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  1. @RR1 looks really good, m myself heading to eugenix mumbai in feb to get my hairline corrected from my first transplant.
  2. When can last haircut be done prior to surgery and till when can the hair color be done. Also, does finasteride needs to be stopped prior to surgery..clinic says not necessary
  3. I am not drinking currently, i wanted to know if i drink 1 day at my ofc offsite 5 days before surgery that should not be an issue ryt? I intend to avoid for a month post transplant.
  4. I have an offsite 5 day prior to hair transplant surgery. Is it ok to drink or i shd strictly avoid.
  5. Yes there might be some shedding in first month but should be fine post that but once u start using this i dont think it can be stopped in between else shedding will happen again, it is same as using any other minoxidil probably the finasteride addition gives slightly better results
  6. Yes it is available in India and recommend by many for ppl who don't want to use finasteride, have heard results are good for density maintenance in crown.
  7. @paddyirishman my session is booked with dr pradeep on 18th Feb in mumbai. I have chosen the 120/graft package which has increased in price now. I will be getting around 1500-2000 grafts for more density on the hairline and filling the major gaps. Although i m thinning slightly on the crown as well but i will use medicines for that considering i m just 31 now and might need more grafts in future so graft management is very imp. I had and a fue 18 months back of around 1200 grafts for my hairline which did not give me enough density and would like to fix it once it for all this time. My first procedure was not very well researched. This time I have understood the importance of choosing the right surgeon. Thanks for all your help @paddyirishman
  8. Although the prices have increased but I blv the comprehensive package with Dr. Arika is still at rs. 120 where she will do the hairline, all slits and crucial part of extraction. I blv this can be considered by all ppl facing cost issues. I had booked just before the price increase otherwise would have gone for this option. She is equally sound as dr. Pradeep and the results should be similar may be @paddyirishman @ahmedabad_guy and others can verify this.
  9. Is ugly duckling phase as prominent in the second transplant as well or recovery time is lower considering prior coverage. Assuming the second procedure is only for minor gaps and more density. Thanks!
  10. Hi paddy, Hope you are going gud. I wanted to know how was your donor 9-10 days post transplant. I have been suggested around 1800-2000 grafts. I can take a week off plus Saturday Sunday. I want to know if it will look presentable post 10 days since i m in a client facing role or donor is in a bad shape?. Basically will it be possible to walk with a buzz cut in about 10 days with ppl not asking too many questions. Thanks!