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  1. Oh man. 99% of the people here would kill for your pre HT state. Anyway, what is done is done. You need to consult a good doctor. My recommendation would be Dr. Feriduni. He has a few examples on this site of punching out grafts. And I think taking your hairline back a cm or so might be the best course. Talk to the folks at Eugenix. They should give you the best idea on next steps. This is fixable for sure.
  2. Two surgeries at 21 seems a bit odd. I don't see any issues with density at all
  3. Still early days for you. Next month or so should give you a better idea. Keep at it for now.
  4. Hi California, If you have indeed had a conversation with Dr. Bhatti then I'm surprised there is any scope for confusion. I was clear in my mail (prior to posting my thread here) that I will be sharing my pictures with other doctors and seeking the views of forum members here. I would really encourage you to go through the entire mail exchange between me and Dr. Bhatti over the last six months (if you do indeed have access to it). It will give you an idea of how he has not given me an honest answer to why the spot have left. And I have been asking him since the day after the procedure.
  5. Thanks. Lucky you. I'm not sure about a refund since I remember reading on another post that he doesn't do refunds. And to be honest it's not something I'm concerned about. I guess it was money paid for an education. I am already in touch with a few doctors (on this forum and outside).
  6. Hi, Appreciate your response, but I think you're being too charitable to the clinic here. Let me explain in details: Prior to the surgery I was told that I would need 3500 grafts to address both the front (2500) and crown (1000). 3000 would be scalp grafts and 500 beard. He drew the hairline accordingly. There was no mention of two surgeries either before or after the procedure. I would have preferred if he had simply told me that. Instead he did the math and drew the hairline accordingly that could be addressed with 3500 grafts. On the day of the procedure I was told
  7. I agree. The forum is quickly becoming a graveyard of Dr. Bhatti victims. It's only a matter of time that people stop trusting this website itself and good surgeons stop being associated with it. Which is a terrible outcome since there are some really good and ethical doctors recommended here. This is a strange situation for the moderators. After all they get paid from the clinic and it is hard to turn away a source of income. Just like the forum goes through a process of recommending a doctor, there needs to be a thread for removing a recommendation and relying on feedback. Maybe the fe
  8. I don't doubt anything you've said. Frankly, I'm surprised how quick the doctor was to suggest that they fell short of grafts. At the minimum it mean poor planning. But of course in my case it wasn't a shortage of grafts since 1100 were planted in the crown subsequently. I have consulted with a few doctors and they are shocked with the approached followed by Dr. Bhatti as well. Fortunately, my donor area has healed well and should be able to yield 3000 graft comfortably. The lockdown over the last few months has meant I haven't had to deal with the social impact of this procedure.
  9. Yes, it is quite unfortunate. And yes, Dr. Bhatti did ask me to stop taking Fin after six months. I'm disregarding his advice at this point. Luckily I haven't had any side effects and have been recommended by another doctor to keep on taking it at this point.
  10. It's 2400 in the front and 1100 at the back. I never bothered to count of course! Regarding BHT do check out Eugenix. They've had some great results with BHT. And most important they tend to stand by their patients unlike Dr. Bhatti. I've been been doing a lot of research off-late (which I should have done before of course), happy to connect with you and discuss options going forward.
  11. I'll be posting more pics shortly. The hairline was completely bare. I have spoken to a few doctors recently and that been their observation too.
  12. Sure, I had put some in an earlier post. I'll add some here tomorrow (pretty late here in India). I think there are a lot of good options both in India and Europe that you can safely avoid Dr. Bhatti.
  13. Hi all, Will keep this as short as possible since I find long posts hard to digest myself. I have my HT with Dr. Bhatti (Darling Buds) on 6th December 2019. He had transplanted approx 3500 grafts, with 2400 at the hairline and front. And subsequently 1100 in the crown after a lunch break. I had met Dr. Bhatti a year prior to the op and while I had got the recommendation from this forum, I did not go through many of the disastrous results his patients have been putting up on this forum. I am now 6 months post op and the results have been extremely underwhelming. My biggest concern h
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