in the US https://haircubed.com/
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