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  1. I dont agree at all, I dont think lying to the doctor is a good idea. Also I dont understand why is his reply silly? if he doesnt experience hairloss but only has high hairline from birth, he should just say it. I honestly dont know why the doctor insist about meds in this case tho.
  2. Ye I just heard that, but it means that residents cant get out of the house, does this mean no tourists can get in either? I understand it is a really bad time, but man, I really want to get over with this, and also, the flights are so cheap right now 😛 .....
  3. corona is here for few months with only small percent of population got infected and the whole world working on a cure intensively, yet this cursed hairloss disease is here for ages with much larger scale but no cure on the horizon 😭
  4. I just heard that spain closed itself to incoming visitors, someone knows if that true? Where can I get updates about the latest regulations regarding the virus? Seems like everyday are added more and mroe restrictions and limitations across the world.
  5. Funny, I just watched this movie few months ago, it was pretty good to be honest. Anyway I really thought about that movie when the corona virus started, there are some similar elements in the movie and the stuff that happen now. Anyway, @BeHappy I dont think it's the media, and it sounds weird to me that people say that, I know that media say alot of shit, but the facts are that the chinese government did some serious steps to fight this virus, basically paralyzing the economy. I dont think the chinese government really care what the media say. And same goes for other countries that made some regulation which also harm the economy. I dont know the numbers but Im sure the virus is of high risk to the population, higher than standard flu.
  6. As I said, I understand, but dont care about it, Im young, Im healthy, the virus doesnt concern me. Besides, the virus exists also in my country, so what does it matter actually About Spain closing itself anytime soon - ye that will a problem, I hope it wont happen
  7. What you talking about, I dont care about the virus, when I said problems, I meant 1) that the clinic itself is ok with having patients abroad, and 2) that there are no regulation by the government
  8. Ok I just got a call confirming my appointment, they say there are no problems in spain right now, so Im happy No virus will stop me from getting my hair back, brother 💪
  9. I just had a consultation a week ago, and have another one in spain in a month. I myself dont care about the virus, but the problems are that firss my country require solitary confinement when coming back from those countries, and also I dont know what are the regulations in spain right now and whether it will change. Also the clinic just contacted me and said they need to talk to me, I hope they wont cancel the appointment... Anyway, ye it's a problem right now... I just hope that until my procedure appointment it will be over
  10. Man, after reading this Im starting to think that tying my hands before going to sleep after the procedure is really good idea...
  11. I would say the opposite, you can see how impressive the results if the hair is long and styled. I mean, if you want to keep buzz cut, just go for smp And yes the crown is a problem anyway.
  12. botched procedure from H&W? where did you see that? No I dont think it is acceptable, there is a difference between bad results and botched procedure, clinic of H&W levels shouldnt have botched procedures. And even if it somehow happened, I would expect the clinic to handle it correctly and try to fix it or at least full return of the money.