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  1. In these pics of my neck it looks worse than it is because of my haircut, but you are right. I do have thinning from the neck up and I’m guessing around 4000 grafts will be right and that’s right around what doctors are telling me as well unless I go with FUE which is only going to yield around 3000 and will only focus on my frontal zone.
  2. Hi Yake! I did notice a few negative reviews for suneet soni recently showing massive scarring and I just want to make sure I take the best step on this journey to get a good result but im starting to think it’s a risk and you don’t know what will happen until you do it. What do you think of that?
  3. Hi Melvin! I appreciate your response. I have to get it abroad simply because of price. I have consulted with multiple doctors here and it’s well about 15k USD and is way out of affordable range, but I am able to afford it in India since it’s around 5k. I have seen some negative reviews from medispa leaving large scars but do you think that’s because of the doctor or do you think it’s just based on each individuals body and the way it heals? I know it’s the best option to do a combined one im just a bit concerned about if the scar with look horrible and show. I’m okay with a little bit of showing but in some of the posts I’ve seen on here even after 11 months you can see a massive scar.
  4. Hi there! first of all this is my very first post despite being a long time wanderer on the forum. I am currently 25 years old and have been losing hair for about 6 years. I’m at a point now where I think it’s best for me to get a transplant and have been researching the topic for about a year. I have been on minoxidil for 7 months and haven’t noticed more growth but have noticed less hair loss. I am Also against taking finasteride due to the side effects. I am getting my hair transplant in India in January and want to figure out which doctor/method you all would recommend based on my loss. I am choosing between Eugenix and Medispa and am having a tough time determining what’s the best option. Eugenix says they can take about 3000 grafts and focus on my frontal zone because of my donor being not the strongest and medispa says they can do a combo FUT/FUE for about 4000+ grafts. I have attached my pictures for your reference, please let me know what you think would be the best decision for me. These pictures were taken at different times with shorter hair and some with longer. I do want to mention that I am leaning towards medispa just to be able to get the most coverage. I have seen two doctors within the U.S and DR Steven Gabel in Oregon told me FUE wouldn’t be a smart option for me, but I thought I’d reach out to Eugenix anyways and see what they could offer. They do want to take beard grafts and I am against that as well so it’s a tough decision and it would be much appreciated if you all could help! thank you for your time and I look forward to using the knowledge I gain to help others as well!