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  1. 1500 seems a little much...i need some for the future i guess... did you need to pay for hotel 2nd time now? did you have the same team of technicians as first time?
  2. hi guys, update: i wrote the clinic i am not happy with the result and they said my revision got approved and i can come for free retouch. What do you think, should i go there or rather go to another clinic (options would be Pekiner, if Cinic would give me money back or Cosmedica, since there one person i know got a very good result last year)? If they said they approved my revision does this mean i have a right to money back if i dont accept operation offer? What do you think, how many grafts will they take to repair this? Also one other question...if they take grafts in the first row to
  3. I am taking it now 4 months and dont see any results so far. Still i see a few hairs in my hand when i shampoo my head. Should i increase the dose or continue at this? I am taking around 0,6 every second day (5mg version cut in 8 pieces). How to know that is started working?
  4. i dont know what to do... not happy with result, it needs repair i guess, but dont wanna go again through all the terrible first 3 months (but on the other hand is best now, where social life will still not be possible in next few months). It looks solid in real life or videos, but terrible on photos (but on the other hand, i never liked a picture of myself in my life). In normal light is ok result, but terrible under strong light. Should i go to same doctor or other, since it only needs filling and maybe 1000 grafts max i guess? Doesnt it look like half of the grafts in front especially di
  5. I started 1,25mg Fin (Proscar cutted on 4 parts) a few months ago and started to notice less erection already after 3 times taking it.... i stopped and now i tryed again with the dose 0,6 every second day. In 3 weeks now i didnt notice any side effects. Is this dose too low to be effective? Should i try taking now again 1,25mg 3 times a week rather or stay at 0,65?
  6. Nothing changed, so this is final result... in some light conditions its ok in very bright light i think everybody can tell something was made and it looks very low density. After waking up in the morning it looks even worse. Expected more density. Havent been outside (beside going to job) since the hair transplant and somehow gave up on life.... I thought a HT would make me look normal again, but now i think no women would want a relationship with someone like this, when other guys have better hair. So i rather dont go on dates anymore life sucks
  7. i didnt expect wonders, but at least that most of the hair would come out that was transplanted. i am ok with left side, but you see cleary on right side in front first rows how many hairs didnt come out...
  8. and an example how much better it can look in dark light, but unfortunately its not a reality...
  9. few days left till 9 months and nothing has changed since month 6, so i guess this is the end....not satisfied with the density and it looks like only 50 procent of transplanted hair has grow back (especially the right side is bad)... do you think this will be enough bad result for money refund or free repair? first 3 pics are in room light (last pictures i stand in front of window where sun shines in)... it looks much worse when under bright light and good in darker surroundings offcourse. but i guess we need to judge how it looks under the lights, since this is where we are the most. on
  10. 7 months and 1 day update.... i dont know... not really satisfied totally so far, density seems low...can i expect still something or is this it? under some lights it looks good, under some light it looks to low density... especially this right side looks strange i think...maybe i will need to repair this in future... it looks to me like only half of the hair that was transplated came out? what do you think? and i am worried i dont see any new baby hairs.
  11. I dont know...this guys says in video after 6 months there is almost no new hair growth...
  12. 6 months is here today and cant decide if i am happy so far... sometimes yes, sometimes i think its too little... pictures were made under sun. Worried especially on the right side (the hole)...
  13. I started to get some side effects from finesteride 1,25mg (i have proscar which i cut into 4 pieces) already after 3rd usage To get it hard was taking almost 2 minutes, not 20-30 seconds like before and my penis felt like something is holding down the head...hard to describe, like something is closing there...i started to panic... so i stopped taking it for now and it seems to get better already after 3 days. Is this not too soon for side effects? Was it maybe placebo? So what are my options now? topical finasteride? taking only 0,5mg or something like this 3 times a week?
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