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  1. 7 months and 1 day update.... i dont know... not really satisfied totally so far, density seems low...can i expect still something or is this it? under some lights it looks good, under some light it looks to low density... especially this right side looks strange i think...maybe i will need to repair this in future... it looks to me like only half of the hair that was transplated came out? what do you think? and i am worried i dont see any new baby hairs.
  2. I dont know...this guys says in video after 6 months there is almost no new hair growth...
  3. 6 months is here today and cant decide if i am happy so far... sometimes yes, sometimes i think its too little... pictures were made under sun. Worried especially on the right side (the hole)...
  4. I started to get some side effects from finesteride 1,25mg (i have proscar which i cut into 4 pieces) already after 3rd usage To get it hard was taking almost 2 minutes, not 20-30 seconds like before and my penis felt like something is holding down the head...hard to describe, like something is closing there...i started to panic... so i stopped taking it for now and it seems to get better already after 3 days. Is this not too soon for side effects? Was it maybe placebo? So what are my options now? topical finasteride? taking only 0,5mg or something like this 3 times a week?
  5. after what time you start seeing side effects with proscar (finasteride), if you see them? started taking proscar 1.25mg 3x times a week one week ago, so far no sides. And after which time hair should stop fall out? 3 months?
  6. 4 months and 1 week...things are starting to look very good, slowly... i know i was very negative at the beginning because time of isolation was hard as hell, but already now i see it was a good choice to do the HT and i absolutely dont regret.
  7. 3 months and 3 days...nothing new, still waiting for the new hair starting to grow. I hope it starts soon. Sorry for the crappy pics One question, is it bad if i start taking finasteride 4 months after OP? should i rather wait 1 year after OP?
  8. 2 months update and things are slowly starting to get better and more positive. I am so relieaved the hardest months are behind me and it was really hard to be honest (not the operation itself), but ok i made it hard for myself, cause of isolationg myself from the world and not going out (except to job). Still a little red in front and absolutly no signs of any procedure in donor area.
  9. amazing result! this is just another proof, Ciniks clinic is the nr. 1 choice if you want solid results and you are on a budget.
  10. 36 days today.... its harder then i thought it will be, being all the time at home and knowing you cant go out really, meeting women...especially durring those holiday days where most of people do party... i hope the result will be solid, but i am not so positive anymore and not in a good mood, i also removed myself from all people, not going out, only at job and fitness, which is giving me an extra fuck in the head (the loneliness). Also dont really like how hairline looks now, but hope it will be not so noticable with longer hair.
  11. i have one probably totaly stupid question (havent read this info anyone before): what would be if they would transplant hair from a person that just died on my head? would they grow?
  12. here...i think this is probably just some basic version they give... i also think its not in the best interest of clinic that we prevent hair loss, since they loose a potential 2nd time customer update on hair...day 30 today, almost all have fallen out now in last 7 days, like expected...i am in the hardest time now, need to survive those 3 months that are coming now, looking worse then ever...what is hardest is i cant go out in clubs now or meet women, cause dont wanna see me like this... hope it will be worth it at the end
  13. how many mg of saw palmetto should one take so that it has an positive effect? i got 200mg at my clinic, but i see on amazon they sell even some 500mg. is 200 enough? should i take 2 per day?