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  1. Anyone know the waiting time for Dr Keser?
  2. Yes I totally get where your coming from that’s why I’m in such a predicament but can’t I just start taking finasteride? this is why I’m reluctant because of future top ups needed but I spoke to the clinic and they believe I’ll have close too 8000 if not more grafts available and my dad has quite a lot of hair for his age he’s 55 now and my older brother has similar hair to me born with slight widows peak and receded temples he’s now late 20’s with no further recession. do you not think 300 grafts may do the trick for me?
  3. Has anyone here had a transplant before the age of 25 and if so how was your experience , do you regret it or not.
  4. Yeah I’ll attach some in normal lighting , i just feel that I’m only a few hundred grafts away from being satisfied so waiting until I’m 25 won’t make too much difference as I’ve already had 1800 or is that not the way too look at it
  5. Feel like I’m a bit stuck because I’ve obviously committed to the surgery so want the best result possible but like you say due to my age not many clinics will help.
  6. Yes I know most clinics don’t but I’ve seen many people post on here about having it done in there early 20’s and then saying it was the best decision they’ve made. Also I have quite thick hair just sadly was born with temples far back and a widows peak. so you think the work I’ve had done is poor/failure?
  7. Not many clinics will do anything due to only being 21 , also I feel like the work they’ve done so far has been good. I was thinking only maybe another 300 grafts may give me the coverage I want but I’m not sure.
  8. FUE Clinics in the UK. How many grafts do you think would be needed to fix this.
  9. Sadly I don’t have any , have requested them off the clinic now. It was to build my hairline as I had a widows peak. Do you think the hairline looks okay though? I feel it looks unnatural and quite sparse.
  10. What do you guys think of my HT , this was over two FUE procedures as first one didn’t really work , total of 1821 grafts. And how many more grafts do you think I’d need for it too look better in harsh lighting , thanks.
  11. The title says it all , want to have a little 300 graft FUE top up 11 months after my previous FUE as from then onwards I won’t be able to get it done for nearly a year due to other commitments is this possible?
  12. I’ve had around 1200 grafts so far as the first 600 didn’t take very well , think because I smoked not long after surgery (yes I know I’m stupid) but I was planning on only have 300 more grafts just to add a little bit of density to my pre existing transplant area. Then in 4-5 years of have receded anymore I can have FUT
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