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  1. Starting a second thread as the first was unfortunately corrupted...My surgery w Dr Bisanga went well. I'm happy w the result. I had the procedure on Nov 2018 Before surgery: Jan 2019: Feb 2019: April 2019: Current (August 2019): Shoutouts to Dr Bisanga and his assistant Hilde. They did a great job.
  2. I'm going to get a hair transplant later this year on the back of my head...donor is depleted and a bit patchy, so I thought I could fix it up by adding some chest hair to it. But how would I rest/recover without rubbing the back of head against anything? I most likely will do this procedure overseas...so I'm sure the flight trip back would be very inconvenient if I cannot lay back to rest my head.
  3. Hey guys, I'm doing well so far. I've been healing well with Bisanga post op going to reach 3 months in 2 weeks. Already I see quite a bit of hair growth in the recipient...this is great considering my grafts only came from beard and chest. I 'll post some updates in a different thread. I've spoken to Bisanga about the thigh hair...they suggest doing a test next time I visit Brussels. But for now I'm focussing on a successful 1st repair.
  4. Nice! Who was your doctor? What was the transection rate (ratio of what was harvested and what ultimately grew)?
  5. Hey I'll post my front side later on a different thread and on a different time. I don't want to do it here. I wanted to get more opinions on leg hair specifically.
  6. Thanks guys, yeah, leg hair is my dark horse. It's thick enough to give it a shot. I'm also not sure if my donor area is thinning...It feels and looks thick to me. It's just...depleted by the bad surgeon. I am interested in filing a complaint actually. Not sure what I may get immediately, but I at least hope it could deter future clients... I wish I had known, but even people on these forums tout him as a great unorthodox solution. Actually he's polarized. Many people like him and equally hate him. I now understand why people hate him. In fact, the doctor is even mentioned here in this very thread. That should give you a hint as to who botched me.
  7. Thanks for the responses guys. Currently I'm going under a repair plan with Bisanga...I'm already month 2 post OP to fix my recipient. He's doing this with pure chest and beard hairs. I'm already seeing some growth!! For donor he also suggested SMP. But just wondering is it not reasonable to at least test leg hairs of 400 grafts to see what may happen? I assume the worst is that they wouldn't grow or could the scarring get worse?
  8. I would look at Belgium: Bisanga, Mwamba, and Feriduni. Can't really go wrong with either. Just interview them and pick the one you feel is the best fit. I personally choose Bisanga, but I'm biased as my latest procedure was with him.
  9. Here is my wet leg hair...I was wondering if I can use this to hide my scars...at least do a test to see if things grow alright.
  10. Sure, here are my photos. In one of the pics I'm shaved fully. On the other ones, you can see a depleted donor area under bright light...which was caused by a poor surgeon who I mis-chose. He's actually recommended here...I may want to write a negative review on him later and hopefully help others.
  11. I do have beard and some chest hair...but I was really hoping to save them for the top / crown in the future. From chest I think I can get 1000 grafts. Beard, I think I can get 2500 grafts. Stomach, I think I can get 1500 grafts I just have a lot of leg hairs than can grow up to 2 inches long...I feel like I have 5000 grafts at least from leg lol. Also I'm not on fin nor will I ever want to.
  12. I had a 2nd FUE hair transplant by a doctor that didn't do a good job. I feel he over harvested. Is it possible to find better FUE doctor and have them extract hairs from my thigh/legs and use them to cover my scars in my donor area? Any suggestions of doctors besides the one in Redondo Beach, CA? Any documented cases? Thanks!
  13. ^Yeah thanks. Still a bit stressed out to see what Bisanga can do. I'm still waiting for the results like OP here...currently I'm 1.6 months post-op. Before I write a post on the botch by my previous surgeon, I want to see success from Bisanga to prove to myself that it was indeed a surgeon issue and not a body physiology issue.