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  1. I'm mostly annoyed how my hair curls all the time, even after I groom it properly. Mostly this happens when my hair is wet or sweaty. For this reason alone I go for a short hair cut. Is this hair texture, hair curling due to balding or hair thinning? This looks so ugly and I hate this >.<
  2. Something inconsistent about hair growth over the recent months. I see my hair a bit "better" than photos from previous month. I also was not taking Fin or applying Minoxidil for the past 20+ days or so. Surprised how the hair looks almost as good as before, without any additional shedding. My hair was longer in the previous month, and shorter in this month. But it looks like the shorter hair (from this month) looks to give an illusion of more coverage compared to previous month.
  3. Wow, these results are mindblowing, @Abhinay Singh. Thanks for sharing this. Just wondering if the patient had his hair trimmed on the crown area as I can see some small hair around crown area, or is that the natural hairgrowth he has there.
  4. Hi @Dalveer, hope all is good with you. It should be your fifth month now, and I hope things show good progress in your side. Waiting for updates for my own reference and confidence
  5. Thanks for the photo update @paddyirishman. As always, a picture speaks more than the words. It will be great if few more hair loss patients can share their post-op scalp or beard area photos on a shaved, trimmed styles on this thread. This is something I look forward to know as a potential HT candidate.
  6. I believe it is available over the counter, without a prescription in any pharmacy, or based on your region it might be even available to purchase online. I do believe however that you'd take oral minoxidil only under an experienced doctor's advice.
  7. Thanks @tressful11. I was on Dutasteride for first three months, but didn't see much improvements compared to what I saw in 2 months of Finasteride, to which I switched on a doctor's recommendation. Haven't tried dermarolling yet, but have been thinking about it too.
  8. Okay, may I know how long you were on Fin or did you still continue or tried something else @tressful11?
  9. Actually yes, I only tried Propecia during 1 or 2 months, other months I was on generic Finasteride. By the way, I am taking 1mg Finasteride (daily once in the morning).
  10. I don't particularly understand Finasteride, because the most recent photo I took today shows my crown area to be a bit worser than the recent months before. Hmm, does it have to do with my dose, or the brand of Fin I use? I'm not really worried the Fin cannot help me cover my crown or progressive hairloss, I'm worried thinking if this would be the cast post HT, which would mean the medication might not help me in the long run by not helping me delay the progressive balding. Any thoughts, anyone?
  11. Sorry to see this @watterot, but I hope things get better. Perhaps in a year's time your transplanted hair would grow longer, and you'll be able to comb over. However this shouldn't stop you from doing another HT to coverup the patch, since the no. of grafts would be fewer compared to a mega session. I have been looking at clinics and doctors too. So far I'm only impressed by Dr. Suneet Soni's Medispa and Dr. Pratheep Sethi, Dr. Arika Bansal from Eugenix. The latters representatives are also polite, kind and faster to respond to all kinds of queries. Due to COVID-19 situation my HT plans have been postponed indefinitely though 😢
  12. Not sure why, but three months later the hair density has reduced at the crown area it seems. I am still continuing 1mg Finasteride and Biotin in the morning, and Minoxidil spray at night on the scalp. However I'm happy with the growth on the frontal part. Usually my hair wont grow longer like this to be abled to comb.
  13. Hi @Dalveer, thank you for posting the updates. I think it's still early to judge your final results, as it would take 10 months the least to show a complete progress if I am not mistaken. I can see the mark at 55 days of your update. Does the trichophytic closure helps hair grow through the stitches? I think the case with same with most Indian doctors, in terms of their full involvement in the surgery procedure. Look forward to your future updates too.
  14. Hi @Dalveer, I am not expert to talk about the process done, but I'll be waiting for more updates from you to see the progress. What was your baldness class, and do you happen to have any photos before transplant? I am also considering a transplant by end of this year. Dr. Suneet Soni told me I would need 4000 grafts. I am a bit skeptical about FUT scars and trichophytic closure, but I see he have some really good results with no scars visible at all after hair grows. All the best, and keep posting
  15. Wow 7000 should give you a dense cover I guess. What's your Norwood scale? And yes, there are multiple ways to camouflage FUT scars - by SMP or by body hair or FUE transplant on the FUT scars. I am a bit worried about scar stretching. This works differently on different skin type, patient, etc., I think. I have only seen one patient result so far on this forum, I think his name is @thappa. You will never know how scars would stretch on your scalp until it happens. It could happen in a year time, or while you grow older. Nevertheless FUT is a good option to get dense hair transplant. I really like @Dr. Suneet Soni transplants look on the frontal hairlines. They all look natural!! Also, the healing time is much higher right? 3 weeks or more as you get multiple stitches. I want to get the HT done as a "secret men's business", without anyone noticing that I did something on my head. I would take two weeks vacation from work, maybe topup with 1 week work-from-home and come back join office as nothing happened, haha!