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  1. Do you think is this because you aren't taking meds like Finasteride, Minoxidil etc. ? I might be wrong but what I have seen in Eugenix youtube videos that almost every patient is on Fin post op and within 4-5 months they have almost head full of hair ! Not sure if you stop these Meds hair growth will be effected !!
  2. I am totally with you on first part. I have actually contacted only Eugenix and Medispa. Both the clinics have qouted 4000 grafts. The first clinic has suggested 3K donor grafts and 1k beard gratfs whereas the latter suggested combo of FUT+FUE for better result. I am also looking to keep my hair shorter lets say grade 1 or 2 that is the reason i am quite concerned over FUT scar. I have also got the same response that FUT is always better for higher grade baldness as this way donor is safe for future HTs. But after seeing great FUE results from Eugenix for higher NW baldness I am confused to go with FUT combo or FUE that is the reason I am unable to make my final decision. I have been doing my research since late 2017 and my decision about considering Medispa was because accidentally I came across one youtube video of their clinic showing amazing result of the HT then I started looking more about Medispa and after 6-7 months convinced that this is where I will be going for my HT. FF to 2019 July or August where I came across this amazing platform (accidentally again) and started going through posts one by one and I found about Eugenix and their HT results. BTW I contacted these two clinics in Nov 2019 through emails and call, since I was going to India in Feb so thought of visiting these 2 clinics and consult them face to face but due to COVID situation I had to cancel it, lets see now!
  3. Hi @kirkland, Thanks for sharing the details. There is not much difference in the fees. I had also received the exact same details except for the currency Yours is in USD and mine in INR. Did you make a decision already to where you are going and when ? P.S. I saw your comment in other post which was around March, there you mentioned that you will require 7000 grafts. Was this number given by Eugenix ? because from Medispa its 4000, that's a huge difference of 3000 grafts..!!
  4. Hi @kirkland, I am also NW-5A and I am following Medispa for quite a long time now. May I know you were only suggested FUT or combination of FUT+FUE ? How many grafts required for HT ? What are the charges per graft ?
  5. Hi @S Kumar, How was your HT experience at Medispa with Dr. Suneet ? Can you please post your before and after pics here? Thanks.
  6. Hi @thappa, Thanks for sharing your updates. Its disappointing that you didn't get the expected results but it depends on patient to patient how you will heal. I am no expert so can't comment on what to do next, but I hope upon your next visit you will discuss in detail with him. I would suggest go through below study to "Determine the Efficacy of Topical Minoxidil plus Micro-needling/derma-roller versus Topical Minoxidil Alone". https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30886475 I have been following Medispa for about an year or so and I was impressed and convinced to go with him (next year may be) when I visit India. However I came across this platform few week ago and I have seen some bad reviews about Medispa which has influenced my decision a bit (not completely). I had a telephonic conversation with Him recently and since my grade of blandess is 5. So for me combination of FUT + FUE along with TRICHOPHYTIC closure is suggested.
  7. I found one study to Determine the Efficacy of Topical Minoxidil plus Micro-needling/derma-roller versus Topical Minoxidil Alone. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30886475
  8. True and rightly said @LaserCap @nordicwarrior Here is the video which of how the scars of FUT and FUE looks like and it also depends on patient to patient.
  9. Thanks everyone for your responses and providing helpful information. Meantime will continue using Minoxidil Rogaine Foam with Derma-roller and keep updating my results. Baat to sahi h @Sean 😊 BTW, I found this video which of how the scars of FUT and FUE looks like and it also depends on patient to patient.
  10. @filthiestfish if you are looking for Combo FUT + FUE then there is another doctor whom I have been following from few months and results are very good. Check @Dr. Suneet Soni from Medispa clinic in India.
  11. Amazing results @win200. As you had two strip / FUT surgery, I am also curios to see how the donor area and the scar looks like with this short haircut. It will also clear my doubts. Cheers.
  12. Sure, will wait for your post 👍. I have created post with my current pics, looking for suggestions or advise from people
  13. Hi @paddyirishman, What grade of Baldness you had ? Can you also share your post of before and after the transplant? Thanks.
  14. Thanks for your reply @Sean and @LaserCap. This is the dilemma I have, Indeed FUT can yeild more grafts than FUE and even though "Trichophytic Closure" is performed Scar will be visible if I want to keep very Guard 2 or 3 haircut. The reason you are seeing miniaturizing hair because I have been using Derma-roller (micro-needling) On & Off since 1-2 years along with Abott CG210. After reading few posts and seeing few videos about Minoxidil, from this week I started using Minoxidil 5% Rogaine Foam based 2 times a day along with Derma-roller, I will continue using it for 3-4 months. Let's see how this therapy works on Me. BTW, here are some more pics from around July 2015.