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  1. Good points, I have always found it interesting that beard hair seem to settle away from each other. That could help with creating volume though esp when used a filler
  2. Looks good even in harsh conditions and even though right side isn't as good as rest of the growth,it is by no means a bad or unantural result In my humble opinion this looks like decent hair transplant job. Sorry that you are not completely satisfied
  3. The slick back picture changes everything !! My vote goes out to Trump. The hairstyle like lonely graft said appears to be more from preference than necessity.
  4. Yes from personal experience ! But again like I stressed before it's the resultant density which significantly contributes in making it a non issue.
  5. It definitely does improve with time but most importantly the surrounding hair growth eventually hides it.
  6. Check out 1978matt: recent crown work with great results!
  7. Congrats on your procedure, happy growing! Keep the forum updated, I'm interested to see the density you are able to achieve when everything grows in. Have to say that Dr Lindsey implantation pattern/spacing is peculiar. Good luck !
  8. How many total grafts have you had so far between 2 procedures? You are very young and I will say what you probably don't want to hear: hold off and see your hair evolve over next 2-5 years
  9. If the wait with Dr K is too long for you then find the right physician to do it even if it involves some travel. What you don't want is to end up with a bad or unsatisfactory result. So give it your best shot!
  10. Any significant illness would cause your body to release stress hormones plus inflammatory mediators both of which can do a number on your hair: growth as well as cycling. However interesting thing to note is that cortisol (one of the major stress hormones) has been shown to reduce testosterone levels which would make you think otherwise. But science is never that simple. What happens is that cortisol signals hair follicles to go into resting phase in response to stress and hence shed (body does not treat hair as essential) which explains why both men and women can shed hair with/after
  11. Sure I started styling my hair with hair products at around 4 month mark without issues.
  12. Hello Fluffhead, There is a sweet spot with hair length when it comes to transplants. I have personally found longer hair doesn't always add up to the density, it is the length you had at 5 -6 month mark that has worked best for me. At the end of the day hair transplant is a illusion and greater number of grafts with proper angles of implantation is what makes it a near perfect illusion.
  13. Very unlikely you are balding at this time dude, keep an eye on it for the future if you are really worried.
  14. Dr Konior is in Chicago, you should look at his clinic. Wait times are extended but may be worth it.
  15. Does Dr Yates use ARTAS? If yes then you have your answer
  16. Crown looks to have filled in completely and great results overall. The whorl recreation by Dr Konior is excellent!
  17. The curls are likely related to thinner hair in the area and balding areas behind it which under normal circumstances would support these hair and add to density. On thinning head, hair grown too long or cut too short won't look good, you have to find that in-between sweet spot. Typically having sides and back cut short makes thinning areas on the top look better...not always but in most cases. Good luck!
  18. Bosley doesn't have the best reputation, but if majority of the transplanted grafts grow you will get some improvement albeit it may not be up to your satisfaction and if that is the case you can plan for another HT to add density down the line. Like I said all is not lost and since the surgery is already done, focus on recovery and make a final assessment in 8-12 months. Good luck to you !
  19. You need to grow the transplanted hair out in the front and keep it tight on the sides. Your hairstyle should compliment your transplant, use layering effect to your advantage. This is my 2 cents as you move forward, and you won't need hair fibers anymore. Also parting hair will show skin unless transplant was high density with lots of grafts packed in - which most people don't have the donor to support. Good luck
  20. Another good news is overall work is looking clean with appropriate density.
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