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  1. I would say the opposite, you can see how impressive the results if the hair is long and styled. I mean, if you want to keep buzz cut, just go for smp And yes the crown is a problem anyway.
  2. botched procedure from H&W? where did you see that? No I dont think it is acceptable, there is a difference between bad results and botched procedure, clinic of H&W levels shouldnt have botched procedures. And even if it somehow happened, I would expect the clinic to handle it correctly and try to fix it or at least full return of the money.
  3. This is the weirdest thing I have heard. Never thought someone would want to have his temples receded.... If it really bothers you, you can always shave it
  4. I see so many Rahal vs H&W threads lately, very weird. I dont have personal experience from neither, but from my research, H&W show much more consistent and better results than Rahal. Also I think Rahal doesnt do FUT at all
  5. man, sitting 4 whole days on the surgery chair sounds unpleasant...
  6. I heard quite the opposite actually, that you should avoid minoxi few months post op
  7. Bro if you did enough research you should know that you shouldnt put much weight on clinic posted results, but instead reviewing lots of clients testimonies. it's easy to cherry-pick/edit/lie with those cases that the clinic published.
  8. Wow. I know his work from the spanish forum but never looked at his youtube channel, the results there are literally natural density, just amazing. how those spanish/portuguese doctors achieve such natural density results? I find it hard to believe it's just because of the hair nature of the ethnic people there.
  9. looks like bullshit to me. Anyway, whether it's effective treatment or not, the word "cure" is definitely not belong here. your title is just a clickbait
  10. (response to deleted comment) First I didnt talk about this forum but research in general. I research in lots of hairloss sites and forums and didnt encounter this name once (or at least not in a way that would be rememberable), so even if some forums are kinda biased, you still can have some general sense for which doctor you should consider, because there is a consensus about the best doctors across all. Second this site seem credible since I see here bad reviews of recommended doctors, and didnt see much bashing on other doctors.
  11. Im sorry but I say this again, I dont understand how someone can just go and have such a life changing, complex procedure without doing any research. Besides the fact this doctor is unknown he also does all kind of cosmetic surgeries which means he is not really specialized with HT.
  12. Is it just me or the grafts look ordered in really straight lines, seems unusual doesnt it?
  13. I didnt do it eventually, I decided to postpone it for a while, and now it is the time. So Im researching here to find the best surgeon just like you.