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  1. Okay well that’s good to hear , if it was shock loss shouldn’t it of grown back by now?
  2. Also I’ve noticed this bald patch maybe a month after my surgery that still hasn’t grown back , I thought it could’ve been shockloss but wouldn’t it of grown back by now?
  3. No I was bald in the areas they transplanted into. Was born with a v shaped hairline and have quite thick hair so haven’t started any drugs yet as I’m not losing any hair. yes maybe my expectations were a bit too high then , been checking my progress a lot under harsh light so maybe it’s time to just keep checking on it in natural sunlight. I did ask my clinic to send me my prescription op photos but they said it’ll take some time due to “Covid 19” so sorry for posting with such little info. Needed to get someone’s response on this tho as it’s been bugging me quite a lot.
  4. If I’m 7 and a half months post surgery how much more growth could I expect to see?
  5. Yeah I have sorry , I just took more photos today and still feel like I can see scalp and that hair is real thin under harsh light.
  6. My hair looks very thin when under harsh light , is this normal or is this a failed HT , I only had 650 grafts as I had previously had 1200 before then. I know I’m under very harsh light but surely it should be looking denser or maybe I’m just expecting to much. I’m currently 220 days post surgery. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I believe it was 1250 if I remember correctly. Just a bit worried , as most people seem to say you have nearly full results by 7/8 months.
  8. Don’t have any pre op pics , have asked the clinic to send me over the ones they have taken , I feel like I have a sort of bar code effect with the density atm. How much more growth can I expect this late after my procedure ?
  9. I forgot to add I’m only 21 , but had the surgery as was struggling with my hairline from a young age , was born with a v shaped hairline and receded temples and family history is fairly good for hair loss. Also my donor area I was told would be large enough so when I receded later in life I could have another surgery to keep up with the loss.
  10. This was my second FUE procedure from a clinic in the U.K. , I’m 219 days post surgery . Is there still hope that it’ll become denser or is this another failure ? I only had 650 grafts this time as it was only a touch up to add more density from my first procedure.
  11. Hi guys , I’m nearly 11 months post fue op , I only had a small procedure and I still have gaps and my transplanted hair is quite thin and whispy. Can someone let me know if this is normal , I always have a new little sprouting out so I may just be growing in still very slowly. Just bit worried about the density and the sort of weak look to the hair