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  1. Hey guys sorry for the delay! Here are my 5 month photos. Big difference in my opinion from 4 months. I had an area in the middle front scalp where it’s still lighter but catching on slowly. I have not had a haircut properly prior to surgery. These were taken after a shower so if it looks weird in that picture from the back with a gap that’s because I was lazy and didn’t comb it but you can’t see the stitch line for the FUT closure. My beard I didn’t take a pic but it’s healed and still a bit light in that area but honestly nobody can see it especially when it’s grown out. let me know if you have any other questions and what you guys think!!
  2. hey what’s up! So I actually have a post where I showed my head prior to surgery check that out and then let me know what you think of my progress so far!
  3. Hi everyone! I am posting my 4 month update here. Tried to get better pictures this month outdoor with natural light. Currently still on minoxidil and doing coconut oil massage 2x a week. I’ve noticed it getting darker this month but I’ll let you guys be judge in how’s it going. Let me know what you guys think!! I took these pictures with the hair moved out of the way of the scar to show it better. As you can see there are still some scabs on the scar line. My wife did cut my hair a bit around the ears and the length in the back as it was getting bad but didn’t go anywhere near the top of scar line. anyways let me know what you guys think of the progress this month really looking for some feedback. I also did not comb the hair before these pictures so excuse the messiness!
  4. Yeah it’s slowly getting better and the hairs are growing faster everyday. What do you think of the growth and design at the current stage atleast
  5. Hi guys! I am posting my 3 month update. It was a bit tough to get a picture of the scar but I will post what I was able to take. Let me know what you think of my growth so far.
  6. Here are pictures from day 80. I have noticed fast growth in the past few days and unfortunately I am unable to get prp done as advised by the doctor because of The coronavirus. As soon as everything is normal I will be getting prp and it will hopefully grow even faster! I will provide my next update April 17th which will be 3 months. let me know what you guys think of the growth so far. I attached a pic of the crown as well as the hairline and mid scalp and the fut line where the shock loss is
  7. Trichopytic closure is supposed to and I can see it’s starting to grow through the scar but there is shock loss in areas around the donor.
  8. Hi skallig! sorry for the delay in my response man I’ve been super busy. I was a NW 5 I actually have another post on my account showing my loss prior to surgery. He’s a good doctor overall but to be 100 percent honest with you he wasn’t the best in terms of 1 on 1 care. He did assure me before everything will be okay and so far it is and I believe he’s done a great job and does so on other patients but he’s busy and doesn’t really give personal attention too much. I would say if you do surgery with him be careful of the pain meds after they caused me to be dehydrated and I had to go back in for IV but that’s not the clinics fault. Honestly I was skeptical too and I saw another post by Thappa and even brought that up as a problem to the doctor but he said the reason behind it stretching is because people are careless afterwards and excessively bend their necks. I haven’t done any bending at all tbh and have been extremely careful and so far it’s healing nice outside of a few areas that have temporary shock loss. I have exactly 4580 grafts if that helps and it was combo fut and FUE by him. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to message me I can fill you in on everything! Another thing is I was skeptical but when I got there I actually met a Bollywood actor that got it done there which was super weird but I saw his scar and it was barely noticeable and I also met other people that had gotten theirs done and had brought friends to get it done as well and it seemed like everything was good so I took the dive and went for it. I do know Eugenix is the best in India but FUE wasn’t an option for me and that’s why I went this route as hes the best in that closure method and his hairline design is the best in India in my opinion.
  9. Sorry for the delay in my update guys! I have attached current pictures at 55 days about 5 days from the 2 month mark. i will attach other pictures as well but for now the stitches just fully dissolved and scabs finally came off the fut donor site and now it’s in the growing phase as it has all shed (will upload those pics as well!) Let me know what you guys think of my current state I am due for PRP at the 2 month mark as DR soni has told me to. I do have some shock loss right under the FUT strip but I assume it’s temporary and that is where they took out FUE so hopefully it comes back!! My beard also has fully recovered the hairs are lighter there but when I grow it out as you can see in the pic it’s not noticeable and the area he took it from makes it hard to see anyways even when it’s fairly short.
  10. Hi everyone! as mentioned on my previous post I went ahead and had my surgery with dr suneet soni in January 17th 2020 in Jaipur India. I received around 4000 grafts from FUT and FUE combo method and around 500 I believe grafts from underneath my Beard. I wanted to ask you all if my transplant looks good and what you guys think my density will be like. My donor wasn’t exactly the strongest but dr soni said he initially aimed to cover half my head but was able to cover the entire head back to the crown area. I just thought I’d come on here and get everyone’s opinions on how my hairline looks and how the graft coverage looks. I also want to know if my closure done by the trichopytic technique looks good or not. I am currently on day 8 of my transplant and have posted pictures from day 1 which was the next day right after head wash and day 6 as well as a beard picture right after washing it.the closure picture is from yesterday which was day 7. I am currently still having slight pain near the sides of the closure but overall it was a good experience outside of having to get IV before my trip back due to vommiting issues because of the medications prescribed. it’s started itching which means it’s healing nicely I assume! Let me know what you all think!
  11. Hey man! From the email consultation they said 4000 grafts but i have my blood sample and in person pre-op consultation I will create a thread with my experience. price wise it was close to 5k USD
  12. I have my transplant scheduled on the 17th with medispa. I wanted to go with FUE myself but ended up not having a choice because of high grade of baldness and not having the strongest donor. I’ll create a thread with my personal experience soon! I do hope I don’t have the stretching scar issue but in my opinion I would rather take the risk at this point and have a scar than be bald as I am haha
  13. In these pics of my neck it looks worse than it is because of my haircut, but you are right. I do have thinning from the neck up and I’m guessing around 4000 grafts will be right and that’s right around what doctors are telling me as well unless I go with FUE which is only going to yield around 3000 and will only focus on my frontal zone.
  14. Hi Yake! I did notice a few negative reviews for suneet soni recently showing massive scarring and I just want to make sure I take the best step on this journey to get a good result but im starting to think it’s a risk and you don’t know what will happen until you do it. What do you think of that?
  15. Hi Melvin! I appreciate your response. I have to get it abroad simply because of price. I have consulted with multiple doctors here and it’s well about 15k USD and is way out of affordable range, but I am able to afford it in India since it’s around 5k. I have seen some negative reviews from medispa leaving large scars but do you think that’s because of the doctor or do you think it’s just based on each individuals body and the way it heals? I know it’s the best option to do a combined one im just a bit concerned about if the scar with look horrible and show. I’m okay with a little bit of showing but in some of the posts I’ve seen on here even after 11 months you can see a massive scar.