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  1. Next steps for me is to see if I can fill out the frontal part...if I can do this, I'd be so happy. Also, I want to fill out my sides where it looks depleted. In a perfect world, I'd wish it were possible to use my leg hairs which can grow up to 2-3 inches easily. Or my chest hair, but I hope to save enough to fix my crown eventually down the line.
  2. Yes! I would keep this thread only about Bisanga. He did a great job. I also want to give a special shout out to Hilde, Dr Bisanga's point of contact. She is amazing. She goes above and beyond and responds very quickly to inquiries. She is kinda like a big sister to me
  3. If anyone knows anything about a good leg hair or armpit/pubic hair transplant, I would be open to that because I have a lot of body hairs.
  4. Sure, but maybe in a different post. Basically I got botched hard by Dr Umar. I'm hoping to recover and hopefully have an overall good hair that I can wear short. Right now, my donor is depleted. It's a bit hard to cut my hair short without it looking bad. I think just a 1000 grafts (Leg hair? Chest hair?) on each side of the head could make a huge improvement in the moth eaten look I have going on.
  5. ^ I have a lot of armpit hair, so that's good...and yes, I have spoken to Dr Bhatti too. He is very against leg hair...Not sure why that is...I feel like I always keep my side of hair cropped short. And my leg hairs can grow at least 2 inches, so I feel it would be a perfect addition to the side part of my head which looks depleted now.
  6. Yes! This is something I want to do. I was hoping if Dr Bisanga could use leg hair to add density to the donor area...my leg hairs are long and thick. I don't think I've met anyone with longer and thicker leg hairs than me hahaha. Hopefully it comes in handy. The only issue is that leg hairs tend to be in anagen stages for too long or something...so i don't know how successful the extractions will be. I get mixed responses from surgeons about leg hair as a viable donor. It's such a case specific thing...
  7. Yeah, I notice a difference in the texture, but in the actual look, I don't recognize anything significant. If you look closely, you can see that the beard hair reflects light more or something. It appears a little shinier, but that doesn't bother me.
  8. Yup! It was 1500 from beard and 1500 from chest. I look normal. Not really any visible scarring.
  9. I am a victim of a bad hair transplant surgery. Dr Bisanga was kind enough to help out: I had a procedure with him last November 2018...I would say I've had quite the improvement, but I may need to see him again. Before: Here are my photos: Jan 12 2019: February 2019: April 2019 So currently, I pretty much look like how I am in the April picture. I want to return back to get some places filled out...I also want to test out using leg hair as well. This would be a big game changer for me if the leg hairs work. I'll bring that up to Dr Bisanga and see what he thinks.
  10. I'm going to get a hair transplant later this year on the back of my head...donor is depleted and a bit patchy, so I thought I could fix it up by adding some chest hair to it. But how would I rest/recover without rubbing the back of head against anything? I most likely will do this procedure overseas...so I'm sure the flight trip back would be very inconvenient if I cannot lay back to rest my head.
  11. Hey guys, I'm doing well so far. I've been healing well with Bisanga post op going to reach 3 months in 2 weeks. Already I see quite a bit of hair growth in the recipient...this is great considering my grafts only came from beard and chest. I 'll post some updates in a different thread. I've spoken to Bisanga about the thigh hair...they suggest doing a test next time I visit Brussels. But for now I'm focussing on a successful 1st repair.
  12. Nice! Who was your doctor? What was the transection rate (ratio of what was harvested and what ultimately grew)?