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  1. I experienced that too. I was so frustrated when the redness took time to go. It took about a month for my skin to be completely rid of the redness...
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    4 days after the procedure

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    3 days after the prodedure

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    2 days after the procedure

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    1 day after the procedure

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    During the procedure

    8215 grafts with a moderate 3 peak hairline.
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    Me before the procedure

    As you can see in my pictures, the frontal zone was rather empty with a lot of vellus hair. I had already tried Minoxidil and was on Finastride prior to the procedure. The medicines did certainly help me to prevent any further progression of baldness.
  8. Hello everyone! So I have been reading a lot of material on this forum. I have definitely received a tremendous amount of information from here. It has helped me a lot during my immediate post transplant phase. I believe that my own experience with hair transplantation could help others who are seeking the same too. Therefore, I have decided to post the entire documented journey of my transplantation procedure here on this amazing forum. Here it goes: I started to lose hair by the age of 23. The loss was very gradual and it was difficult for me to have noticed the decline in my density. Eventually, when the hairline stared to recede drastically and my look started to change for the worse, I started to panic. I never knew anything about hair. I was scared that it might be a disease or some form of disorder. But even that was not enough to compel me to visit a doctor and understand the situation. I started with different home remedies and self imagined cures in the forms of advertised shampoos or oils. However, the hair loss did not stop. I started to notice more and more hair come off every time I combed my hair or even if I wet it. The worst part was that I was losing all confidence because of my hair situation. I started using hair products and other styling products to help hide my baldness. But as most of you might know, that doesn't really work. However, to come to the point of all of the above, it was only after I met Dr. Arika Bansal and Dr. Pradeep Sethi that they actually told me the honest truth about hair loss intervention. They made me understand the why and the how. And also what should be done to address the issue. For the already bald area, it was too late. But for my pre existing hair, I was recommended Finastride at a dosage of 0.5 to 1 mg. I swear by this medication because i have 0 hair loss since I have started taking that medication. For the bald area, the doctors gave me a transplantation of 2815 grafts. I knew about hair transplantation prior to this too. But I was not sure whether i would be able to go through with it. I was definitely scared of the pain. I couldn't quite bring myself to go for the procedure. However, the procedure was painless, contrary to my belief. It was simple. But it was lengthy (oh well!). And you gotta do what you gotta do. So now through the pictures, I shall show you the progress of my results.