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  1. @HLPToronto You don't think so Dr. Bhatti charge you more, usually they charge approx. 0.85 per graft, you can negotiate with Dr. In that much of amount i.e. 9000 CAD you will go with another doctor in USA with higher rate of growth, When I am also looking for surgeon someone suggest me to with that Dr. Bhatti but I have seen bad results of that Dr. then I changed my mind. Think Twice Again. Best of Luck
  2. @Baldwin I don't think Dr. Bhatti is a good decision. I have seen too many bad result/reviews about Dr. Bhatti, that;s why I want to go with another one, I want to get best result with best Dr. & don't want to deplete my donor area. you can check here :
  3. I am looking for a best hair transplant clinic with better Dr.'s results in U.S.A. I would need 2200 Grafts and looking for FUE. I really appreciate if some one could suggest me with best clinics. It will help me a lot and thanks in advance. Please suggest I have some idea like Gabel, Konior and Cooley, which one is best