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  1. Cheers Melvin, you're always there with the rationality when in panicking. Still concerned but hope you're right - if all of these red dots are hairs trying to pop through, I am gonna end up with a bloody good result.
  2. Exactly what I'm experiencing too - granted only at 4.5 months, but whereas all other hairs shed or have grown, a lot feel like stubble. Starting to fear tech error is to blame....
  3. Starting to get a bit concerned with my progress - at month 4+ I've seen no real improvement since previous posts. In itself, not necessarily terrible as I know that growth isn't linear etc My concern is more that aside from seeing no more growth, I'm still seeing thousands of little red bumps on the scalp, none of which have hair protruding, and around the crown there are a ton of itchy, stubbly grafts - these have been there since week 1, now when they itch and I scratch, they come loose. Doesn't seem to be a bulb with them, basically a short stubble like hair with a scar in the middle. There are a lot of them around the crown. Very worried that these are essentially dud grafts which weren't implanted correctly.... Haven't messaged the clinic as yet as I know it's a standard "wait longer" answer. But not matter how much I know and have seen results come good, I can't help but feel very concerned that something is badly wrong with mine. I wouldn't say there was a massive difference between the before HT density and what it is now.
  4. I know there's a lot of negatives on this thread so far, sadly that's the reality of the situation. But there is one big positive, and that is that you've already gone bald, know how it looks and to an extent have embraced it, so anything you now do is relatively risk free (i say relatively as scars always going to be there etc etc.), assuming you can afford dropping the money on a HT without too much of an impact. If I were in your shoes, I'd get on Minoxidil, fin and dermarolling for a few months to see how you respond, then I'd go with a cheap yet solid clinic (I went with Yaman, was fairly happy though having a few wobbles currently - natural though at the 4 month stage I think) get 3-4k grafts done...top with up with SMP a few months later and maintain a decent buzzed look. The thick hair days are gone for pretty much all of us on here for the time being. Maybe later then look again at a 2nd OP depending on the outcome.
  5. Looks like good work. Was also with Dr Yaman and was pretty happy with how it all went. I think with a case like yours, he will deliver an absolutely outstanding result tbh...excited to see your progress
  6. No joke, so he started a FB group which I joined, then was messaged saying anyone thinking of HT and wants a chat, submit your nr. Out of curiosity I did... weeks later and days after my HT, his Austrian pal called me offering 12 weeks of Matt D planning my full regimen of supplements and expert advice after my HT...for more than my.actual HT cost (tbf I did get a last min Discount) Think it was 3k Euros for 12 weeks of him calling me with advice. No joke The internet really empowers.theshameless
  7. I did too, then he called me offering his post transplant consultancy services for a good whack more money than many guys HTs actually count. Youtube influencer the new snake oil it would appear.
  8. So my three months update.... Hoping this is just the beginning and I have a lot of density to come... Still these weird bumps everywhere but not to worried... Yet. So far, quite happy with how it is, although do think I'll revisit the hairline one day and at least get the temples filled in. Anyone care to estimate how many grafts I'd still get out the donor?
  9. You look like you have a good donor and i'm sure a second pass at it would give you a better result - even if you're disappointed now I'd view it as a foundation for future work. Swerve Elithair, I'm on a few fb groups where the name often comes up in association with bad results. Dr Balwi seems like a bit of a charlatan as far as I've read. My issue is listening to anything that berk Matt Dominance says. He's had a sub-par transplant himself and is now offering "consultancy services" to guys looking at HT based on his google obtained bro science. He's the third worst thing about hairloss after 1) losing hair and 2) propecia sides... and even they have useless d*cks in common...
  10. haha thought I'd been on here long enough to be immunized! Can't believe I'm that guy, but the fear is real.
  11. Cheers Melvin, I'll update with pictures later this evening. It's weird though, I don't feel like i'm dislodging grafts per se, I'm more worried it's grafts which somehow didn't take. Reason I'm saying this is because they are still with scabs attached and are relatively short, possibly around the length they were transplanted at if not slightly more. It doesn't make sense as obviously I've been washing hair, running hands through hair, wearing helmets etc with various amounts of vigor in the last weeks, so don't understand why they'd itch and fall out now suddenly and not already.
  12. Hi all, I always said I wouldn't be the paranoid guy writing in a panic because things aren't the way he thinks they should be at month 3.... Nevertheless, I'm a bit concerned about something. Basically, a shade under 3 months following my FUE procedure, and I still seem to have visible bumps on my recipient area...I would have thought they would be gone by now. Anyone had this too? Another , greater concern is that I seem to get a bit of itching through recipient, if i ever scratch it, even lightly, I seem to dislodge a scab...along with a hair or two. Am I just being typical paranoid guy or is there something I should be worried about? Couldn't find any similar posts of guys with the same issues at the same stage I am...
  13. Had a trim down to 6mm back and sides at week 8. Here's the donor in very harsh lighting (flash) and normal room light...