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  1. Usually couto shows also a video of the results while brushing through the patient's hair, I wonder why he didnt do it here. This is much better demonstration of the quality than a simple picture
  2. Lol, this is actually funny because I can remember the exact (cursed) day it happened. It was 10 years ago when I was 20 and served at the army. I have always been very concern about my look (which later I figured was bdd), but overall I was complete with it. I also never before even thought about hairloss. People say you dont notice you losing hair until the situation already really bad. This is definitely not my case. One day I wake up and look at the mirror, and I see that the frontal hair (my hair was brushed forward, kind of 'pony') is longer than I remembered. I thought to myself "how it got longer suddenly? weird.." and just before I was about to brush it off and keep on with my day, I took one more second and that it hit me like a brick in the face - the frontal hair is not longer, it is the sides that went backward, and it make it look like this. In this moment all hell broke lose, I completely freaked out, start read about it and looking for help, but very fast you understand there are no magics, this fight is brutal. From that point my whole life was just around this problem that never ending and just getting worse. My hairloss progress quite slow but still with every cm I lost in my hairline, my depression jumps up, it really consumed my whole 20s. I could never accept being bald, never. I guess it is kinda similar to your story. Im happy to hear it end well for you, I hope to get there soon with my upcoming HT.
  3. Sorry but I really dont see it. I know people here praise him, but simply by looking at his patient posted cases I dont see anything spectacular. I wanted to say that I appraciate any advice and take it into consideration. I learn alot due to the people here in the forum. but if I see stuff that contradict it I cant go against my basic judgement and intuition. Bottom line I look at a picture and see if it is better than others or not.
  4. Thank god no, lol. It was actually the opposite, I wasnt balding enough. Basically He said that my frontal hairline was too low to have a transplant. It was 2 years ago, my hairloss progressed since, I think now Im about nw2.5 or 3. my front did recede a bit but I guess not alot, the problem is more the temples recession. But I do want to lower the hairline a bit.
  5. Yes, believe me, I did a long research and definitely didnt rush into it. I had frontal consultation with Bisanga, Lupanzula, and now Feriduni. I also actually had frontal consultation with Dr.Maras (and he rejected me, but it was 2 years ago, my hairloss progressed since) I had online assessment with lots of clinics - with Hasson and Wong, which suggested me only FUE. I know them especially for their FUT work, but if I they offer me me only FUE (for some reasons didnt quite understand) than I have better choices which are closer to me (I live in middle east so US and canada is big disadvantage for me), cheaper and even better. Also got online assessments from Keser, Lorenzo, Rahal, Pekiner and maybe 1 or 2 more. About konior, as I said, US is a bit too far for me, and although I would go if I though it is worth the long travel, but from my reviews, those doctors seem like better choice.
  6. @Portugal25 Thanks for the advice, and I know you usually suggest Dr.Freirra, but according to my long, extensive research, I found that those 3 are the best, at least for my case. BF is good but still not as good as De Freitas in my opinion. I understand he is cheaper but as I said my main consideration is quality. Anyway I wanted to ask you, since you usually recommend the spanish doctors (I actually start researching them thanks to you), what do you think about the saying that the spanish doctors show great result because of the type of hair of spaniard people? I can say I looked at a lot of results, but Im not an expert and cant really tell which of them are spanish clients and which are not, and cant even always see some common hair characteristics of all those cases. I have consultation soon with de freitas and just wondering if I can expect the same (or close) to the superb results I see in the various forums (not only the spanish forum). Or should I just go with my 'safe choice' which is Dr.Feriduni for me. A second thing, about Pekiner. Im not sure I understood correctly. When you say he aborts surgeries, do you mean he might abort MID-PROCEDURE? like in the middle of the grafting?? which means that even examination of the hair before procedure doesnt even guarantee he will do the surgery? if this is the case it is horrible, and that means that even frontal consultation wont help. I think we need to be sure of that, can someone tag Pekiner's advisor here to confirm? It's important to understand if the doctor only require frontal consultation, which is completely ok I think, or he can abort mid surgery, which is a total different thing.
  7. Ok, so if I plan to go with Pekiner I must have frontal consultation first, good point. And thanks for the advices!
  8. Well as I said I did have one consultation (with Feriduni) so I do have an idea what to expect and according to him I am great candidate, just wanted to know if I should have one with the other doctors before I choose one. But I guess you are right. I just had hard time to decide since this is really spending money just on a visit, plus the delay of the procedure, but I think in bottom line, it will be not smart move just to show up first time at a clinic for a big procedure. Well, you cant just say this and not telling me who is he . maybe in PM if not here. Im interested to know. Yes I know Feriduni is great choice, and I actually did have a long discussion with Gasthoerer and we talked about him. But as you know every doctor has his pros and cons, so I have to take everything into consideration in order to make the best decision possible.
  9. Hey again guys. after few posts here and long research, I ended up with 3 final options to my coming procedure - Feriduni, De Freitas and Pekiner. I was ready to have frontal consultation with 3 of them, but then corona came and shit on all my plans, so I only had consultation with Feriduni. I really need to get the procedure done soon, so I wonder, how bad is it to set a procedure without having frontal consultation first? of course I do the online estimation but still it doesnt feel right to go for such a big, life changing procedure without meeting the doctor and stuff first, especially when there is a language barrier ( with Dr Freitas) which I wanted to know how the communication works. Is a frontal consultation something you would pass on? Im having hard time to decide since Im torn between the need to have a good procedure to having it done soon as possible.
  10. Congratulation! results look great. You have hair characteristics similar to mine I see, kinda wavy, Dont you style your hair somehow? I usually straighten it and use some hair cream. Im very interested to see more photos as well when you get them, hairline, scar, etc. Anyway, you look like a different person for sure, good to hear you are happy.
  11. This is a great forum and been the greatest help to me in the journy to hair transplant. Dont listen to negative people. Also, sorry I bring it up here, but since we are talking about the pandemic - I havent been in this forum since this all pandemic crap started and totally shitted on all my plans towards transplants (which I really wanted to get soon as possible), I got consultations cancelled, flight cancelled, and everything on hold. I didnt see a real talk here about it, what do you guys do? how you progress with your transplant plans? Do clinics already schedule dates? no one knows when there will be flights again and it's all uncertainty. I wonder if I should take advantage and schedule with clinic that usually have long waiting list (like Dr De Freitas which I considered) and got their all schedule rearranged now, but I have no idea when I will be able to book a flight.
  12. I dont agree at all, I dont think lying to the doctor is a good idea. Also I dont understand why is his reply silly? if he doesnt experience hairloss but only has high hairline from birth, he should just say it. I honestly dont know why the doctor insist about meds in this case tho.
  13. Ye I just heard that, but it means that residents cant get out of the house, does this mean no tourists can get in either? I understand it is a really bad time, but man, I really want to get over with this, and also, the flights are so cheap right now 😛 .....