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  1. Thank you @Sam818 for your assuring words and @transplantedphil for sharing your post, quite informative and thought provoking.
  2. Just wanted to share my frustration here. While I am excited about the upcoming surgery, one thing keep turning me off is Dr. Lindsey's communication style. He is very very short (few words) with his responses and hesitant to get into the details. Is this normal? Most of the time his response is 'will do our best'. Honestly, I started freaking out since I paid the advance and scheduled the surgery. This surgery is a big deal for me and years in the making. Am I asking too much and being too sensitive here? I would appreciate your comments. Regards,
  3. @logansays your hair restoration journey is quite amazing and thank you for sharing it with us. I think my hair-loss pattern is very similar to yours and your story is very encouraging to someone like me. I am planning my first HT (FUT) with Dr. Lindsey, Virginia, USA, in July. If everything goes as planned I will do my second surgery to restore my back and crown area. Please post updates whenever you can. Good Luck to you.
  4. Hi everyone, Long time lurker here. I have a procedure scheduled with Dr. Lindsey in Virginia on July 8, so I'm about two and half weeks out from the surgery. I intend on documenting it as much and as well as I can. This forum has been a great source of information for me and I want to pass along the help by trying to document whatever I can about the experience, my progress and results. I will try to post pictures at the major milestones, i.e., before (Link), after surgery, 1st & 2nd weeks, 1st month, and then monthly beyond that. I'm 53 years old, although my hair loss began around 25 and I think I'm now a NW6+. I believe that my hair loss/balding has been stable for more than 6 years or so. I've never taken any hair loss medication of any kind ever and not planning to take any in the future as well. I have been trimming my hair to zero for more than 8 years or so. Throughout my research, I was leaning towards FUE method and consulted multiple FUE surgeons. However, during the last few months, it became clear to me that an FUT as the first surgery would give me better options in the future; I could choose to have another FUT or FUE as a second surgery if I wanted. I had reached out to Hasson and Wong in Canada, Dr. Bloxham in NY and Dr Lindsey in Virginia since they are all highly recommended on this forum. I met with Dr. Lindsey in person about two weeks ago and was impressed by his straightforward approach and the facility. His clinic is very close to where I live and another consideration during the time of a pandemic. Details of Consultation/Recommendation by Dr. Lindsey Norwood scale: VI+ Hair type: Fine/Thin Suggested/Estimated number of Grafts: 2500 - 2700 Target Recipient area: Conservative Hairline with coverage on mid-scalp (I originally wanted the temples restored, but Dr. Lindsey is not offering that option to me) Supplemental: PRFM (Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix) I may need at least one additional procedure for coverage towards the back and the crown. I hope is to come out of this with good results and emerge from the quarantine with something achieved. Regardless, I just wanted to put my long-awaited procedure and experience on interested parties' radar in case they're interested in following along as a source of info and also to get any feedback from the forum members to get the most out of the procedure. Thank you.
  5. Dear all, Just reaching out to the forum members one more time to see if anyone had a procedure with Dr. William Lindsey recently. Thank you and regards,
  6. Thank you Melvin! It's my understanding that he predominately performs FUT than FUE even though the clinic website mentions both. Makes it difficult for someone like me to reach a decision when a surgeon claims to be performing both. I would greatly appreciate comments from anyone on this forum who has done a procedure with Dr. Lindsey in 2019. Regards,
  7. Hello all, I know that Dr. Lindsey is a highly regarded and a recommended surgeon on this forum. I have been consulting with many surgeons in-person and online until the COVID-19 changed everything. I have built up momentum and knowledge (thanks to this forum and it's members) and do not want to give up because of the current quarantine and related closures. I was thinking of consulting surgeons that are located in the east coast where I can drive to. One of them is Dr. Lindsey in Virginia. My question is why am I not seeing many stories shared by his patients on this forum? interestingly, nothing is mentioned or discussed about Dr. Lindsey or his patient experiences lately. I would appreciate any input you can provide. Regards,
  8. Just loved your write-up. I enjoy reading your posts. Thank you!
  9. Thank you for the prompt response Melvin!
  10. Dear Melvin, I have a follow-up question on this FUE Vs. FUT topic. I was under the impression that you were supportive of FUT as the first surgery, then FUE(s) for subsequent surgeries if/as needed. I also understood the logic here was that the donor will not be completely depleted with the first FUT. I am a high Norwood (VI+) case and have been reading quite a lot on this forum for the last couple of years and was struggling to make a choice between FUT and FUE. However, now I think I am sensing that you may be actually supporting FUE even as a first surgery. I consulted with Dr. Sethi couple of months ago in NY and recently reached out to H&W and Dr. Bloxham. Obviously you can see my confusion here at this point if I should get an FUT first and then an FUE later, or just go for a mega FUE session with someone like Dr. Sethi. I would greatly appreciate any light you can shed here. Thank you!
  11. Hello Abhinay, Congratulations! Your results are one of the best in terms of the overall transformation for a NW VI. I see that you are also a representative of Euginex which is interesting to me because I had reached out to them few months ago. I am adding the links to couple of my threads on this forum. I think I am very closer to a decision, but I am still uncertain about the extent of the HT (and the look) that I need or I want or I can get based on my donor supply. Any advise you can provide would be greatly appreciated. -Josh
  12. Thank you again Lenny for your response and sharing the recent case from Euginex; looks very encouraging. If my memory serves me well, I didn't have the best looks with my hair. As far as I remember, It was wavy and difficult to style. What bothers me the most right now is the overall appearance of bald and especially the view from behind. While I can certainly try to have a bit longer hairstyle, my immediate desire is to reduced the appearance of full-blown bald. -Josh
  13. Thank you jjsrader! I have come across the name and will certainly look them up.
  14. Thank you Azazelgs! I would love hear your SMP experience. Did you combined SMP with FUE? Did you get both done at same place? Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.