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  1. Had a discussion with a friend about hair transplantation - I've just shaved my head and told him I'd still consider a HT one day, potentially, now knowing that I'd be cool to shave my head if it didn't work. He is adamant that it would be impossible because of scarring - both in the donor and recipient area. I have never seen evidence of scarring the recipient area once the area has been shaved, but curious to hear if recipient scarring exists?
  2. Hi Harry, Thanks for replying. Totally agree - every man must decide for himself and we all know how we prefer to look. What you describe was my exact situation. And at first, I probably hated how I looked in the mirror after shaving just as much...for about a day. Then it started to grow on me, its maybe just novelty, but it's actually so clean looking that it's hard not to like. My fear as a diffuse NW5 is that the best we can hope for is middle ground... even the best transplant is still going to be pretty thin, and the maintenance required to keep up the illusion is going to be hard going. To your last point - I agree and disagree - if I get a HT, I'll not go with some Turkish hack mill, but I won't go for anything above 5K. 1) cos it's more than I can justify, and 2) I think the discrepancy in outcome is closing a lot and 3) I know not to expect a miracle, I'd want hair to get me through the next decade, getting married etc, from 40 onwards, bald guys tend to look younger IMO. For me, it's pointless to invest too much. Like I said, all my own opinion. All i'm saying with these posts is to try and look at yourself without the baldness glasses on (which you've done tbf). Then it's time to make a call on it IMO.
  3. Honestly, I would disagree. What the last week of my life has taught me is that once you're in the rabbit hole of hair loss forums and transplant critiquing, you become myopic about the importance of hair for the general aesthetic. It's a vaccum which sucks all other aspects of looks towards it. I've realized how little the rest of the world see's it like that. Also, nothing will age you more than balding, and if a HT can't get an individual beyond a balding look, I question if it's more hassle than it's worth? I was so down recently about my hair, I'd go as far as to say suicidal, I was constantly panicking about the trade off between my looks and mental health and having to gamble with my health on starting propecia and getting a HT. My reality is that I'm an NW5 diffuse thinner, probably too far gone to get a decent result anyways, particularly without propecia. I felt totally blocked in, no choices left. My gf made me shave it, and moreso, made me start paying attention to myself as a whole, not HAIR+me. I don't think I look better without hair now, but nor do I think I look worse, and nor do I think that it's really a big deal for anyone else. Hair is taken out of the equation, so suddenly other features are the focal point, not the lack of one. I'd say to everyone on here - get a HT, sure. Do your research, don't be put off by the thought it's an illusion but be realistic. But before that, shave it off, see how you look and feel, and really ask if its better for you personally to take the worry out your life. These forums seem to turn confident guys almost into Incels in my experience. And btw, I'm not ruling out ever getting a hair transplant, maybe one day - but f**k me, the feeling of liberation from worry right now is an incredible weight of my shoulders.
  4. Hey Melvin, Pics look great - can I ask why you didn't just stick with shaved though? Really suited you. In terms of the maintenance, tbh I'm fine with styling it every day and using fibres, but it's the thought of going through the discomfort and the financial outlay of a HT to persistently feel the same sickening kind of stress I've felt in the last years whilst disguising it - that puts me off big time. How is that from your perspective? Do you ever get sick of worrying about it? Obviously for you the rewards outweight it, but i'm interested to hear how it impacts your day to day.
