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  1. Dear Forum Members, After years of walking around the issue, I have decided to go for an FUE surgery to address my NW6 pattern baldness. One of the options I am considering is to get low density FUE with SMP considering I have been buzz-cutting my hair for more than 8 years now. What would you think of a very low density FUE hair transplant with like 100 - 200 grafts in the hairline and mid-scalp to have a thicker, better and more realistic hairline and even less grafts for the crown zone like 15 grafts/cm^2 ? Then get an SMP to improve the look. Any response would be greatly appreciated; Thank you in advance. Link to my Profile pictures
  2. Thank you for your comments Dr. Glenn. I am very much aware of this situation. Some of the forum members stayed back after the surgery (in the same area/country) for post-op/care by the clinics for a week or so. I am considering this as an option. -Josh
  3. Thank You Paddy! I think we are on the same in terms of approaching it in multiple steps. -Josh
  4. Hi LaserCap, Thank you for your comments and suggestions. Please find the requested photo attached; hope this helps. I also wanted to get your opinion on a small FUE with SMP considering I have been buzz-cutting my hair for more than 8 years now. What would you think of a very low density FUE hair transplant with like 100 - 200 grafts in the hairline and mid-scalp to have a thicker, better and more realistic hairline and even less grafts for the crown zone like 15 grafts/cm^2 ? Would it give the illusion of less bald? So a person could potentially have a 4000-4500-5000 grafts all over the head, let the hair grow 2-3 mm and have a better illusion and a darker head that would appear hairy enough. Josh
  5. Thank you Paddy. I am eagerly waiting to hear from some more forum members.
  6. Hi All, My names is Josh and a BIG THANK you to all those who contribute to this forum and host it. I greatly appreciate this and wish to thank you personally! I am very excited to inform you that I have decided to go with Eugenix in India for my HT surgery. I'm 52 years old, although my hair loss began around 25 and I think I'm now a NW6. I believe that my hair loss/balding has been stable for more than 6 years or so. I've never taken any hair loss medication of any kind ever and not planning to take any in the future as well. I have been trimming my hair to zero for more than 8 years or so. The pictures in my profile are very recent. (Link to my Profile pictures) My HT Objectives: Reconstruction of an age appropriate (high and receded) hairline and temples with dense and natural look. Coverage of frontal scalp, mid-scalp with moderate coverage of crown. Ability to keep buzz-cut hairstyle after HT. Background: I consulted with Dr. Arika Bansal (mostly) and Dr. Pradeep Sethi over WhatsApp with help from their business rep (Nelson) in June. They were patient in listening to my needs and going over various options. After a series communication lasted over multiple days, Dr. Arika Bansal provided the following assessments and suggestions: (Please note I have summarized the following from multiple chat sessions and there may be gaps since I have yet to be sent to Eugenix for their confirmation) Hair-loss Condition: Grade 6 baldness with good donor supply Estimated HT grafts: Combined total of 3800/4500 grafts Procedure: 2-day DHT procedure Two options were discussed with conservative hairline approach OPTION1: (with 2000 scalp extraction and 2000 from Beard) Cover more area and the crown left would be much lesser. OPTION2: (with 1500 scalp extraction and 2500 from Beard) Limit extraction from scalp to avoid visible donor thinning allowing buzz-cut. Procedure: Scalp grafts are for the mainstay of hairline and temple restoration and provide much denser look than beard grafts. Beard grafts to be used for mid-scalp and crown. Temporal hump hair will not be extracted as they may undergo loss in future 4 to 5 years. If you want to keep the option of buzz cut in future, then there will be a zone of donor thinning that would be evident. This donor thinning is inevitable (hence the option2 was suggested and to be discussed further). Beard donor scarring is minimal, to the extent that it is not visible to the naked eyes. However, there will be microscopic scarring. It would be a two-day procedure since it would be difficult to cover this fully in 1 day. Suggested Donor Areas: Scalp 1500/2000 grafts Beard 2000/2500 grafts Chest Up to 500 grafts (to be discussed further) Suggested Recipient Areas Temporal points: 200 x 2 = 400 Hairline: 400 Frontal Scalp Behind Hairline: 400 Mid-scalp: 1500 (option to use only 1000 for medium density) Crown: 1500/2000 (to be discussed and finalized) As you can imagine, I am overwhelmed as much as excited by my decision and would need your help and validation (and a final push ) before I reach out to Eugenix to schedule the surgery date. Thank you -Josh
  7. I am 52 year old Norwood6 considering an FUE transplant to restore my hairline and Temporal points along with some moderate coverage on the frontal/top scalp behind hairline. I was quoted a total of 5000 grafts to restore a receded and age appropriate hairline. About half of 5000 grafts would come from my beard considering the limited scalp donor supply. I would like to know the pros and cons of harvesting beard grafts in terms of transplant success rate and donor scarring. I would like to hear from the members who have gone thorough a similar HT. Regards,
  8. Hi @harin Very excited and encouraged to read your HT journey which is nothing short of a fairy-tale. It's also very timely because I am currently considering Eugenix in India. I am 52 so looking for an age appropriate receded hairline with an option to wear hair short if possible. Dr. Arika Bansal has been very helpful in discussing options. She thinks my donor looks good and can yield 1500 - 1800 grafts and beard can yield another 3500 grafts with a total of 3500 - 3800 combined grafts. Suggested recipient Breakdown below (two days procedure): Temporal points: 180 to 200 each side...approx. 400 totals Hairline: approx. 400 Frontal scalp behind hairline...approx. 1500 Midscalp: Rest of the grafts...approx. 1600 Any suggestion and opinion based on your experience will be greatly appreciated. I also welcome comments from other valuable members on this forum. Link to my situation below: Thank you.
  9. Dear all, Many thanks for your responses. As a next step I am going to reach out few surgeons recommended here. Mostly in India, Turkey and here in the US. I would like to ask you what are the top 5/10 questions I should seek answers to. I think someone else may have asked this before and I do not want to duplicate it. If anyone has come across a similar topic/question, kindly share the link. Thanks for your support
  10. Thanks Melvin for the response and going straight to the point 😊
  11. Melvin, One more question, how much of shock-loss I should expect realistically from whatever hair is left on my mid-scalp?
  12. Spex, I am here in Washington DC, Please let me know when the US dates are believable. Thanks.
  13. Hi Mephesto, Thanks for your response. I would like to maintain the buzz-cut style knowing that I may not have enough donor supply for a long hairstyle.