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  1. 4 Months later.... I'm happy to announce my hair is starting to grow, there is still a long way to happiness. Sorry for updating only now, I didint think there is something to share. Hope you like it 😎
  2. Hi, My name is Guy Chrust, 34 years old, happily married and father of two gorgeous girls. I have been bald for 14 years, and during my childhood, I always knew I'll be baled, as my alder brother and father are bald. It never bothered me i'm going to be a bald man, and on the age of 20, I started to shave my head and accept the baldness. My daughters know me only with a bald head. 4 Months ago during July 2018 I saw a post on one of the group pages I follow that was written by a special guy named Aviad Biton, telling his private story about the hair transplant he made at Dr Cini
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