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  1. Minimal shedding, new growth is happening but new hairs are thin as of now. I guess next 2 months I can experience a lot of growth considering I didn't shed much
  2. I might be around nowood 3 vertex or 4 maybe. But I have seen absolutely wonderful results for norwood 6/7 cases as well. Their YouTube has so many results ans on the forum u need to check the results of @harin and @Zoomster and @RR1 to name a few. I am sure you will be well taken care of since they have been handling a lot of such cases
  3. You made a great choice. I had thoroughly researched eugenix before selecting them. With the kind of results they have been producing u can be rest assured. All the best!
  4. @Pyrat and others 11 weeks update. Not much shedding, hairs slowing growing but the hairline is thin as of now. I have not taken any haircuts and will take one post the lockdown. It should look much better with trimmed sides. I am expecting good results towards 4 month mark like most eugenix cases. I am taking finax for my crown. No minox or anything else with normal shampooing.
  5. Day 46 Update: I have not experienced a lot of sheeding, maybe 10-20 pc and now am eagerly waiting for the hairs to grow and I am hopeful Of getting early results considering I didn't shed much. I am taking finasteride which seems to be helping(not on minoxidil). Donor area has recovered to normal with no signs now.
  6. I totally agree with Melvin, why will a unhappy patient endorse the clinic. I was totally unsatisfied with my first clinic. My experience with Eugenix- has been good till now. If I get the results as per my expectation, I will definitely have a soft corner for them. As of now, I can say that I hardly found any bad results from eugenix during my research- and hence I went ahead with them and they treat their patient's very well.
  7. I was more worried how will the donor react post this procedure but things look good
  8. Yes, it was no shave fue but I guess because of that I can't keepbhair shorter than 3/4 guard else I have to do smp. But I normally keepvit at 4 which works for me
  9. Update: 1 month I have noticed 10-15 percent shedding. Hairs have started growing. Hoping for an early result. Donor has recovered well.
  10. That is correct just that first option has both Dr pradeep and dr arika while the second one has dr arika doing slits. Third package is other doctors but I guess here we are talking about top 2 packages because the forum recommends surgeons and not clinics
  11. Hi, You can check my thread, there are thre strips from my previous fue if the hair are cut too short because of concentrated extraction. I was very scared about what might happen to my donor if I gi for another transplant. Post my procedure with Eugenix- it seems to be coming well. Zero percent shock loss. For the growth, I can only comment post 4-5 months( currently 25 days post op) but there has been only 10-15 percent shed owing to less time outside due to DHT technique and no root touch and the grafts are directly growing. I will attach my latest donor picture. This is only post 25 d
  12. @Melvin-Moderator keen to know how was your meeting with dr sethi
  13. Day 15 Update: No shedding till now. Things look ok. Hairs are growing slowly though. Will update at 1 month now.
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