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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last year
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair
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    Laser Therapy or Comb
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  1. Had a trim down to 6mm back and sides at week 8. Here's the donor in very harsh lighting (flash) and normal room light...
  2. Nothing too dramatic, and was aware of potential for placebo sides so persevered with it, but definitely had a drop in libido and EQ combined with a general downturn in mood. Thought it would iron out over time but I started getting these weird headaches too about an hour after taking it. Reduced dose going ok so far, just hope it is still effective.
  3. started it 7 weeks ago, feeling a bit weird from it so have reduced dosage to half.
  4. Just to give the follicles time to rest. The thing is, like I've had relatively little shedding so I kind think minox would do a world of good currently. Had been on it prior to HT so worried i'll end up losing ground
  5. Anyone think it's weird that the Dr. said no minoxidil for the first 3 months? Feel like I could really use it currently.
  6. Really cool that you're documenting this so well. Great progress. How long after HT do you reckon is safe to restart dermarolling? I'd love to get back into it, feel it would really speed up my growth tbh. The brief time I was disciplined about dermarolling, I saw a definite spike in gains when I combined it with hanging upside down - sounds like a total joke but i got onto it via Stephen Foote's hydraulic theory of baldness - I think there's something to it.combined with dermarolling.
  7. Could have easily not said anything about mine and nobody would have guessed - despite my ultra red head. In the end, I was too curious and asked colleagues if they noticed a difference, and then had to tell them what was up. All reactions have been super positive, even from my rugby team where I had expected to be totally rinsed for doing this. Its a great conversation topic. Haven't told any friends or family, back home in September for a wedding so excited to see who notices then.
  8. So i am ... Just over 5 weeks post op, for some reason I haven't had too much shedding that I've noticed...maybe 30/40%? I did have some hair left but I certainly see some transplanted hairs which remain. A big worry of mine was the donor - I'd been critical of.dr yamans clinic previously for this. From the below.pics, I think it looks pretty good, will shave shorter in a few days to see just how short I can take it. Having seen so many results and posts on here, I never thought I'd suffer so impatiently waiting for the result! Its killing me! Just 47 weeks to go... Let me know what you think. In particular..anyone know why I haven't shed as much as most guys?! Cheers!
  9. Anecdote from today at work : I'm 5 weeks post op, shed maybe 30/40% maybe. Big red head, ugly duck hairs poking straight up everywhere. Colleagues know about HT. One of them who is NW7(more NW34) asks me if I'm happy with it. I say it's early days so need to see. His reply "But it looks like a full head of hair now, you wouldn't notice a thing wrong with it, I'd be thrilled". Other colleagues agree are are already impressed with density. I know it's 5 weeks in and looks terrible. Shows you the difference of experienced eye and what everyone else see's. Your illusion is an illusion to you only.
  10. This shows what I mean in one of my above posts too - without being on a hair transplant forum, if you saw a guy get out of a pool with Melvins hair, you wouldn't once think of hair loss. We become too precious about it because we are conditioned to look for it.
  11. More than Cinik, less than Erdogan. Less than 1 EUR per graft however they gave me a particular offer due to my short notice filling a gap I think - you'd need to speak with the clinic for a quote.
  12. Thanks Melvin - I hope so. Knowing I liked my shaved head look actually empowered me to do this funnily enough.
  13. Ahh understand. Pre op he told me 3500 with probably 1500 more later if I want to, but be warned the extraction pattern would become quite noticeable. In the end he took 4k from donor and I think it's looking good. Will post pics later. Also want to ask him what he thinks I have left when seeing it now. My estimate is 2k. I'd have no problem depleting the donor a bit and getting SMP tbh. Sounds irresponsible, but if you go far why not go further. Nobody noticed a thing about the HT, they won't notice the donor either.