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  1. It has been 19 months since my transplantation procedure. And I wanted to update my thread with the results and my experience throughout this journey of hair transplantation. I was lucky enough to have patience throughout my research and authentic people to guide me. The surgery itself was rather simple and hassle free. the post operative precautions were easy to follow and moulded according to my comfort. However, discipline was most important with regards to keeping my recipient area clean and taking the medicines at regular intervals for 7 days after the procedure. The 8th day was such a relief as it brought along my first headwash after the procedure. Can't say that I didn't feel yucky for 7 days without shampooing. So, yes, they hair shed off and I looked like a disaster for a couple of months that followed with my bald head and alien like skull shape. But gradually i begun to see hair sprouting from my head. People say that it wasn't much and that it was only the frontal zone. However, it was important for me and thus, excruciating to have to wait. Finax was a constant companion through this ordeal. I had been taking Finax from prior to the procedure. I am still on this medicine. Its a choice I consciously made. No Doctor is going to force you to take medicines. To create a fuss about it is stupid. You either take the medicine and save your pre existing hair or you don't and lose your pre existing hair eventually. There is no magical potion to stop Androgenetic Alopecia from spreading on your scalp. My diet is good and so is my appetite. Therefore, it did not matter if I skipped on multivitamins. Minoxidil is something that I did not want to use. It becomes irritating to follow it's schedule of application everyday. So like I said, it was my choice. Would my hair have been denser if I used Minoxidil? Maybe. But then again, I chose not to! My hair is better than ever. I have had 0 PRP sessions. I hardly pay attention to my hair, except for the regular Finax intake. And Finax is rather pocket friendly. I don't necessarily have to take up expensive procedures or grill the Doctor for my hair issues. Because I have none anymore. The density however, came after 12 months. It kept increasing until the 18th month. So I have no idea where experts get the confidence to say 12 months is the maximum time for the density to be gained. There is the occasional hairfall. But baldness? Nope! The hair texture has improved. It was frizzy when it started to grow but now has blended well with my other hair. I even got my hair coloured. And then coloured it back to black again. Side effects? Nope!!! I have got 40 to 50 hair per sqcm. It looks dense, voluminous and grows long and healthy. Could I have gotten a denser plantation? Yes, I could have. But would it have been really necessary? No. It would have been useless. Nobody who I haven't already told that I have had transplantation can ever make out that my hair are transplanted. I don't know the angles that the doctors have created, I don't know the design and the calculations etc. And I simply don't have the luxury to waste my time on such details. Like i said I'm not a fussy individual. I just trusted the Doctors who worked on my head. If they are genuine and if they know what they are doing then there is no reason why anybody should have to experience bad results. Most times, we force the Doctors to be commercial and resort to advertisements and marketing techniques due to our own inability to trust them. I hate doing that to the professionals. Its true, there are hell lotta quacks in the world trying to con people. But that shouldn't be the reason why Doctors should have to prove their ingenuity to skeptics. Also, our own price concerns do encourage quacks to seduce us with unbelievable packages. We want the quality but do not want to pay the price. We bid the Doctors against each other. Which I find completely sick. No genuine Doctor will purposely ruin his results. His life depends on his results. Anyway, I am posting my results though updated pictures along with this post. My pictures might seem narcissistic but they are all i have to show my results. I am also attaching a before picture to show the difference in appearance. Before In the OT for the procedure\\\ Dr. Arika Bansal Plantation going on 4 days after. Completely functional. Almost 6 months 8 months 10 months 13th month Heres to wishing every bald person a good transplant and the hands of a proper surgeon. Namaste
  2. God knows thats not how the donor should look like after a procedure. That looks awful. Plus body hair has a very low rate of success. Also, body hair remain dormant for a longer period of time after their shedding. If you want an honest opinion then you shouldn't go for the procedure to fill your donor area with the donor grafts from your thighs. You should opt for SMP. It would prove to be more helpful. It would require maintenance but you will be satisfied with the results. Also, risking scars on your thighs is also not worth it considering the high probability of failure in the donor grafts extracted from your thighs. Usually scars in the donor area are a result of the bigger sized punches. If fine (small sized) and sharp punches are used + expertise in extraction; the donor should be fine. According to my experience and what I have seen so far.
  3. Thank you for sharing your ordeal. That is very unfortunate. But until you have got enough donor left to redo the procedure, then it is some consolation. However, you must go through the entire hassle again - minus the finances for the procedure itself. Travelling itself is pretty expensive. Did you not get a brief on the post operative care?
  4. 1. Donor sparsening of the scalp can be minimised by limiting the number of grafts to be extracted 1st sitting: not more than 2500 to 3000 2nd sitting: not more than 1500 to 2000 2. Hairline asthetics: is important but the main factor that ensures aesthetics is putting exclusively single haired grafts in the hairline. 3. Poor density in hairline is never a major issue with good hair transplant centres
  5. That is 100% correct. If I stop taking Finax then I will definitely reach Grade 7 with time. However, I have had 0 side effects with Finax and I am taking it at a dosage of 1 mg alternate days. I plan to take it for as long as my baldness would stabilise, i.e., until I am 50 to 60 years old. I know what side effects feel like. I have used anti anxiety pills in the past (Sertraline). The side effects include loss in libido, etc. It was real with Sertraline. However with Finax I took a trial first. I have not experienced the slightest side effects with this drug. Anyway, the Doctors do prescribe them but they have nothing to gain commercially with the medicine. Only a Doctor who would be ready to accept the responsibility of the prescribed medication and it's effects on the patient would prescribe the medicine. I have been to many Doctors in the past as well who kept me only on multivitamins and minoxidil. Frankly speaking, I found them useless without Finax. There has been no development of any new bald area since I have taken Finax. I don't want to promote Finax since it is an individual's discretion to either take the medicine or not. But for myself, this medicine has been a blessing.
  6. Yes. I am taking Finax. I have been on Finax since 3 & 1/2 years now... It has really helped me tremendously... Secondly, my hair has been planted at a density of 40 to 50 hair per sqcm. I feel that it has come up to be quite dense. If all of the transplanted hair grow, the extracted donor grafts are transplanted intelligently and if the design is most naturally done, then density would be a by product. It shouldn't be a difficult task to restore just the frontal zone, i.e., in the hands of a good doctor.
  7. I think I forgot to post my results along with the pre and immediate pictures... Please do have a look...
  8. Hello, I have had 2815 grafts done with Eugenix Hair Sciences. I have uploaded some pictures for your viewing. For me, the results have been extremely satisfying.
  9. I experienced that too. I was so frustrated when the redness took time to go. It took about a month for my skin to be completely rid of the redness...
  10. GabreilleN

    During the procedure

    2815 grafts with a moderate 3 peak hairline.
  11. GabreilleN

    Me before the procedure

    As you can see in my pictures, the frontal zone was rather empty with a lot of vellus hair. I had already tried Minoxidil and was on Finastride prior to the procedure. The medicines did certainly help me to prevent any further progression of baldness.
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