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  1. No other possible goals, he wants everything - front and back. If a reputable doctor has suggested this, by identifying that the donor is sufficient for the first and upcoming procedures, you want a second professional opinion. I suppose no dense packing Given the young age and family history, more loss will come. Attempt first to stabilize the loss with medications
  2. Symptoms work out. I will attempt to get hold of a dermatologist soon. In regards to the washing, I'm actually trying to apply moderate force, similar to normal washing before the procedure, as instructed by the clinic. As per the treatment, actually someone has already mentioned Nizoral (not the clinic) but my concern was damaging the grafts. I shall discuss this with the clinic when I go there in just over a week. What I have attempted to do now is to wash the scalp only once per day (with the special antibacterial shampoo provided; down from two - normal rinsing in the morning before); the face I only rinse twice per day now with water and no longer apply the same shampoo in the evenings on it. Also attempted to improve my diet and consume more water. Cheerio!
  3. Also noticing a lot of thin white hairs in the recipient area. My understanding is that they will grow thicker in the future and change their color?
  4. Images attached. Problem area identified in red, recipient area in green (donor is in the back, unseen and not affected). (I am also experiencing some flaking on my face (cheeks, chin and brow ridge).) As instructed by the clinic, shampooing daily (with leaving it on priory for some time) with a special antibacterial product, massaging all of the scalp and giving it a good rinse under the shower. 1.5 months post OP. Any ideas as what could be going on here? My theory is increased blood flow to all of the scalp doing this to the non-affected areas by supplying more resources and causing the surplus to turn into dandruff.
  5. I am 1.5 months post OP but my hair is growing quicker (seems to be due to my younger-than-average-patient's age of 25), with first proper growth spotted at 1 months post OP (verified by the clinic); guess that I can start to compare myself to the ugly ducking phase. Some days I look myself in the mirror and feel super bad, as if the age is getting better of me (at 25, LOL). With determination to improve it doesn't really bother me as much, as I'm looking forward, but if someone saw me especially at this stage and then when the hair grows out it would be a great contrast. Even without this contract I myself feel very weirded out by what I see sometimes and miss myself with more hair on top (even if NW 2.5). It's a waiting game now, looking forward to this stage ending soon and starting to notice even more growth. The current growth now is not visible at a distance much and only when inspecting close in person.
  6. Thanks. I'm opposite - my right eye is slightly slopped (too much sleeping on the right) and the right side is slightly higher. Good job, indeed
  7. On the sides/temples? My left side appears to be about 5 mm higher than the right. I'm still 1.5 months post OP and this represents only about 5% of brow to hairline distance. Should I be concerned? Will it level itself out or be not visible in the grand scheme of things? Tags: uneven hairline
  8. Edit: Identified some hairs which appear thin and thick only at end. In RE white hairs, wasn't able to spot them at this compressed quality (came through WhatsApp)
  9. 7 weeks without 1 day update (attached). Skin messed up due to extra blood flow messing up with the pores (or something?) - using antibacterial shampoo on both face and scalp as instructed by the clinic (did help the face at first, guess it would be even worse now without it). What I noticed is my natural hairline is already growing out well. In RE to recipient area, I notice a lot of thin white hairs on photos - not sure if temporary. Also notice some thin hairs with thick like bulbs at the end - looks like they got thin now due to stress.
  10. 1. The Scalp Prescription - Liquid Gold Plus Scalp Treatment Shampoo. 2. The Scalp Prescription - Micronutrients Advanced. 3. Scalp Drops Plus 2HA. Can provide a photograph if it will be helpful.
  11. Are the ones offered by the clinic necessary better (post transplant - shampoo, tablets, Minoxidil)? I am based in the south of Eastern Europe and have noticed that most of the stuff is expensive here. Personally, I get stuff online much cheaper (mostly, Amazon). If I get good stuff online, will it necessary be worse than the ones offered by the clinic? I am thinking it's a no but then maybe the clinic knows what's better for me? However, if so, I can still take this knowledge and get it myself? I am talking like 50 Euros per month difference (I am a student). Edit: The ones provided by the clinic seem to have their own label (with the clinic's name). I am not sure if they produce at their own factory.
  12. Hey, thank you. I am going to the clinic only in another 2.5 weeks. Could there be a serious cause for concern with the current situation and if so how would I solve it?
  13. 1.5 months post 2750 FUE This is the recipient area. Heard some mentions of acne but this looks too white? Been there since morning. I shampoo daily. Should I be concerned? Probably not but knowing myself I better see opinions
  14. Appreciated! I update with great pleasure. To be honest, I can't be any happier, given that an average patient experiences first growth at the third month stage. My guess this is due to my younger age.