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  1. 4 Months later.... I'm happy to announce my hair is starting to grow, there is still a long way to happiness. Sorry for updating only now, I didint think there is something to share. Hope you like it 😎
  2. Hi, My name is Guy Chrust, 34 years old, happily married and father of two gorgeous girls. I have been bald for 14 years, and during my childhood, I always knew I'll be baled, as my alder brother and father are bald. It never bothered me i'm going to be a bald man, and on the age of 20, I started to shave my head and accept the baldness. My daughters know me only with a bald head. 4 Months ago during July 2018 I saw a post on one of the group pages I follow that was written by a special guy named Aviad Biton, telling his private story about the hair transplant he made at Dr Cinik clinic. For the first time that I actually see someone who really performed this procedure, and he is satisfied with the results, and it has been only a few months after the treatment. Now, as I wrote earlier, the baldness has never bothered, and I barely thought about it. Deep down, I have thought about it, cause I always tell everyone how much I missed moving my hand in my hair. After reading Aviad's post, with not a lot of believes that I'm suitable for the hair transplant, I sent Aviad photos of my head, Aviad forward the photos to Cinik's clinik and they replied him back with the first diagnosis, 3500 grafts with 70% cover. I realized that I must meet him and see the results in person, and so it happened. My wife and I met Aviad a few days later, it took only 5 minutes for me to understand that the hair transplant is something I want for the past 14 years without acknowledging it. On the way home after our meeting, we decided to start the procedure. Aviad organized a delegation from Israel to Turkey during October, I booked a flight for the samed dates, and from now it's all in Cinik's hands... We arrived Turkey on the 16th of October and EVERYTHING went as expected and as promised, there was a driver waiting for us at the airport, he took us to the hotel, which is located 2 minute walk to the hospital where the hair transplant is performed. On the next day, "The big day", I arrived to the hospital and met for the first time the Dr. Because most of my head was bald, Cinik and I agreed that we will meet for another session in one year, after Cinik will diagnose my head. And from there the long treatment day starts. I started the treatment very early in the morning and finished the transplant after 9 hours, luckily my father was with me the whole time and took care of me and my needs. I arrived the hotel after the treatment, and then realized how many bald man are doing this treatment. The next day, we arrived the clinik in order to be checked and removing the bandages, and from there directly to the airport. I can say that the decision to do a hair transplant changed my life, even though it has been only 19 days since. I feel much younger and full of self confidence. I will keep this post updated with photos every few weeks in order to see the progress. Attached photos of me before and after.