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  1. You are absolutely right @JohnAC71. Now I am getting more anxious about how much density I will end up with and if all of the transplanted hair would grow back.
  2. As a Norwood 6+, I was always leaning towards an FUE. However after years of research, I finally decided to go with FUT for maximum yield and choices it provides in the future. I am currently 4 months post-op with some decent growth. If I had to redo this today, I will still go with FUT first followed by FUT or FUE as a second surgery. I think the FUT scars are much better than what they used to be in the hands of an experienced FUT surgeon. Assuming I get decent results from my FUT, I am currently thinking of going ahead with FUE combining BHT as soon as I can. Link below to my surgery and po
  3. Hello all, I had an FUT (2999 grafts) four months ago and wanted to get your feedback on my progress. I know that I am going through the ‘ugly duckling’ phase right now, but I think your comments would be encouraging for me to stay patient and focused. Thanks in advance.
  4. Yes he did. He thinks he can easily get another 2000 - 2500 grafts. In fact that's his typical two-step approach he recommends to most of his clients. I am considering an FUE because I think I will be able to mix another 2000 scalp grafts with 2000 beard hair. Of course It all depends on how my current surgery results turnout.
  5. I am certainly planning for a second one (possibly an FUE) as soon as I am settled with the first one.
  6. I wanted to give you an update since my 2-month mark coming up tomorrow. So far so good based on what I can see and what I feel. I trimmed down my hair to a #2 to get a better view of my donor scar. I know that the next few months are cultural (and slow) and I am anxious as much as I am optimistic! Any suggestions and feedback would be greatly appreciated. Stay safe.
  7. Will be 6 weeks on Aug 19. So far so good, everything went as per what was expected. I think most of the transplanted hair shed except for the patches that existed before. I was thrilled to hear that my son had difficulty finding my scar while taking pictures . I guess the long wait starts. Cheers
  8. Great question. In fact, I have been leaning towards FUE all these years and was decided to go with FUT only 4 months ago. I concluded that an FUT is a better choice for higher Norwood case like me where the supply is limited. Yield from a strip is generally higher to achieve decent coverage. In addition, FUT as a first surgery leaves major donor area (minus the strip that's removed) untouched leaving you with option to do another FUT or FUE down the road. Of course this is my view and I know many members here have done multiple FUEs and achieved great results. While I know Dr. Lindsey perform
  9. I did it!!! Over 10 years in the making!!! I had my FUT surgery as planned. Overall the surgery went well and lasted about 7 hours. I was really nervous and anxious during the last couple of days leading up to the day of the surgery and reached it's peak when I actually walked into the clinic. I never had a surgery or anything closer to it ever so I was unsure of what to expect and how to cope with it! Dr. Lindsey and team made the whole process as comfortable as they could. I was also counting on the Valium pills to calm my nerves Started around 7 am with discussion about the hairline, c
  10. Thank you @Sam818 for your assuring words and @transplantedphil for sharing your post, quite informative and thought provoking.
  11. Just wanted to share my frustration here. While I am excited about the upcoming surgery, one thing keep turning me off is Dr. Lindsey's communication style. He is very very short (few words) with his responses and hesitant to get into the details. Is this normal? Most of the time his response is 'will do our best'. Honestly, I started freaking out since I paid the advance and scheduled the surgery. This surgery is a big deal for me and years in the making. Am I asking too much and being too sensitive here? I would appreciate your comments. Regards,
  12. @logansays your hair restoration journey is quite amazing and thank you for sharing it with us. I think my hair-loss pattern is very similar to yours and your story is very encouraging to someone like me. I am planning my first HT (FUT) with Dr. Lindsey, Virginia, USA, in July. If everything goes as planned I will do my second surgery to restore my back and crown area. Please post updates whenever you can. Good Luck to you.
  13. Hi everyone, Long time lurker here. I have a procedure scheduled with Dr. Lindsey in Virginia on July 8, so I'm about two and half weeks out from the surgery. I intend on documenting it as much and as well as I can. This forum has been a great source of information for me and I want to pass along the help by trying to document whatever I can about the experience, my progress and results. I will try to post pictures at the major milestones, i.e., before (Link), after surgery, 1st & 2nd weeks, 1st month, and then monthly beyond that. I'm 53 years old, although my hair loss began ar
  14. Dear all, Just reaching out to the forum members one more time to see if anyone had a procedure with Dr. William Lindsey recently. Thank you and regards,
  15. Thank you Melvin! It's my understanding that he predominately performs FUT than FUE even though the clinic website mentions both. Makes it difficult for someone like me to reach a decision when a surgeon claims to be performing both. I would greatly appreciate comments from anyone on this forum who has done a procedure with Dr. Lindsey in 2019. Regards,
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