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  1. HairLossMentor

    FUE 2700 Grafts (want your opinion)

    Hey bigmike84, I know you don't want to hear this man - but looks like a failure in my opinion. Sadly we are seeing more of this, mainly due to part-time hair transplant docs. There are a lot of them in Toronto. Yes it's too early to judge the "final" result. But there are things to look for. Keep in mind that you can fix this. But that doesn't mean jumping into the chair again. You can either get a second HT to increase the density and coverage. Or say screw it and shave your head. You can smp your fue scars and laser skin resurface the recipient area, plus dermaroller. Both are options man. Just keep that in mind. I actually shaved my head and lasered the pluggy grafts after my failed HT. You can look like you did prior and put this behind you. I'm proof. In the end, I decided to get another HT years later though. If the clinic is decent, they will refund you. It's the right thing to do. Ask me any questions man. Private PM or here. I've been in your shoes and happy to share my experience.
  2. Agree. Awesome results! Re: propecia. I personally love the stuff and on 2.5 mg now.
  3. Hey Tressless22. I can relate... I had my HT at 27 - I'm 42 now and glad I did. Others didn't agree with me at the time. You're 29 and depending on your family history and use of meds - a candidate by definition. But that doesn't mean you should take the leap. Yes your hair loss is limited - and a lot of guys would kill for that hair and more will not achieve that results after a ht. Some good advice here... and for what it's worth... the best advice I can give... Do everything you can to keep that awesome head of hair! That's your #1 goal right now. Sure your hairline bothers you. I get it. But you can "live with it." It's not the end of the world. You know what I mean. Stop your hair loss with the big 3 (Propecia, Rogaine, Nizoral) and you will feel better . Why? You're taking control of your hair loss... you're taking action. And that's worth something.
  4. HairLossMentor

    3000 graft FUE but low density

    OK... your goal was to wear a trendy hairstyle, spiked, messy, etc. But because of the low density, you need to comb it forward. Same problem you had before. But now your combing forward to conceal the density not the recession. I understand and am a repair patient myself. One thing that working against you is your hair color and skin tone, dark hair and light skin. Lots of contrast, making your HT look thin. 3000 grafts should have been enough for your to achieve your goal - style your hair, etc. But you can't. So by that definition, it's a failure. From my experience, your best approach is to contact the doc first. If he/she is recommended and has a good reputation, you will be taken care of. This happens sometimes. It's a risk we take. Get all the facts from the doc and then ask guys here for advice. It sucks to hear this - but looks like you will need a second HT. Not a big one. But speaking from experience, you should get a big jump in density. So all is not lost.
  5. Agree Mick50. Most docs in the business only perform HT's part-time now. We can blame ARTAS and Neo-graft for that.
  6. Almost forgot the most important... 15 months - YES, you look damn good! Get out there and enjoy your hair buddy. Style it, have fun with it. You're back! A little in the future, but once your styling your hair again, it's time to think about 1) keeping what you have with meds, the big 3, rogaine, nizoral, propecia (lots of options) 2) Ways to make your hair look even better, thicker with shampoo, smp, etc.
  7. You won't lose any grafts at 7 days. Not even a concern - so get that out of your mind A HT study showed that grafts are 100 secure at 5 days. If you lost a graft prior, you would see a lot of blood. Not spot bleeding - but a steady stream for 30 or so seconds. So much so your partner would say, "shit, you're bleeding." If you didn't hear that - Or notice a stream of blood down your face, you're OK. If you did lose a grafts (or even a few) - nothing to worry about. Think about it. If I plucked a few hairs from your head, would you notice? No. I've had a HT so lets tackle your future concerns now Please print and put beside your mirror... you did not lose any grafts. I repeat. You did not lose any grafts yes, I know it does not look like 3000 grafts (normal) No, pimples will not damage your grafts That spot bleeding, it's normal. Just a scab - and no, you didn't damage grafts Yes, it's Ok you picked a scab and noticed spot bleeding. Yes, I know the areas is red. No you didn't damage any grafts when you bumped your head, it's OK. You didn't damage any grafts Yes, the right or left is growing slower. It's normal. Don't worry yes, it looks patchy. I know. Normal. stop comparing your result to other guys at 3, 6+ months. Some guys grow faster, some slower. Wait 15 months. yes, i know it's thin at 6 months. More to come! No, the hair product you used to style your hair did not damage the grafts No, it's not the final result at 9 months. Yes, you will get more density.
  8. 100% normal. Most of the graft shed with the scabs. Keep the area moist. While you're getting good advice - also best to contact the clinic directly for this kind of stuff. p.s. Best advice I can give is try and forget about your HT until 6+ months. Hard to do I know! But some areas will grow faster than the others. The left or right side will look thinner - at first. It will look patchy. All normal. It's a long process, 15+ months. Dr. Rahal is one of the best. Ask questions and enjoy the ride - but try not to stress p.p.s every guy is different. Some guys heal faster, get growth faster. Some slower. Never compare your results prior to 15 months to other - ever. It's a waiting game.
  9. HairLossMentor

    Transplanted Temple POINTS

    Hi literalno, I'll get some temple point results from rahal for you monday or Tuesday.
  10. HairLossMentor

    Transplanted Temple POINTS

    The temple point examplea are from dr. Rahal... If dr. Rahal said "I will look like you had work done" - it means to dont need them and he only needs to restore your "temple angles" to frame your face. Your temples points (as is) will balance the hairline. If he were to restore them also, your hairline would look "off." Temple angles... frame your face, give you that "youthful look." Temple points - balance the hairline. They needs to match your temple points. A youthful hairline without temple points and the ht looks fake. Same with a mature hairline and agressive temple points. It will look off. Micro/macro irregularity - creates a soft, natural transition. Placement - based on ethnic background, hair loss history, etc. A lot goes into hairline design! Choose a hairline master like dr. Rahal or dr. Shapiro.
  11. HairLossMentor

    Transplanted Temple POINTS

    Hey literalno, Temple points balance the hairline. Your hairline can be 100% natural looking but if the temple points are off... the result looks "off." For example, hair systems. They can't create temple points and why I can spot a system from 1000 feet. It's also common with part-time hair transplant doctors. They don't have the experience to create temple points and will just transplant the hairline. The result screams "hair transplant." Why? Because nature says (with rare exceptions) that your temple points needs to match your hairline. If your hairline is receding, then your temple points should too. If your hairline is more youthful, then your temple points should be too. They need to compliment each other. So It's not that temple points look "unnatural." It's that temple points (when done wrong) will make a hair transplant look like a "hair transplant." Guys in the know will pick up on it. Others will know something is "off." Their eyes will subconsciously drift up. It's all about balance. Just like your hairline... temple points are individualized, not cookie-cutter. We can get into how to transplant temple points too... you NEED to be a master at hairlines. If the angle is off, your screwed. If the hair is too thick. Your screwed. Choose wisely. Trust me... an unnatural hair transplant is worse than being bald. Nature has rules. Don't break them! And choose your hair transplant doc wisely. Hope this helps.
  12. HairLossMentor

    FUE - Dr.Rahal

    Hi jbl2093, Thanks for the questions. I'll need to confirm a few with Rahal. But answer the ones I know. First, I get it man. You're angry at your result. I don't know the specifics. But based on your experience... years ago... you feel that Rahal is not consistent. When that's simply not true. Your situation, which shity, is not the norm. Without knowing the specifics, I can 100% guarantee Rahal did the right thing. Be it refund, touch-up, whatever. That's who he is - ethical. Dr. Rahal stands behind all of his patients. Maybe he's too humble to say it. But I will. And for you to imply anything else is wrong. I'm going to post hundreds of A+ FUE results soon - including my own. As with anything, results are what count. And i'll back what I say with results. Now, you're questions: Some good ones. Looks like you might have been mislead. Most of the info you stated is not true. Some of your questions I can answer with exciting advancements. There is no turnover. I know the team, personally. Most have been there 10+ years. Others 20+ years. There are only a few less than 2 years. And I think another (maybe two) less than 6 months - though they are in training. So you're 100% wrong about this. Great question! There are 3 any clinic should measure. 1) Total, 2) Partial, 3) Tissue. There is some debate in the FUE community that "partial" is OK. Even a skill which sets the pros from amateurs. Some also say that it's OK to leave a 1-hair (for example) so the donor area does not look thin. As for Rahal's partial, it's under 3% - and measured "every case." It's also used to decide on the type of punch used during the case. If the patients skill is tough and partial transection is 4% for example - they will switch. Total and tissue are even less. Less than strip actually. I don't know the #'s. But i'll get for you. And the #'s are not out of my ass. I'll ask Patient Care to pull some charts over the last year. Data is data - and #'s don't lie. One thing I should point out here is 1) Rahal uses 8x magnification for extraction - the highest in North America. Awesome question. A combination of "HypoThermosol and Adenosine Tri-Phosphate." The solution "per procedure" is around $800. A big investment other clinics don't. It's the same solution they use preserve organs for transplants. Have you heard of coverage value? More here Dr. Rahal uses for every case. It was Dr. Lorenzo who created and shared. And prevents what you're talking about it. I'm not sure if it was used 3 years ago, as in your case. But it's standard now. And prevents what you're saying. Not true. There are two FUE extractions: Miguel and Dr. Gibbons, Dr. Rahal. Dr. Rahal decides on the punch to use, depth, etc. Starts the extractions, then monitors transection real-time. He also does all the incision, hairline design, etc. So he does majority of the case. Dr. Gibbons also does extractions. But I don't really care who does them. I care about transection, plus experience. And you should too. Since we are talking technical... Dr. Rahal uses the smallest punches in North America. Most are .8. He also uses the highest magnification in North America. Plus uses sharp or WOW, depending on needs. KEEP for implanting - basically EVERYTHING you need to perform A+ FUE. On top of that... he shares tips and travels to Turkey, spending time. Koray, Feriduni, Lorenzo all of the time. What I'm getting at is... you're procedure was years ago. Things have changed. How about this... You have some great questions. How about visiting Rahal and seeing for yourself.
  13. My skin tends a little to keloid scars which might affect both FUE and FUT Hey Gasthoerer, That's a big one buddy. I would rule out strip 100%. A shitty scar is tough to deal with - and even harder to fix. For results... meet patients in person. Best advice I can give. I know Rahal is launching their new site soon... with 100's of amazing FUE results. But again, meet patients in person. Question... have you thought about smp? Rahal's doing "3DSMP" now. And it's awesome. You can't tell - looks like real hair. So you can shave your head. If it's a look you're after.
  14. HairLossMentor

    FUE - Dr.Rahal

    p.s. I've seen great results from Koray, Feriduni, Lorenzo, Lupanzula, too. p.p.s. Dr. Rahal and Koray, Feriduni, Lorenzo, Lupanzula share FUE tips all the time. If you're comparing Rahal's FUE years ago to now... you need to learn how technically the procedure has advanced. Donor management... punch size... magnification... keep... wow... sharp... dull. Let's talk technical. Lets have a debate. But let's also stick to the facts. p.p.p.s no shills allowed
  15. HairLossMentor

    FUE - Dr.Rahal

    Sorry guys. But a couple of unhappy patients does not mean majority of results are not great. It doesn't not work like that. Especially from years back. I know first hand that most are... the majority are happy. Having been a repair patient myself (and the clinic leaving me dry), I know the difference between a doc who stands by his patients vs. a doc who does not. ... and that's my point. Not only does Rahal stand by his patients. His FUE is among the best. Every A+ clinic will have some unhappy patients. Meaning the clinic will do everything right and the patient will still not get the results he/she hopes for. ... that's a fact. Not up for debate. If you're not willing to accept that fact. Don't get a hair transplant. Period. How about this? I'll pay $10,000 to any clinic who comes forward and says they get it right 100% of time time. Consistent: that's the keyword here. What's important is this... how did the clinic handle the patients concerns. In Dr. Rahal's case, amazing well. The patient is always right, be it a refund or touch-up. Does not matter. It's the patient that counts. But to say that Rahal's FUE is not among the best is a lie - when the majority of patients are happy. I can back this up with results. Lots of happy patients. Again a fact. I'll go a step further... for hairlines, Dr. Rahal is #1. For FUE, he is by far the best in North America. I have some picks in Turkey, too. Why do I say the above? I base this on 1) my results (compared to my previous HT), and 2) having seem 100's of FUE results in person. Now if you want to debate "technical" - why you should choose one over another. Let's debate. I'm up for.