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  1. Looks amazing, I wished I could enjoy the traveling and the attractions of the place I go to for the transplant (where ever it will be), but I dont think I could, I will be too worried and nervous the days before the surgery, and will be too embarassed to walk around with weird looking head the days after, and probably with physical discomfort and pain.
  2. @Portugal25 I respect your opinions but I think that the fact that your friend had good results from Ferreira effects your judgement too much. It is only one patient, you cant form an opinion based on that. And reviewing his results on the web, which are not many, show that he is not bad but still not amazing, definitely not close to Pekiner's results, which are pretty crazy, his density and hairlines are of the best I have seen (not going into the whole abortion thing now). In a close price there are more options even outside turkey like Dr Maras in cyprus which is better I think.
  3. Thanks that is very helpful. Nice idea @TorontoMan I might try it too. Still wonder what about sweat. Even if I avoid sun, I still want to workout at the gym, where I also sweat of course, so question is when can I go back after procedure
  4. I wanted to know about hot whether - how long do you suppose to avoid sun exposure after procedure? And do you have to completely avoid it or for short times it's ok? I of course not talking about laying at the beach and getting tan, just everyday activity. And what are exactly the risks of that? The point is Im going to have a procedure in May next year (still didnt confirm yet tho), and I live in a country with really hot whether, so it bothers me that I need to go through the time after the procedure in such condition. And it's not only that it's hot, but I also sweat like a pig, I re
  5. Well, I didnt say anything about the quality, only talked about the client relations. But if you want my opinion - one patient review that you saw isnt really indication for anything of course. As I commented here in another thread, I have seen several of his cases in the spanish forum, and the results look quite good, the point is it is hard to compare some photos taken by low quality cam in shitty lights to HQ videos as posted in his youtube channel, so it's not a simple comparison. But ye bottom line I dont think he really gives everyone the elvis hair. Are his results for the average patie
  6. As for Dr Couto - he doesnt even do online assessments now, his waiting list is very very long, it's really pointless to set a date for 2 or 3 years imo, and they seem very busy and you have to chase them for every question you have. I get they have high demand, but I dont think it's smart to have a procedure with this type of customer service, what about post procedure care? will I have to chase them for every little thing?
  7. If you refer to my post, I have no idea what you talking about. If anything, I was talking in the favor of the doctor, I said that we judge by a tiny fraction of his cases and it is wrong. And why you say we beating dead horse? why is he a dead horse and who says we beating him? I think this is a legit discussion about a great doctor, that we aware of his 2 misconducted cases, and we want to know why does it happen and what are the chances it will happen for a new patient. As someone that consider him for upcoming surgery I find it important. And of course there is something to explain -
  8. Ok so I want to do some order here. As I said before, aborting a surgery after some extraction is really horrible for the patient, no doubt. But we need to look at the big picture. @Portugal25 said there are only 3 cases - @PT#31 @duchaine @lixinfu So the duchaine case indeed sounds bad, and that's the case everybody talking about. But the case of lixinfu is not the same at all, I read his thread - doctor Pekiner checked him before the surgery and already told him he is not a good candidate and completely refused to operate. But, the patient really insisted that he wants i
  9. I guess Im very funny without even trying, everything I say sounds like a joke show me those cases if you have the links
  10. Ok this is just horrible. I actually cant believe it is true Edit: ok I saw now the comment of portugal, this makes a bit more sense
  11. No Im not joking, did you read what I wrote? I said that this part of aborting during the surgery is awful, especially such high number like 200 grafts. I just wondered if it really happens often.
  12. Why does it matter which one of those reason? he prefer to avoid surgeries with low potential, and honestly I dont think it is that bad, it shows he has ethics, either way you want a surgeon that his reputation is important to him, rather than one who wants only your money. And bottom line you know that if you had a procedure with him you have very high chances of good results. The really weird part is that he aborts it DURING the procedure... I mean, is it really true? people here keep saying this, but did we really hear it happens often? if it was only one or two cases then maybe it was jus
  13. congrats, the results are great, it cant get better than that. But I wonder about the amount of gratfs - doesnt 2200 sound a bit high for this area? especially for Pekiner whose known for his usage of low graft count (and a high yield percentage)
  14. Well I got that, but this is a general statement,it's not related to my specific case . So it just means that he suggests FUE to everybody now?
  15. This is a good question, Im not even sure I fully understood why. I sent him a video of my donor area, and this was his exact reply: "Dr.Hasson does not recommend FUT method surgery for you. He added that with the FUE method it is easer to achieve density because grafts are smaller, they can be dense packed and he can transplant more hairs per graft" But what is particular about me that FUT won't suit me? I dont know, and after 2 emails I figure there is no point to argue with the doctor recommendation, whatever be the reason, so I passed on it completely
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