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  1. I think it would help the discussion to not focus on a country but on a specific surgeon/clinic. Seeing this result I would say really not what I would expect(especially for 18k bucks...) so shall I now say the US is a bad country doing a HT denigrating all the good ones that are there? Same for the turkish clinics - the great ones that are there should not be thrown into the same bucket with the really poor and industrial ones (unfortunately the vast majority) only because they are based in the same country... Just my 2 cents. All the best Carjoca
  2. Can only agree with @Abi28 and congrats to your great results! All the best Carjoca
  3. @Melvin-Moderator great advice, that‘s why I also like to share forum reports from real patients. all the best Carjoca
  4. superb result, congrats to the patient and the clinic! Recognize a bit of a different hair color (more dark) in the post OP pics, is that still the natural hair color of the patient? all the best Carjoca
  5. Great reply @1978matt as I think @Macca1972 was exactly looking for those 1% and that is the reason he is asking here for help. Could not read out of his post that he is interested in the 99% bad quality surgeons you refer to... Anyhow @Macca1972 if you are interested in some forum results from HLC or Keser send me a PM and I can look up some in another forum where they are well represented and I can share some links. All the best Carjoca
  6. @Macca1972 not only done extensive research but also visited one 😀 Would recommend you to have a look at Dr. Ozgur/HLC and Dr. Keser. Both based in Ankara and showing great and consistent results for years. All the best Carjoca
  7. @Loadrunner what is your clinic recommending you? Mine was having the pre-surgery instruction to not drink alcohol the day before the surgery. I would think if you have a drink and do not get totally drunken 5 days before the surgery it should be fine... All the best Carjoca
  8. @karatekid regarding Hattingen, yes they are a couple and as far as I know the female Dr. is basically doing the FUE. I would recommend that you contact them for a consultation as they offer this online also in English and Dr. Muresanu is the right one who can give you all the answers to your questions. As for results you can also request them online via the Hattingen homepage. I can also share via PM a link to the german speaking forum I know they are a bit more represented where you can browse through and maybe also ask for feedback from the forum (give it a go in English, some might reply to you in English as well) Heitmann you can also find results in the forum I share with you, some cases are also here in this forum I saw, just search for his name. Feriduni I recently have only seen FUE results so can‘t really comment on FUT - but seeing his high standards I would be surprised if they would not be top-notch as well... All the best Carjoca
  9. Have also seen different recommendations depending on clinic chosen (like for many post op instructions 😀) My surgeon did recommend no Minox 2 weeks before and starting again 4 weeks after the surgery (and starting only if there is no severe redness anymore). All the best Carjoca
  10. @duchaine great you took the opportunity to go to HLC and that they have the time to look into your situation! I‘m really curious what they will say and believe me based on my own experience that you are in good and trustworthy hands with Dr. Ozgur and his team! And you get a second opinion that can help you planning your way forward - keeping fingers crossed for you! All the best Carjoca
  11. @Sybutwhy? shockloss can occur also for the still existing hair around the area where you got a transplantation. Some also have it in the donor area after surgery. There are different reasons for it, e.g. the hair follicles are already miniaturized and get too much stressed (as it is still a surgery) and fall off. If your hair follicles were healthy I would guess the hair growth returns. I myself had as well some shockloss of existing hair and after the normal hair cycle time it luckily came back. Did you consult your Doctor already and are you taking any meds like Minox? All the best Carjoca
  12. Thanks @Portugal25 for your feedback. I of course can and will only mention doctors where I have some background and have seen constant results. The ones you mention I heard of but am missing that background thus I would not mention them from my end but great if you have and can complement the list! All the best Carjoca
  13. Congrats with your hairline, result and choice of Dr. Keser! Another wonderful result he and his patient delivered 😀! I guess you must be really happy with all? All the best Carjoca
  14. @karatekid fully understand the emotional situation you are in and that the hair loss is an emotional burden for you! Having said this I would be positive optimistic for your current hair status (some higher NWs would kill for that ;)) and key will be if your hair loss will progress in your 30s more severely or is more or less stable. Taking Fin (also consistently, not on and off) could help to stabilize it but can fully understand if you are not into taking meds that can cause quite some side effects... If it can be confirmed that your hair loss is somewhat stable and your donor is not miniaturized then I would rather consider FUE over FUT as I would think you can achieve based on your desired hairline design a good result with 2000—2500 grafts and still would have enough reserve (if you have a good beard donor then even more so). But up to you... Some feedback from my end to your doctors list as far as I can comment (coming from Central Europe focusing on the chaps in my neighbourhood ;)) Hattingen is based in Switzerland (orginally started in Hattingen, Germany, then moved to Switzerland) and offers both techniques, FUT and FUE. FUT is their original method which made them famous and the results I have seen in other forums are superb and I would say leading edge with H&W. Since some time they offer also FUE and also here the results are really looking good. Just met a guy last week who had a FUE there and it looked really great! Pricewise they are on the upper end per graft but also worthwhile to mention that doctors do big parts of the work. Dr. Feriduni is a world class surgeon and quite famous in German forums (he is also German and his clinic is in Belgium) and also offers both, FUT and FUE. Also here results seen are really amazing. As far as I know he is involved in some parts of the HT and has an experienced team of technicians supporting him. Prices also upper end (especially since it got a duty to put the VAT of 21% for HTs in Belgium to the total cost and guess who has to pay that ;)) Next to Dr. Bisanga you already know there is also Dr. Mwamba in Belgium which is known for consistent and good results but also rather expensive. A rather not so often mentioned surgeon but being top-notch is Dr. Heitmann based in Zurich. He is doing everything himself and thus also only a limited amount of grafts per session. From other forums I have seen amazing results and not heard anything negative but also heard he has a very long waiting list. With around 6 Swiss Franks per graft also not really a cheap one... This short clip gives a good overview on what he does: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoTHyiaPRR8&feature=youtu.be Coming from Middle East and having somewhat not such a high interest in long flights I would definitely recommend to look into Turkey as amongst the majority of really cutthroat clinics there are some really world class addresses. Dr. Pekiner was already mentioned, apart from that Dr. Keser is known to deliver very good results (especially dense hairlines with little graft counts, how ever he does that...) and Dr. Ozgur and his team in the Hairline Clinic are delivering constant outstanding results where you have all major steps done by a Dr., with manual punch and limited amount of grafts per day. All in all I wish you well on you journey and am sure whoever you will pick from your list will be the right choice as you are already showing with your list of potential Doctors that you know the first step to a successful HT is to familiarize yourself with the topic and understand that there are honorable and less so honorable clinics out there... All the best Carjoca
  15. @duchaine I really admire the way you look at it and that you look forward trying to maintain a positive attitude! I wish you well with your therapy and hope you can improve your status in that way that you are satisfied! If your are interested in SMP maybe also check out the Prohairclinic in Belgium, saw some pretty amazing results in another forum from them: https://www.prohairclinic.com/en/scalp-micro-hair-pigmentation-smp @Portugal25 thanks for your reply and agree that there are many „Turkish Hairmills“ out there that only want to make money and I have to admit that it looks for me also to be the majority of clinics in Turkey unfortunately thus forums like this one are really important to newbies to get direction and help... Have seen quite some repair cases from these kind of clinics and everybody saved from this experience is a tremendous win for this and other forums and of course for the person itself! A good and ethical clinic should have it as best practise to check status of follicles after having extracted some 200 and have a go/ no go decision and at least I know one more clinic in Turkey that acts on this ethical basis and does this check - maybe a coincidence or not that Dr. Pekiner basically learned the bread and butter of his profession in that clinic over several years... All the best Carjoca