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  1. Hi, Thanks, Exactly the extraction was from the whole donor area not only from back. There is still much time where the density will increase.
  2. Hi Fozzie, I am satisfied from the growth so far.I also think that i am a good responder to minoxidil,it is really accelerating the growth.
  3. Actually not the whole donor area hairs are resistant against DHT ,maybe 3-5% of the donor area hairs are not stable against hair loss.Extreme cases more than %5. I dont think that dandruff directly causes hair loss.To lost transplanted hairs after 2 years is too early.I have heared that after a HT in 4-5 years there can be a thining.
  4. Hello Everybody , Following the forum since many years.Had my surgery with Dr.Erkan Demirsoy in April 2019.I am 37 years old ,have hair loss since 8-9 years.using minoxidil %5 since 6 months. You will find my 4.5 months post op photos. Normally have many white hairs ,the hairs are dyed before the surgery.Sometimes i am dying the hairs because it shows me younger using regular minoxidil %5 ,biotin 5mg and saw palmetto due to the side effects of finasteride.
  5. You are a very good responder to finasteride ,not always works so well.Great improvement 👍
  6. It isnt possible to tell an exact reason.Maybe the grafts were placed too close.The yield is really low according to the total graft number. Are you planning a third session?