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  1. can they affect HT result if you take it like 1x time a month?
  2. I am currently taking Saw Palmetto the clinic gave me, but this seems to be a very small dose (200mg). I see you can buy on amazon 500mg https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B074NY11N7/?cv_ct_id=amzn1.idea.12QZP7YH9NDMF&cv_ct_pg=storefront&cv_ct_wn=aip-storefront&ref=exp_cov_markrichards_dp_vv_d should i change? is 200 mg enough?
  3. to me they said first 2200, but at the end they saw it was too little, so they made second extraction after they used all the grafts
  4. Good luck! Dont worry about pain, there is none, except those injections first 5-10 min. And all are nice there.
  5. i dont know, didnt ask, cause one other assistant first told me 1 month over whatsapp, then this guy there 2 months..i will start probably after 1 month. never heard before about 2 months before. And its not because of DHI he said 2 months, because there were two other guys with me who had FUE and he told them the same.
  6. 18 days since my HT at Ciniks clinic with his DHI team. No problems after OP, all went smootly there and later at home. On third day i could go already to work if i wanted. Recovery seems good, fast so far. Still no visible shedding (crossing fingers i am lucky and in the small procent of people who dont shedd). Taking biotin (10.000mcg), multivitamins and saw palmetto. No drinking, smoking and following all the rules, except masturbation (i hope this doesnt have effect on result). Dont know what to do with fitness, i am missing it so bad, i thought i can start after 1 month, but the guy who was giving us instructions after HT next day said no weight lifting for 2, 2.5 months...still thinking to start after 1 month. Dont know yet if i will be happy with the results. Looks like they didnt make it totaly straight (also some coworkers mentioned it), but i guess you can cover this later with longer hair. I hope it will not turn out bad. Will wait now to see how this turns out and then try finasteride after 1 year to maintain my result or maybe thicken my hair. Will see. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  7. so when after hair transplant you can start masturbate and having sex, where you sweat? another question, is taking ecstasy or other drug bad after hair transplant?
  8. i am having my HT on friday at same clinic, but DHI. excited that finally all the doubts if do it or not will be away
  9. this is really great result and i hope for you your friends and family are quiet now and see it was worth
  10. is it ok if i try finasteride 1 year after op or later and not now yet?
  11. So its 3 weeks till the operation and getting a little cold feet. Do you think its possible that i can style my hair similar like this after the hair transplant? do you think i have a chance of a good results, because i have still a lot of hair?
  12. i am scared too much of impotence and no erections... i think i will go with minoxodil 1 month before and till 12 months after operation. and then also later probably. as i readed shock loss is possible, but the hair grows back, or do i understand wrong? i talked with two guys who had hair transplant and have amazing results and didnt take finesteride, only minoxodil Will shock loss hair grow back? If shock loss does occur, it is almost always temporary. The hair that has been 'shocked' will start to grow back. This regrowth usually occurs anywhere from three to six months after the surgery.
  13. can you get finasterid online or do i need to get it at my doctor?
  14. i tried minoxidil half year and nothing happened