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  1. Funnily enough, I saw his post on a facebook group and had commented it saying it was a great result, he was also into scalp massage if I remember right? I'll order a scalp massager and see...if I could get my crown to fill in more through more natural approaches, then it's a no-brainer to go for a second pass for the front 2/3ds density.
  2. Definitely post your results, we'd love to see them. I'd agree, they've been good with the aftercare, taking time to make phone calls and answer questions. 6 months is still early for no more growth, so fingers crossed, I'm still half hopeful to get another growth spurt and tbh, I don't think it's unheard of so let's see. Interesting, thanks for adding Cosmo, somehow unsuprised you'd come to the Citerizine idea first. Might PM you regarding the solution you put together at some point, haven't gotten round to properly making one up yet. Salp massage is something I've considered but never really engaged with - any resources I could use to to learn how? For a while I was really into the hydraulic theory of hair loss - https://www.academia.edu/17570665/A_Review_of_the_issues_in_Historic_and_Current_Hair_Research_and_an_Overlooked_Connection which I think could be part of the puzzle, and would stand to reason that scalp massage could play a role in that.... I found some going cheap on offer, so I'm currently using Redensyl foam in the AM and Minox PM to see what happens...could be playing with fire a bit, but the redensyl burns in a reassuring way on the scalp....interested to see what happens there. I'd really like to come off of Fin for good, taking M/W/F split and still feel like I'm getting sides. If I could get some regrowth in the crown by other means, I'd be so keen to keep that up and go back to Yaman for another 3k grafts to the mid scalp and maybe the corners. I just need to find a solution for the crown first up.
  3. HLC post some great results, sometimes questionably too good. Melvin posted my results above, and though I've had a wobble in confidence recently, I do genuinely believe Dr Yaman is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a HT. I selected him based on his implantation pen and the videos he posts on youtube- very hard to fake those.
  4. The reason given was just that it's chemically very aggressive and reduces the strength of individual hairs....so makes them thinner, meaning the overall look is thinner. I've been using organic "african" soap for the last week, hair certainly feels much robuster afterwards, I like the texture. I'm getting this horrible itching in my mid scalp currently, though before I started using the soap...had hoped nizoral would sort it but it's still driving me insane. Have been on a bit of a research binge recently, about to start a disciplined 3* a week dermarolling + AM redensyl, PM minox + topical citirizine regimen to see if I can bolster the crown a bit.
  5. It's dirt cheap over the counter. Creating my own topical is more the challenge, though my flatmate is a pharma researcher so will see if she has an idea to conjure this up... I have this weird thing, when I (very occasionally) derma roll, I always sneeze and my eyes water, it feels like an allergic reaction. Aside from that, m y hair always shed more in summer and definitely gets thinner in texture. I get hayfever symptoms which are probably the lower end of a strong reaction around this time of year too. And I'm certain that allergy and AGA are related, purely as the PGD2 pathway is implicated so much in both. What I fancy trying is a derma rolling followed by topical Citrizine (not worried about crossing blood barrier as it seems to be relatively side effect free) - I can't find a single account of someone trying that on any forum thus far. Had thought of it before my transplant then shelved it.
  6. So just to update - I had a call yesterday with Ayfer, Dr Yamans assistant - I had sent some pics via whatsapp and she called within an hour - for me, that is impressive customer service and I really have to take my hat off to Dr Yaman for his aftercare - they have been brilliant. When I see the other stories of Turkish clinics, I'm so glad a took the last minute switch to Yaman! Few interesting things came out - had the impression they could see some further thinning too, but weren't concerned as a) there still has bee significant growht (which I do agree with to a large extent) and b) The perceived loss in density could well be stress, lifestyle or season related (I'm really thinking seasonal - whenever I get bad hayfever, my hair get's thinner alongside it - anyone else notice that?*) Anyway, what she did advise me, which I found interesting, was the drop using Nizoral ( I use it probably less than once a week) and just use an organic bar of soap, even make myself. Have ordered some and will see how I go with that I guess. Was surprised as I've never heard anyone say Nizoral is a bad idea! Considering getting a PRP treatment to see if it gives it a bit of a boost - they advised this could be a good idea. *Funnily enough, Citirizine, a hayfever medication, has been shown to have a big effect on AGA when applied topically.... https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28604133/
  7. Maybe the case. If so then a slight feeling of disappointment remains, although not with the clinic at all - I still do genuinely think they were excellent. So what's a fine haired guy to do? Push the boat out for a 2nd HT and go for absolute maximum possible density? SMP? Start using fibres again? (told by clinic these are poison for transplanted hairs). I feel i'm 20% away from being totally satisfied with it currently. Out of curiosity, do you think FUT is more advisable for guys with fine hair?