  5. After about 8 years of stressing and working myself up into a state about hairloss, learning, studying and comparing Hair transplants, I've just shaved my head. For the past 2 years, I've had a job which would have enabled me to get a HT with one of the lower-cost surgeons vouched for on here - Cinik, Yaman, etc. I often didn't do it because of threads like this - and trust me, I had flight tickets booked once to get it done (Dr R. Yaman - then I saw his donor areas...) So where am I now, now I'm bald? I'm sitting in work, having had comments, compliments and jokes. But I am relaxed AF about it. I'm not hiding it any more. I'm not getting a fright each time I look in the mirror under strong lights. It's always the same. This thread shows that under bad lighting, or if your style is messed up by weather or something, you're gonna look pretty bad. Back to balding. Back to the guy desperate to hide it. It's not a healthy way to be, let's be honest with that. And you've paid a fair whack of notes for the privilege. What's changed in your mental state? Why else do we actually undergo HT other than to improve our mental state? Can the guys who have had HT surgery truthfully say that they're constantly relaxed about it now? For me, maybe it will change - maybe I'll go back on it and get a HT soon... but right now, man am I thankful I didn't waste the time money or effort. Each man to his own preference, but for me.... comparing how I felt 4 days ago throwing in fibres in the works toilet cubicle and hating how I looked, to today..not thrilled with it, but not tense and definitely nowhere near as bad as I thought it would look... I'm done with stressing about it.
  6. Looking great but I'd be concerned with that donor too after 5 mo...though tbh nobody without knowledge of HTs cares how the back of your head looks. One thing I'd say is that there is a famous case of Yaman ruining a donor with some pretty nasty scars, so definitely don't think his clinic are particularly careful with it. End of the day, results look pretty solid so enjoy!!!
  7. I think it's worth mentioning that we are in a kind of echo chamber, or vacuum rather, in which we are finely attuned to looking at hair density and instantly critiquing it. Even if it's the illusion of density, or even obviously sub-optimal density hair, the average person isn't going to notice. One of the greatest reassurances of hair loss which everybody ignores is that those who notice most are those who suffer it too. If a HT takes the attention away from obvious bald spots and exposed widows peaks, the patient won't look balding in most peoples eyes.
  8. God, even if I was desperate to buy CBD oil based on a video some marketing account posted.... That video would put me right off. Only time I've ever had regrowth from natural things, I was taking a mental dose of supplements which was just financially unsustainable, showering cold daily, and abstaining from ejaculating. Zinc Picolinate, He Shu Wu, Niacin, Vit D3, Nettle Root, Pumpkin Seed oil extract, topical argan oil, topical Emu oil, ginger rinses once a week, scalp massage and daily mega dosing L arginin. Definite regrowth but to hell with doing that every day, was a nightmare.
  9. Hi guys, That's interesting - hadn't realised Civas prices had gone up. I am curious though as to the google search results for the others - I'm not finding anything too negative about them, aside from Cinik and Yaman, both of whom are approved here. Maybe it's my search, could you please provide some links if there's anything glaring you've found? Of particular interest is the Smile Clinic currently - they don't seem as much of a hair mill as Cinik, for example.
  10. Drs Cinik, Karadeniz, Yaman, Civas, Saifi.... Elithair, Smile clinic.... All much under prices of established surgeons, all posting fantastic results....
  11. Honestly, I feel I see more good results from budget transplant surgeons than terrible results. Actually, my top 3 worst results I have seen by a budget transplant surgeon is one which is recommended on here.... With the amount of guys getting HT's these days, particularly in turkey and particularly from "cheap" clinics, I'd expect there to be much more of an outcry about it, much more terrible results being posted. I've researched and waited for years to go for my HT, always anticipating a tidal wave of horror stories...it's never emerged. In my opinion, there are too many non HT surgeons trying to make money through HT surgery, principally by appearing like experts whilst pedalling more expensive clinics. Clearly, there are bad surgeons and terrible practices in this industry, nobody doubts that. But this "high price transplant fettish" doesn't hold up to what we're seeing. If the surgery involves an experienced Dr designing the hairline, creating the insertions and coordinating an experienced team of techs, the results appear generally good - whether that's 1700 euro surgery or 35000. Keen to hear answers and other opinions. I've been around here and other forums long enough to have a degree of confidence in what I say above.
  12. Anyone know what Saifi currently charges? Would be interested as an alternative to Istanbul..
  13. Can't believe how red and generally freshly done that still looks at the 2 weeks mark.... Has the Dr recommended anything to reduce redness? Is that generally considered normal?