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  1. Hi HTJon, First of all, congratulations with your procedure and that was a great write up. I too have had two procedures with Dr Feriduni (the most recent was last month) and have provided write ups on this site. I thought you would be interested to know given what you wrote that it is not always the case that Dr Feriduni praises everyone as a great candidate for hair transplantation surgery. I can confirm that prior to my first procedure he took a great deal of time discussing the potential limitations of my procedure given that my hair is relatively thin (certainly far more so th
  2. Just a quick note to let you guys know, as i've had quite a few questions regarding the scar repair... I've realised that that that for the images I uploaded an incorrect image was uploaded above with the wrong picture for 1 year post op (SW10.jpg) I have now corrected the image for the 1 year post op (middle picture).
  3. Thank you. Dr Feriduni stated he expects the scar will not be visible at all after it fills in. I will certainly keep you updated with pictures as and when this occurs
  4. Thank you! Dr Feriduni mentioned in my follow up consultation that he estimates I would still have approx 2,000 to 2,500 grafts to use if needed, such as if the arch of my hair drops significantly.
  5. Hi guys, I've posted regarding my 2nd procedure, this is a link to the thread... there are also a load of further pictures uploaded showing the result of my first procedure. Hope it helps
  6. Here are some photos showing my journey, which include my first hair transplant with Dr Feriduni and some picture after the 2nd procedure.
  7. Hello everyone,A short bit about me. I am 34 years old and from the UK and have suffered with hair loss from a very young age. I have naturally thin hair anyway, and noticed in my late teens that my hairline was starting to recede heavily. As a result at 19 (back in 2004) I opted to have a hair transplant with a company in Athens, Greece, fronted by a chap named Malcolm Mendhelson (sp?) using the choi method… long story short I was young and stupid, the procedure was beyond terrible (hairs implanted without care for directionality, sparse, terrible job). I was also absolutely butchered with my
  8. Just a quick update guys. I arrived in Belgium today and am undergoing my 2nd procedure with Dr Feriduni tomorrow. I will update with a new thread shortly once it is done to document my experience and will put a link in this one... excited to get that full head of hair!
  9. To answer yours and tressful11's question, as you can see from the photos there is no noticeable scarring in my opinion, Im pretty amazed by how it turned out in that regard. If you shine a light on it and look at the forehead at within extremely close range in the mirror, there are a couple of pits but these are really not noticeable and could very easily just be put down to very slight natural imperfection in the skin.
  10. I am not sure how many grafts were removed as I am not entirely sure how many grafts I had in my first procedure. I was naive and not as clued up when I had my first procedure done back in the early 2000's. If I recall correctly the Dr managed to re-use near a thousand grafts when combining the old hairline and the scar repair. If you are interested, I would strongly recommend getting a consultation, Dr Feriduni was meticulous in my experience and was honest regarding expectations etc.
  11. If I recall correctly, prior to my first procedure with Dr Feriduni I had around 10,000 grafts. I used 4,740 in my first procedure but as I understand it over a thousand of those were re-used from my old hairline from my poor first procedure. So I still have in well excess of 6,000 I believe. Dr Feriduni spent a lot of time in the initial consultation calculating the number of grafts and then suggesting the new hairline placement in order to ensure that should I wish to have further procedures then there would be plenty present to give the 'full head of hair' look. That initial c
  12. Hi in2deep, Thank you very much for the comment, I am very happy with the result. In regard to the extraction, it was also mentioned to myself that the extraction may have to be done more than once. As I understand it, this is down to the natural growing cycle of the hair and the fact that some of the hairs may be in their dormant stage at the time of the procedure. I was fortunate in that it was only needed once, and I was informed that with the minimal hairs that were left I could extract them myself with a tweezer and they would gradually return smaller and disappear. This
  13. Hi guys, Today marks the 1 year anniversary of my procedure so thought this would be the perfect time to provide an update on my final result. The pictures attached were taken yesterday. I have included a close up of the hairline to show where my previous hairline was removed as quite a few have asked regarding this. I am incredibly happy with the result and am thrilled that I decided to go for it and with my choice of clinic to undertake the procedure. The density is beyond what I would have expected given I do not have the thickest hair naturally. I have c
  14. I am cutting it down to 5mm, and was previously cutting it down to 3mm and did not find the fact I had FUE visible even at that length. I remember reading something the clinic gave me at the time of procedure recommending I do not go below 3mm.
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