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  1. You need to grow the transplanted hair out in the front and keep it tight on the sides. Your hairstyle should compliment your transplant, use layering effect to your advantage. This is my 2 cents as you move forward, and you won't need hair fibers anymore. Also parting hair will show skin unless transplant was high density with lots of grafts packed in - which most people don't have the donor to support. Good luck
  2. Another good news is overall work is looking clean with appropriate density.
  3. Was it lack of cleaning or early cleaning? You mention crusting which would mean lack of cleaning which ideally wouldn't have lead to autoextraction or poorer result unless he had an infection .
  4. It's coming along well! Hairline placement is appropriate , you could trying growing out your hair from here on.
  5. Happy growing, work looks clean! I also had an exceptional consultation experience with Dr Pradeep, unfortunately due to job committments I will have to wait until July 2020 for my HT. I will follow your progress closely.
  6. Looking good already AzzyUS! I am considering hair transplant and have been researching behind the scenes, Eugenix has caught my eye. I was wondering which Eugenix location did you have your procedure at? Thanks