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  1. Yes. Your contribution was actually massively helpful at a traumatic time. Of all the responses it showed me I’m not alone, this can happen, just stick with the process, trust the experts. I will, again, thank you profusely. Hopefully my experience is more available than than the example above as it took you to bring this to my attention (after hundreds of hours googling!!) But - stand by my points above. The guidance on here should be considered, polite and educated. Not really fussed if I get kicked-off, just want this here for the next person who suffers shock loss as extreme as mine.
  2. Thanks mate!!! yeah massive relief, finally my hair is better now than pre op. Been following yours since we had ops at a similar time, Fingers crossed both of us will be very hairy in a couple of months!!
  3. Thanks mate! Yeah I was - doubled-down on his opinion, which is fair, ignored replies, which is fair... But. As an admin, there’s added gravity to posts which I’d suggest demands caution. Or at least a bit of politeness
  4. I caved! Cut it short - Was becoming unmanageable having a patch of really short hair and the rest 2 inches long. (Plus with everything that’s going on I realised no better time to cut your own hair and buzz it if all went wrong.) See attached an image in full daylight - barely noticeable now. I’d call this full(ish) recovery. This is 16 weeks after op and 13.5 after shock loss kicked in, so to anyone reading this - ignore the overzealous admin chap and trust your surgeon before exploring unnecessary and expensive treatments. Anyway, hope you guys are safe and healthy.
  5. I’ve actually developed an absurd amount of greys in/around the area so I can get away with brushing them back and just looking a bit... old. I think if I cut my hair short it wouldn’t be noticeable at all but decided to grow it all out for 6 months as it’ll take at least that long for the recipient area to develop. Plus my sole objective from the hair transplant is having shoulder length hair - I hate hair cuts. How are you getting on btw? Hope all is good with yours!
  6. Cheers mate! Not much change but see below a pic from earlier this week - seems to be getting thicker/darker every day but I don’t photograph/obsess about it as much.
  7. Thanks! Yeah it’s coming along great - all things considered my hair overall is probably as good as pre-op - although I do have to style it in a ridiculous 90’s David beckham parting to cover the recipient. Haha yes there were some worries... Not helped by a couple of surprisingly unhelpful* replies above. Suppose the lesson is trust the surgeon! *would speak more strongly but he can ban me and above All else this is supposed to be educational
  8. 11 weeks on from the op and 8.5 since shock kicked in. Pretty much complete coverage now but visually hair is still very fine and short compared to unaffected areas. Recovery is better than transplanted areas where regrowth is more sporadic. Using less & less makeup and hoping I’ll be able to stop that in a few weeks. Thank ****. Overall, pretty emotional little period! Jumping the gun a bit but (the more helpful...) comments here were greatly appreciated chaps.
  9. Sorry the pic isn’t great but this was the outline of my temple before 1200 grafts - you don’t look 2 x as bad as me so I would say the lower estimates are going to give you a banging hairline.
  10. I didn’t rate dermamatch so bought eyebrow makeup. Looking at your pics you may get a good result but if there’s not enough hair try a women’s foundation/concealer to cover the redness? Or fake tan!!
  11. I’m taking Biotin and using a laser comb. Think I’m slightly ahead of schedule (especially with horrendous shock loss) so agree with the above - you’ll kick yourself if you have slow regrowth and didn’t try something that *may* help!
  12. Yeah instructions similar to mine except I was told to use the shower on light pressure for 10 days I think. From memory there wasn’t any mention of removing scabs so the hair can grow- you’ll find that the scabs come away from the scalp as hairs grow longer and push away, then it’s easier to crush them up with your fingers. (eurgh)
  13. I didn’t really touch the recipient area for two weeks and was careful when washing - most of the scabs had fallen off by then but I had some mingled with native hair for a month! Think the best policy is to leave it for as long as you possibly can, it’s around the week mark that they’re secure but why take any chances over a few days.
  14. Was told to wash by placing a flannel on my head and pouring water over it - no contact with the recipient area. After a week I added shampoo to the flanel and after 10 days washed normally but with the shower on low pressure.
  15. Do you have any pictures immediately after surgery/with scabs to give an idea on density of implants? As above, loads of native hair left to fix it!
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