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  1. Thank you. My main observation is that all of this process is largely a waiting game. On one hand, it seems that so much time has passed since the procedure, on the other hand life is longer than this pause
  2. Sup Another small update. I have actually made a small attempt to nicely distribute the hair. Getting my haircut the next month. Doesn't look so bad with the way that I have put the hair now but it's long overdue! To be precise, 4 months, 2 weeks and 2 days since the procedure. Haircut is in 1 month, 2 weeks and 2 days. Getting closer to the first small victory! Will be exactly 6 months since the procedure. Let me tell you, I look very messy now and it's heartbreaking. I like stats, on my calculations I'm exactly 75% through the first six months today
  3. Obviously, anyone can be guilty of offering poor services but Turkey is a joke in regards to the amount of such clown clinics. Like me, I am glad that you have found HDC. It's a shame that a lot of people take hair transplant for granted and take advice of the first agent as the truth. I don't blame them though, since most of the people are older and more conservative. However, for the love of god, we need to at least spread the word about this website in the hair transplant community
  4. Just over 4 months 1-1.5 months on Fin, and just begun Mino again (had to stop recently after a short period due to an illness and will pause both soon due to LASIK) Pretty happy so far. Still holding out for the 6 months mark for a haircut Getting called hobo as a joke more and more. Hopefully, LASIK and a new skin regiment will help me transform my look for the better after that dreaded haircut soon (and waiting for more growth of course) Candid angle, so no face, and hair looks thin also due to close angle and lightning (on top of still being thin due to no Mino/recent transplant/recovering shock). I averaged about 2.25 hairs per graft, so it's not very low (no 4+ though) Still seeing the clinic every month, good job on their part Edit: Oh, yeah. I didn't touch the comb since the procedure. #LifeGoals
  5. Couldn't agree more on the medical part! I see your point, I am in no position to give out recommendations to other folks before having a successful hair transplant, if that's what you mean? Nonetheless, being just over four months post the procedure, I still think that it was a correct thing to do and I couldn't recommend it more to other men suffering from a bad hairline. Not sure what offended you, as I still think that you don't sound like a bad guy. Must have been miscommunication! 🙂 Edit: I see, the last paragraph could be read as aimed personally, as I used the word "you". My bad, this is interchangeable with "one". Anyway, this starts to get too deep and I don't want to rephrase my words, as it's easier to read them without thinking I aimed them negatively. Have fun all, enjoy your HT. As I said, it's not a short journey, but I'm hoping to get back at life after the hair grows out and I stop looking like a hobo, LOL
  6. I would lie if I wouldn't say that you sound very educated Looking at the good things first, very appreciative of the fact that such procedures exist. Secondly, good job to everybody undergoing them Like it was mentioned, it means a lot to us but we can't go discussing it in the public. I would say that there's a greater need for more men to undergo a HT than for us to be quiet about it, but this is society, so here you go... Unless one is more than NW 3 (NW 4+), I truly hope that one procedure is more than you need and then you can continue performing other procedures if necessary to further bolster other "aspects" of your life. However, I am a full believer that hair is a very important component in a man's beauty and it's relatively easy to "fix" (compared to face or height)
  7. Fair point, enjoying the sense of humor as well Unfortunately, people seem to take very critically any procedures a man undertakes to "cheat" his genetic limitations This includes facial surgeries as well Ironically, simple procedures like a haircut are more welcomed even if their effects are limited in comparison, especially on a balding individual. Obviously, you would look nice after a haircut but to look good you need a decent hairline to begin with. That's why we are here. Unless you have a top percentile masculine face then being bald is never attractive Perhaps, I phrased the original question incorrectly. It's more of a banter - how did people try to explain your HT and what did you suggest? Some said losing weight and drinking a warm pint of water daily 🙂
  8. Hi I'm planning to do LASIK I did my HT and now taking Finasteride and Minoxidil Could these medicine cause LASIK complications? I heard Finasteride against prostate cancer potentially causing issues for cataract patients And then Minoxidil is said to increase the blood pressure and this seems sensitive when the eyes are concerned My LASIK is in about 1.5 or 4.5 weeks (depends if there's enough people as I understood since country demand is small, doctor and centre is good) I mentioned Minoxidil increasing blood pressure and Funasteride blocking DHT to doctor and he said I might better hold off Since he doesn't seem too sure and I both don't want to mess up HT or LASIK what's the best option? If the operation is in 1.5 weeks I suppose I could hold off. If 4.5 I could use it for some time? HT doctor said it seems there are no potential interferences but I'm not sure. I'm on Finasteride for 1.5 months and just begun Minoxidil
  9. Obviously, not a short time after My situation, to make it more clear: just passed 4 months post OP, still withholding for a haircut at the 6 months mark (had about 2750 FUE, mostly temples and frontal) Was thinking to dye my hair white/blonde at a reputable hair salon (to minimize damages due to the human factor, if any) Are there any risks involved, given that I had a HT and perhaps the hairs are more sensitive to such procedures? Also, if no problem, at what time am I most definitely safe to do so? Open to any experiences. Thanks! Bonus question, did your barber notice any differences after your HT?
  10. Very nice points Brings me back to this idea, which I thought of about before but was not sure of how to word it; hair transplant is such an important and taxing (including emotionally, as well as time-wise) process for us, yet other people, as in your example, might as well not notice it at all I'd say that younger people with hair or the ones lucky to preserve it naturally would pay attention to your transformation/contrast the least; all will still marvel the end results (as in, if you are going towards NW 1-ish hairline)
  11. Heard Mino helps but I am no pro but you probably already know of the effects and it's not so easy. Wishing you for a solution though All I can say is Like. A. Boss Needed somebody like this as my father when I was young
  12. Swear to god, I'm using the "started to drink a warm glass of water every morning"; and I live in a tropical climate Other day, receiving Mino at the customs and a kind gentleman decides to investigate my shipment for "illicit" substances. Ironically, a policeman was nearby handy Anyway, disappointed or not, he asks me what's the intent of Minoxidil. I tell him in a pleasant way that it helped the hair and I was balding before Obviously, he was impressed but I didn't want to mention the HT due to the potential stigma Like I keep saying (I'm young), my parents guilt tripped me for the HT but then started saying I look better and refusing to believe the reason According to them, attractive people have better personality by default 🙂 I just want to be a better version of myself and looks are important. Another observation, people don't treat you better for small things but would for a HT unless they discover the truth. It's like overcoming your genetical limit is unethical My 0.02
  13. True, the hair looks more solid and all the negative traits like those small but visible bald spots (temples) go away Yeah, wind would affect less but at least where I live it doesn't seem that much of a problem (we're talking hurricanes-like, right, which really mess up the hair?) Another discussion topic, I heard that NW 3 are the best candidates for a HT since they get the biggest difference - their donor allows to pursue a dense look and with extractions of up to 3K grafts are being considered safe in one session and this is how much NW 3 would need for a full transformation Yeah, it seems that a better-framed face gives an average Joe a less chubbier look. Another thought, if the person was overweight, they might be also likely to start losing weight around their hair transplant to further boost their looks?