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  1. Sorry for the late reply, it’s defiantly filled in, but from my old hair to new transplanted hair It gets kinda thin and you can notice when wet.
  2. It’s defiantly noticeable when I shaved it down to a #1 just cause I wanted to see it but at a # 3 you cant see it at all
  3. Haven’t Posted an undate for awhile here is a pic taken today I would call month 8-9 people can’t believe and ask me if it’s real and if it grows and how good it looks now. I’ll update in another month or so
  4. Oh I’m not worried, overall I’m thrilled that I can actually do my hair again lol and everyone can’t believe it either they all say my hair looks so good. Here is some pictures with a little bit of gel today. I posted a picture of what is was befor. I’m happy to say the least
  5. Here are some month 6 pictures taken today, I still haven’t seen any new growth for months maybe I don’t notice it but I thought I would see more. I just had a hair cut a couple days ago and I went pretty short. Here are some picture what do you guys think ? I took one overhead with flash and without flash
  6. So I had 4800 grafts Jan 31 coming up on 6 months post op. Seen tons of new hairs the first 2-3-4 months. Now for 2 months I’m always looking for new growth but can’t even find 1 little guy breaking the skin. What has been your guys experience? By this point does it just thicken up without noticing new hair? Just wanna see some progression. Any insite would be cool. Thanks guys!
  7. Late month 5 pics for all y’all couple picks dry with nothing in it and a couple with gel and a little Toppik. Even went out for dinner without a hat for the first time in many years. pretty stoked cause i still got more to come pretty happy right now! cheers!
  8. Didn’t ask how many I had left... hopefully don’t need any more in the future
  9. Man I’m having this same issue, came outta the gate hot with new hairs popping at 2-3 months, now for the last month and a half I haven’t seen any new hairs. I know it’s early but just wanting to see anything new would be sweet. Anyone else have this happen them?
  10. Thanks for the reply’s, I had 4800 FUT with Dr Hasson
  11. Here is my month 4 update , things are moving along nicely it definitely is hard to not look in the mirror! Month 2-3 I seen tons of new little hairs then a couple weeks ago it stopped and I haven’t seen one pop out for awhile. Just waiting and watching for now :rolleyes: