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  1. I am not sure how many grafts were removed as I am not entirely sure how many grafts I had in my first procedure. I was naive and not as clued up when I had my first procedure done back in the early 2000's. If I recall correctly the Dr managed to re-use near a thousand grafts when combining the old hairline and the scar repair. If you are interested, I would strongly recommend getting a consultation, Dr Feriduni was meticulous in my experience and was honest regarding expectations etc.
  2. If I recall correctly, prior to my first procedure with Dr Feriduni I had around 10,000 grafts. I used 4,740 in my first procedure but as I understand it over a thousand of those were re-used from my old hairline from my poor first procedure. So I still have in well excess of 6,000 I believe. Dr Feriduni spent a lot of time in the initial consultation calculating the number of grafts and then suggesting the new hairline placement in order to ensure that should I wish to have further procedures then there would be plenty present to give the 'full head of hair' look. That initial consultation letting me know what to expect and ensuring realistic expectations was invaluable for me.
  3. Hi in2deep, Thank you very much for the comment, I am very happy with the result. In regard to the extraction, it was also mentioned to myself that the extraction may have to be done more than once. As I understand it, this is down to the natural growing cycle of the hair and the fact that some of the hairs may be in their dormant stage at the time of the procedure. I was fortunate in that it was only needed once, and I was informed that with the minimal hairs that were left I could extract them myself with a tweezer and they would gradually return smaller and disappear. This has definitely been the case. Some hair still appears from the hairline although it is much finer and there has been progressively less, and I only notice them up close with a mirror, and I just remove them roughly every couple of weeks. I imagine this wont be the case for too much longer. In my experience, and from speaking with others when doing my research, Dr Feriduni is very ethical and honest in his approach and always wants to make you aware of what MAY be the case. For example, in my consultation he was keen to emphasise to me the limitations and what to expect in my particular instance, as I have naturally finer hair than some of his other clients. He puts great emphasis on realistic expectations and never goes into a 'sales pitch,' which really appealed to me given past experiences. Rest assured that if it does't prove necessary for you, he certainly wont tell you a second session is required.
  4. Hi guys, Today marks the 1 year anniversary of my procedure so thought this would be the perfect time to provide an update on my final result. The pictures attached were taken yesterday. I have included a close up of the hairline to show where my previous hairline was removed as quite a few have asked regarding this. I am incredibly happy with the result and am thrilled that I decided to go for it and with my choice of clinic to undertake the procedure. The density is beyond what I would have expected given I do not have the thickest hair naturally. I have continued to keep my hair short; I still have a sizeable area that is bald at my crown and although I believe the transplanted area looks of greater density as it grows a bit and I much prefer it longer from a ‘front on’ angle, at the moment given the crown area I find that the best look aesthetically for me is to keep it shorter. I was honest out of the gate that I had the procedure and have received a load of compliments about how natural it looks. Quite a few of my friends that are balding have stated I am their ‘test case’ and they have now started to look into procedures further having been impressed with the result. As I have stated previously, the clinic have been superb throughout, right up to recently. I was due to fly out to Belgium from the UK to have my 1 year check-up a couple of weeks ago. This is all covered in the cost of the initial procedure and given the thorough detail Dr Feriduni went into on my initial consultation prior to getting the procedure I was keen to get feedback from him on the result and also get an understanding of things going forward should I get a procedure on the crown area to get a full head of hair. Due to the virus I was unable to travel. Despite Belgium seeming to be in a great place with their response and re-opening… the UK not so much! My flight was cancelled a by the airline and quarantine restrictions have been imposed by the Government upon return to the UK, making travel at that time really difficult. The clinic were incredibly understanding and it was agreed I could re-schedule when things area bit clearer. Going forward, life allowing I am really keen to get a further procedure at some point and given my experiences to date it will almost certainly be with the Feriduni Clinic. Quite a few have asked questions and I have had a lot of direct messages… if you have any questions then do not hesitate and I will endeavour to answer, I remember how daunting it can be at the beginning of researching! Stay safe everyone!
  5. I am cutting it down to 5mm, and was previously cutting it down to 3mm and did not find the fact I had FUE visible even at that length. I remember reading something the clinic gave me at the time of procedure recommending I do not go below 3mm.
  6. Feeling and looking good thanks, I feel the density has improved and is looking thicker, I am very happy. Like with most people, life has been a bit strange with the outbreak so have not got around to taking new pictures yet, but I will look to do so over the next few weeks, and will definitely do so in June for the 1 year mark
  7. Watterot hit the nail on the head, I prefer the short cut right now because of the crown, as the hair grows the area I have had the HT on begins to look even better, but the limiting factor is that it really accentuates the baldness in the crown. I don't really want to be using something like Toppik any more so i'm keeping it short until (life permitting) I have my second HT and a full head of hair. At that point I will certainly grow it out and experiment 🙂
  8. Hi guys, as promised here are my photographs at the eight month mark. Recently I've really noticed the scar repair that Dr Feriduni did for me starting to fade, happy with the progress and excited for the final result. I have a consultation for the end of May with the Dr to assess the final result (which is included with the HT itself) and assess future options. Exciting times!
  9. Quite possibly, but Im certainly over the moon with what Dr Feriduni managed to do. Ive attached an up close hairline pic at 8 months in my update post below.
  10. They begun fading very quickly in fairness, I was not overly conscious of them from after the first couple of months, and was back in work within two weeks. Ive attached an updated hairline picture in my update post below.
  11. The area where the old grafts were removed looks absolutely great now, there are a few little dots but they are fading and I expect all with time will likely disappear. Dr Feriduni really seems to have done an amazing job for me, you certainly wouldn't know that I had grafts removed in that area. I'll be sure to post an up close picture at the 8 month mark!
  12. My next step will be an appointment with Dr Feriduni next June at the 1 year mark to assess the options. All being well and finances allowing, I will look to get the patch at the back filled in too. I am now at month 7 and it is looking considerably better than it did in the month 5 pictures, I am extremely happy and very encouraged. I will post further progress pictures on here at the 8 month mark
  13. Hi guys, just providing an update and the pictures. I am now 5 months post procedure… I had intended to provide an update at 4 months but only a little hair had come in at that point, but I noticed that it was starting to much more rapidly so thought it’d be more useful to everyone to leave it another month. As expected, I lost most of the transplanted hair between the two week to two month period. I did keep most of the actual hairline, which I was informed was due to the fact they were single grafts as they give the best look at the hairline. As I stated the hair began to come through noticeably just shy of 4 months but the change between month 4 and month 5 has been the most considerable by a distance. The scar from my old transplant is noticeably thinner than it was but still red from the fresh incision. I think I am now starting to notice it fading ever so slightly however. Also the area where my old transplanted hairs were removed looks great in comparison to how it was, there are still a couple of marks but only noticeable literally at point blank range and I expect they will continue to fade further. It is so unnoticeable that I would not be overly bothered if this was the end result in this area. Some density is starting to appear and it is getting more noticeable weekly, very excited to see the progress as this continues. The clinic has been absolutely incredible with their support. I have contacted them a few times with general questions and they have answered very quickly. I have even had personal responses and emails from the surgeon himself. I really couldn’t recommend the clinic highly enough. The aftercare they offered through the HairTransplant app is superb and was hugely helpful, particularly in the first two months as you are reaching the various milestones in recovery. It’s a great easy access guide as to where you are at in the process, and how long until you should be doing certain things safely, such as exercise, sun exposure etc. It was so easy being just a few clicks away to all these answers without have to deep dive reading things. It was also really fun in a peculiar way, like you were checking off landmarks as you go along. The regular reminders in the early stages throughout the days regarding it being time to wash/apply lotion etc. were invaluable! I am away over the next few weeks but will endeavor to answer anything, questions and comment welcome as always!
  14. Many thanks for that JJ. In honesty that is one question I maybe should have asked the clinic, but didn't as I just assumed it would all heal up. Its something I may query with the clinic if the healing in that area stagnates, but what I can say is at the moment it is getting much better and fading every day, to the point you only notice it up close now. I expect that this, to lesser or more effect, will continue.
  15. Hi guys, Firstly I am not one to normally contribute to forums like this, but as a few of these forums were an invaluable source of information to me that helped me make my decision regarding my hair transplant procedure I think I owe it to ‘give something back’ and write about my experience, which may in turn help anyone in making their decision down the line. A little about me… Im 33 years old and from the UK and have suffered with hair loss from a very young age. I have naturally thin hair anyway, and noticed in my late teens that my hairline was starting to recede heavily. As a result at 19 (back in 2004) I opted to have a hair transplant with a company in Athens, Greece, fronted by a chap named Malcolm Mendhelson (sp?) using the choi procedure… long story short I was young and stupid, the procedure was beyond terrible (hairs implanted without care for directionality, sparse, terrible job). I was also absolutely butchered with my scar site at the back of my head, the extent of which only became apparent years later when I had to cut my hair short due to further balding. One quick note on Propecia… I know this is a contentious topic, particularly for many forums like this, but I shall speak my experience and do not wish to debate it further with the defenders of the drug, to each their own. I was advised to start taking it after my first procedure and did so religiously for 7 years, and it worked like a charm, no further balding and a nice head of hair, and no noticeable side effects except (with hindsight) needing to piss a thousand times a day. Unfortunately at the end of 2012 I started developing issues that very much worsened after stopping the drug, and it absolutely decimated my endocrine system and damn near killed me. Although I am doing very well now, I had a horrendous couple of years, and some sexual symptoms persist to this day. Propecia as a result was very much not an option for me going forward. As a result, since 2013 my hair has been falling out at a rapid rate, and I used toppik to compensate this, which worked really well initially but as things progressed my head got to the point there was more toppik than hair and it started looking more and more obvious. As a result, I had a decision to make. Following research on here, and speaking to some other people I know who had opted to have procedures, one of the handful of names that kept appearing near the top of lists was Dr Feriduni in Belgium and the pictures of his work I saw online were great, so I decided to make contact. Due to my hair transplant history, Dr Feriduni advised I first attend the clinic for a consultation so that a realistic and accurate assessment could be made regarding what my options were, and I am really glad I did this. He measured and gave me an idea of the number of grafts I have in the donor area, assessed the previous work I had done and give me an idea on my options. Following this, I decided to schedule my procedure, which would include the removal of the previous implanted hairline, and the repair of the previous scar to make it much less noticeable and also an FUE procedure to give a new hairline and most of the front part of the head. He stated he expected the yield from the procedure to be around 2800 grafts. One thing to note about Dr Feriduni is he seemed from the outset to have a great deal of integrity. There was never any sales pitch and he was clear from the outset that I would need multiple procedures to achieve a full head of hair but explained with this option that it would look natural following procedure number 1 that I have just suffered hair loss at the back of the head and that a short hair style would look good. He was also up front and honest about the limitations there would be as a result of me having finer hair so that I had totally realistic expectations. He also advised regarding hairline placement and stated that he was doing so with my individual case in mind, as it is important that there is enough donor hair for the area of my head to achieve a good long term result. He stated that he could do a much lower hairline now but it would likely be regrettable in the long term, and I am very happy with the hairline placement he suggested with hindsight. The procedure itself took place just over 4 months after my consultation as from what I understand the practice is very busy and there is a bit of a waiting list. I was happy to wait however and found this a little reassuring, knowing there was high demand for his services. The staff at the clinic were incredibly friendly and accommodating and the procedure itself ran like clockwork. I had read that most of the staff working at the clinic with Dr Feriduni had been there for many years, and this showed, as it all ran like a finely tuned machine. I was also pretty amazed that they managed to get far above my expected yield, having also taken transplanted hairs from the area where the scar repair took place and also the re-using the transplanted hairline and they actually managed to do considerably more than they anticipated and achieved 4,740 grafts from the one procdure! From my limited knowledge and the reading I have done, this seemed very good for an FUE procedure. The Doctor also stated that he was incredibly happy with result and expects there to be a very good outcome post procedure. I am now three weeks post operation and have also been very impressed with the post op care. Everything I needed was provided with very clear instructions and I could contact the clinic for an immediate response at pretty much any time, not that I needed to do so too much aside from having some queries with hyperaesthesia, which was quite uncomfortable for me up to around 10 days post op. I expected this, as I have sensitive skin. The scar they repaired is healing well too and already looks far less prominent than it was previously, which I am ecstatic about. A huge help with the post op care was an app I was provided with to download on my smartphone called ‘HairTransplant.app’, which alongside the documentation gave you clear information on what you should be doing post op, and what restrictions you should follow in your post op care. It updates daily and also gives you timed updates throughout the day regarding taking medications and supplements, applying lotions, etc. as well as letting you know when you can resume certain things such as sleeping freely on your back, sporting and sexual activities, etc. This was an absolute godsend, particularly in the early post op days where there were a lot of instructions and a lot of stuff to take in, and it also had a very useful FAQ section with means to contact the clinic should you have any concerns or issues. I could recommend this more to anyone for their post op care. Three weeks post op and everything is healing nicely, quite a bit of my recipient area hair has started to fall out as expected and I am entering the ugly duckling stage, but very optimistic to see the results and see how things progress. I was incredibly happy with how things looked before the transplanted hair began to shed so I am very excited for the final result. To summarise, I was incredibly happy with my choice of the clinic and cant speak highly of the professionalism and care of the staff, and particularly their honesty given I was stung with a terrible procedure back in my earlier days when I was young and stupid. I would absolutely make the same call again and will very likely be having a second procedure with the clinic in the future to achieve a full head of hair. The post op care is also taken very seriously by the clinic and the Hair Transplant App they provided me with was absolutely invaluable. The only drawbacks were the travelling (but I was more than happy to do so given I knew I would have to in order to get the best results, and Hassellt was easy to get to by train from Brussells Airport and a cheap flight from London), and although I don’t wish to get into the cost of my procedure as I find financial matters to be personal, there would certainly be cheaper options out there from other places. I strongly believe that you get what you pay for though in this instance, and to me given that I was able to afford it then it was a no brainer as my hair is something that will be with me for the rest of my life (and the fact I am vain like a lot who find themselves on this forum :) ) I considered it a great investment. I am not great with forums but will try to upload some pictures as I know lots on here (myself included when I was researching things) want to see these more than anything, and I will also try to upload some progress pictures too if I remember as time goes on. Again, I am not the most switched on in remembering to check these things, but should you have any questions then go right ahead and I shall do my best to answer. Hope this helps some of you :)