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  1. Thank you brother👍Hopefully your result will be as good as myne.Happy growing 👍
  2. Hello Everybody My surgery was 1 year ago.It is time to show my 1 year result.Very happy😀.Still using minoxidil ,biotin.
  3. Hi Bruce90 It looks natural,haven't any problem with it.My front center hairline wasn't treated.On the front -center have my native hairs.Behind the center (1cm) and the sides of the hairline was treated. The nurses are placing always the singles to the hairline behind the double and triples to the back of the hairline.
  4. Hello to everybody, Since my surgery passed 9 months.Its time for a new update.All the photos were taken today under different light conditions (daylight,dry,wet,after gym:) ) Happy with the progress 😀
  5. Hi, Thanks, Exactly the extraction was from the whole donor area not only from back. There is still much time where the density will increase.
  6. Hi Fozzie, I am satisfied from the growth so far.I also think that i am a good responder to minoxidil,it is really accelerating the growth.
  7. Actually not the whole donor area hairs are resistant against DHT ,maybe 3-5% of the donor area hairs are not stable against hair loss.Extreme cases more than %5. I dont think that dandruff directly causes hair loss.To lost transplanted hairs after 2 years is too early.I have heared that after a HT in 4-5 years there can be a thining.
  8. Hello Everybody , Following the forum since many years.Had my surgery with Dr.Erkan Demirsoy in April 2019.I am 37 years old ,have hair loss since 8-9 years.using minoxidil %5 since 6 months. You will find my 4.5 months post op photos. Normally have many white hairs ,the hairs are dyed before the surgery.Sometimes i am dying the hairs because it shows me younger using regular minoxidil %5 ,biotin 5mg and saw palmetto due to the side effects of finasteride.
  9. You are a very good responder to finasteride ,not always works so well.Great improvement 👍
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