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  1. Looks great considering the amount of hairline that was raised. Near the temples it's probably more than an inch. Impressive stuff! @Swill How many months did it take for the marks to fade from the removed hairline? FUE scars always remain at the donor area, so surprised they fade away at the hairline!
  2. Everything looks good! You have lowered your hairline quite a bit (frames your face well of course). I've always though 4 finger length is a good forehead (or four-head). Yours looks like it may have been a bit more aggressive! Look forward to your results.
  3. Have you tried applying a little bit of dermmatch on the donor area where it seems depleted? SMP is obviously an option. But here in India we don't have good SMP clinics. And the last thing you want is another disappointing procedure.
  4. Hi, I had my procedure about a month back. I was offered two hairline options. While I was initially keen on the higher one, I was advised by the doctor that it would make look 'aged' with that one. So decided to go with his advice. I'm now a bit worried that it's too low and might not look age appropriate in ten years (I'm 32 now). 2500 grafts were used to on the front and temples. 1100 on crown. Any thoughts? Are there examples of people pushing their hairline higher as they age? I've seen some much lower hairlines on the forum (mid/late 20 y/o's). Pics - Pre and post 2 weeks (Front_straight, front_tilted down, side) Thanks,
  5. Looks good so far. That's a large area to cover with only 2200 grafts. You have moved your hairline lower by 1-2cm, so it should make a huge difference to you overall look in 6 months. Is there a reason you didn't address the crown? No issues there?
  6. The hair line and graft pattern is similar to Demirsoy. Was is 4800 grafts for $2800? Seems really cheap. Or was it 4800 hairs?
  7. Hi, I recently got my HT done with Dr. Bhatti after personally visiting both Darling Buds and Eugenix. Both are good options. Eugenix is a bit expensive if you go for the package with Dr. Bansal and / or Dr. Sethi. With Dr. Bhatti there is only one option with him doing the extractions and slits; technicians doing the rest. I am however quite impressed with the recent results Eugenix can come up with. Approx 3000 seems like a good estimate for you and your donor area seems strong. You seem to be great candidate for a HT.
  8. Is there a reason why you didn't touch the temples? I think a 100 grafts on each temple would have gone long way in framing your face. Looks like really clean work though!
  9. A qualified doctors would be able to comment on the number of grafts needed. I recently had by procedure with Dr. Bhatti (3500 grafts). I had a consultation with Eugenix as well. They had quoted 4000 grafts. Both are profession and great options in India. There are no specific FUE questions I can think of. You could check on the punch size and the resulting scars (dots). But other than that I would focus on the hair-line design, density, future donor harvestibility etc. Nothing different from what you would ask in a FUT procedure. A no-shave option would not be feasible in your case. Based on the discussions I've had with doctors it is only feasible in cases where the graft requirement is low. Since you're looking the maximize the number of grafts I would go for the regular option. Look at some of the examples on this site. Most FUEs are shave options. Cheers,
  10. Any specific reason for the India option? Price? In India I believe the most popular options are Eugenix and Dr. Bhatti. Both are FUE. Eugenix seems to be having great results with large / mega sessions like you would need. Why not consult with both and decide?
  11. Is it normally recommended to get such a large transplant for the crown at such an early age? I'm 32 and just had my first hair transplant. While the crown was bad the doctor played quite safe there (about 1000 grafts) while focusing mostly on the front. Hopefully with Minoxidil, microneedling and a spot of Nanogen I'll get by. Your preop pics looks quite good actually. I'd hold off any more HT for a few years. Stabilitize it with meds and evaluate when you're 30.
  12. Thank you! I just got my HT done 2 weeks ago. So still some time to go!
  13. You results are impressive indeed. Could you tell me how many months after the procedure is it safe to start microneedling?