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  1. 11 weeks on from the op and 8.5 since shock kicked in. Pretty much complete coverage now but visually hair is still very fine and short compared to unaffected areas. Recovery is better than transplanted areas where regrowth is more sporadic. Using less & less makeup and hoping I’ll be able to stop that in a few weeks. Thank ****. Overall, pretty emotional little period! Jumping the gun a bit but (the more helpful...) comments here were greatly appreciated chaps.
  2. Sorry the pic isn’t great but this was the outline of my temple before 1200 grafts - you don’t look 2 x as bad as me so I would say the lower estimates are going to give you a banging hairline.
  3. I didn’t rate dermamatch so bought eyebrow makeup. Looking at your pics you may get a good result but if there’s not enough hair try a women’s foundation/concealer to cover the redness? Or fake tan!!
  4. I’m taking Biotin and using a laser comb. Think I’m slightly ahead of schedule (especially with horrendous shock loss) so agree with the above - you’ll kick yourself if you have slow regrowth and didn’t try something that *may* help!
  5. Yeah instructions similar to mine except I was told to use the shower on light pressure for 10 days I think. From memory there wasn’t any mention of removing scabs so the hair can grow- you’ll find that the scabs come away from the scalp as hairs grow longer and push away, then it’s easier to crush them up with your fingers. (eurgh)
  6. I didn’t really touch the recipient area for two weeks and was careful when washing - most of the scabs had fallen off by then but I had some mingled with native hair for a month! Think the best policy is to leave it for as long as you possibly can, it’s around the week mark that they’re secure but why take any chances over a few days.
  7. Was told to wash by placing a flannel on my head and pouring water over it - no contact with the recipient area. After a week I added shampoo to the flanel and after 10 days washed normally but with the shower on low pressure.
  8. Do you have any pictures immediately after surgery/with scabs to give an idea on density of implants? As above, loads of native hair left to fix it!
  9. Yeah I’m on Biotin and a laser comb which I feel are speeding things up. The comb gets really great reviews but isn’t mentioned too much on here? Haha - patience is the hardest bit! Suppose I’m asking as I’m desperate to buzz the back and sides of my head where the contrast between native and new hairs is stark/difficult to cover. It’s getting easier every day but as soon as they’re thick enough I can make my head less... lopsided.
  10. Also - you can sort of see here that I did suffer shock loss in the hairline and on both sides, didn’t really focus upon it as the big bald spot was far more of an issue! Again - the areas are now covered with thin baby hairs so seemingly recovering well, it’s only 9.5 weeks after op and 7 weeks after loss kicked in so the surgeon was right on recovery timelines.
  11. Hi (anyone) So ignoring the possibility that I developed a hereditary autoimmune disorder exactly 2 weeks after my transplant and only in the recipient and donor areas... does anyone have any experience they can share in hair “maturation”? As above, almost/if not all my shock loss (or alopecia!) has returned and in the recipient area I seem to be doing okay - but all the hairs are naturally very thin/fine, especially nearer the front. See pic attached where you can see the contrast in thickness and colour with non-transplanted hairs nearby. I have been fully expecting it to take 6+ months before seeing anything that could be called progress so not getting hopes up, but if anyone can share their experience on what happens to these little hairs from now on it’d make for interesting reading! Thanks
  12. Ditched fin about 5 years ago after a failed romantic encounter after drinking for 12+ hours. It was only when I spoke to a surgeon a few weeks later I was told I’m a ****ing idiot & been back on it ever since. No decrease in libido whatsoever.
  13. Surgeon had seen loss like this before - only a handful of times, checked area for scarring and looked at my post op pics where the concentration (and duration) of bruising on my left side showed trauma consistent with shock loss. Will definitely consult a dermatologist if there are any issues, but as per the pics above - significant regrowth in the last 2-3 weeks (now better than recipient area).
  14. Surgeon has checked me under a microscope - specifically for alopecia areata and confident it’s shock loss - what makes you think it isn’t? As above, it’s around 6 weeks since the loss kicked in and follicles already regrowing but everything I read online suggests 6 months+ if it were alopecia.