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  1. I saw another post on here about headbands and it made me think of something i do when i sleep, which is wearing a earphone band to help me sleep. Is this going to have an affect on the grafts? I've started wearing it around 3 weeks post hair transplant. And although I try to avoid it touching my grafts it does rest on the frontal ones throughout the night. Am i being silly or is this going to be an issue at all? Image attached for reference.
  2. Im glad its all healing over! Can't say i wasn't worried it was looking like necrosis.
  3. 3 weeks. Starting to shed now. Donor looks good i think and my native hair is growing fast!
  4. It looks way under 2k grafts more like 500 on front and 100 on crown. And large punch size? scabs look normal
  5. I have Seb derm too but not seen them on that area. I had some in my donor. They came off after 2 weeks so I’d wait. Forcing Seb derm scabs off is a bad idea as they’ll just come back worse
  6. 12 days. All scabs gone! Donor is healing well too. No itching anymore or pain, basically back to normal. Just waiting to shed now.
  7. Day 10 scabs softened a lot in the shower so I used circular motions and around 90% of them came off in 20/30 mins. Will try rest tomorrow. hows it looking? Any tips for reducing redness or will that slowly fade? It’s clear with flash but isn’t too bad in real life. it looks amazing to see actual hairs there not scabs!
  8. Damn that looks great! How many days behind you am i you think?
  9. Completely agree with you! I accidentally woke myself up the other night with my hand on my head and freaked out. Ill hold off for a few more days before day 10/11 to try and remove them.
  10. Hi Jimmy, you removed 80% of scabs on day 7? I think most of mine are still on. What do you think? I am scared to rub them too much! EDIT: sorry this is actually day 8 for me now!
  11. Hi Melvin, I used some conditioner on my scabs to try and loosen them a bit ( on day 8 ). However i feel like there is a thin layer of conditioner left on? Without using a stream of water or shower i probs cant get it off but i cant really do that for a few more days right? Will the conditioner just dry off?
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