  8. So these are day after a cut, combed over is the only style I can get away with currently. Happy enough with donor. Under harsher light it look much thinner but does kinda make me wanna go for a second pass for density. Hairline is high but I would actually be cool with leaving as is to use grafts for density. That said.... How many grafts does it not ally take to fill in the temples a bit? Not a flat hairline but less of a peak?
  9. Hi all, replying to the above topics - I was always clear that density wouldn't be great at the crown, though I'd hoped for better density further forward. I'm not new to this, I've looked at god knows how many thousand results and I'd have kind of hoped for a bit more density for that many grafts - and it is a lot of grafts. I'm not saying it was a total failure, far from it - I just don't think my best case expectations were met which is obviously disappointing for any guy. Cosmo raises an interesting point about growth cycles, and one thing I've wondered is whether I'm just susceptible to seasonal shedding - I definitely do think I lose hair in the summer months, so will be interested to see if I suddenly get a growth spurt again in September or something. Who knows. Do I think FUT would have been better for results? I always would say yes to this, as FUT is is better for graft survival. But it wasn't an option for me - I can't tell you a single HT clinic of good reputation in Europe within my budget who offer FUT. Furthermore, knowing that I'll never have full density, I always want buzzing to be an option - linear scar is a big no-no then. Coady, cheers for the comment, appreciate it and I agree on length too. Back in the previous updates, I was ecstatic with how well it had gone, I genuinely am only down about it now as I feel I've lost ground. If it's just a hair cycle and it comes back, I'll personally publish a thread titled NEVER DOUBT MELVIN. On the positive side, I've had a really short hair cut and the donor seems fairly good at very short lengths, I'm happy with that for sure. Looking to the future, I might well get it done again, maybe even again with Dr Yaman - I'd like to get his perspective on the results tbh. I'll post pics below of new length.
  10. I agree to an extent, like I'm kind of down about it now and pretty aware that it's a really limited procedure. At the same time, if I've gone this far, why not go further? If I did, SMP would be only in the donor area to camouflage some of the FUE scarring which I'd imagine would become visible. From your experience, do you reckon a 2nd op (I'd conservatively estimate with 2k scalp grafts and 1k beard) would make a tangible difference?
  11. I know that I was never getting great density with that number of grafts, but I'm nonetheless a bit down about seeing bald patches, even as far forward. I've seen much better results on guys with similar characteristics. I've been looking into this for years, long enough to have had a best case <----> worst case scale worked out in my head, and I'd say it's around the middle of that currently. Now the question is whether to push it and go for a second, knowing the donor might well become noticeable (though would be happy to get SMP to negate that). Or do I just leave as is. Or do I just put it down to money poorly spent, shave it and get on with life. It's a tough one. ---EDIT---- Actually, looking back through the pics I've posted here, I#d say I've definitely lost density recently. Wtf is that about?! Taking fin...shouldn't be happening
  12. Just feel none of the crown grafts have grown, and at the front the density was looking like it would be great but seems less so now. I know to have realistic expectations etc, but part of me can't help being a bit down about it
  13. Hi Melvin, I haven't updated in a while as I'm not quite sure how I'm feeling about it - actually have the feeling I've lost ground since my previous updates. Was exciting over the past few months to see new growth, but since then I feel it has stopped. On the one hand, I think it's great to have some coverage again, and considering how stoked I'd felt previously, I guess it isn't bad. On the other...I've seen much better density HTs and I reckon I'll be a bit disappointed about it if this is it. At 9 months now.
  14. Yeah I used their Shampoo the first weeks and have used nizoral about 3 times a wee since. Also bought into the caffeine shampoo hype but think it's.BS, I just like how it smells though. Recently clinic.advised.incould start dermarolling so something I'm thinking of too. Saw great results from cosmokramer on here.
  15. I don't recall much peeling after the scabs came off around day 10.. I did, and still do, wash my hair by alternating 1 min cold 1 min warm water, it's great for blood flow so helped healing and in my IMO growth