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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 10 years
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    Maintain Existing Hair
    I'm here for support

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    Dr. Hussain Rahal
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    Propecia (Finasteride)
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  1. @Shifty Nizoral is what's usually recommended and that's 2% - and you only need to use 2x week. Usually 1% is a mixture, shampoo for example - and ok for daily use. To save money, I go with the 2%, since you can use it less. As with anything...you need to be consistent. Hope this helps.
  2. @Shifty Love the routine...only feedback I have is to keep it simple...so it's part of your daily routine. Keeping it simple is key. Maybe even start with one...make sure your consistent...and move on to the next. Here's what I do... Propecia Rogaoine 2x (morning/night) Nizoral It's called the big 3...and combined they work really well. As always, speak to your famly doc before taking.
  3. @Shifty Here is what I get. It's cheaper and 2%... Nizoral® Ketoconazole 2% Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
  4. Great stuff...and you only need to use 2x weeks. The active medication is Ketoconazole, an antifungal. Some studies suggest it's actually just as effective as Rogaine (Google Rogaine/Nizoral). Combine with Rogaine and Propecia and it's a home run. Rogaine for blood flow, Nizoral for inflammation and Propecia for DHT. As always, check with your doc before starting.
  5. HairLossMentor

    3 month mark

    @TrixGlendevon You're 100% at the end of the ugly ducking stage, meaning it won't get any worse. It's a long road man. But worth it in the end. Here if you have any questions.
  6. HairLossMentor

    3 month mark

    @TrixGlendevon You will start to question the procedure and compare where you're at to everyone else. Except for the redness, don't expect anything at this stage.... I mean that literally. You can't start to guess the outcome (note guess) until 6 months.
  7. @Shifty That's my point man...It has not stopped. The only time it will stop is when you're 6-feet under Though It "should" slow as you age. Bottom line...you have an aggressive pattern. Most guys with your ethnic ethic background end up a class 4-5. But you're showing signs of a class 6...so the only thing we don't know is how bad it's going to get. What triggered the shitty gene...could be stress...who knows. But you're in a war man...and the only way to win the war is a combo of meds/ht...a ht will just win the battle...but you will lose the war down the road. And then you're screwed. Make sense? Just want to make sure you're going into this with all the info...so you can make the right decision. You can do this...but it's a life long commitment.
  8. Hey Shifty, 3200 - 3500 will cover half your head...but not the crown. You will need another 2000 for the crown and it's still going to be thin. Maybe look into smp. What concerns me if your hair loss pattern. Your sides are starting to thin And when they go...you're in trouble. If you're aggressive with meds to slow/stop things...and understand you will need 2 additional procedures minimum, you should be able to achieve the hairline you're after...maybe a little more recession (depending on your temple points). Great you're on fin...and derma roller...I assume rogaine with the roller? Vitamins are great for hair health only. Won't help slow things. Bottom line... you can achieve what you're after man. But it's going to be a lifestyle change. If you take the leap...look at every angle. Especially with your pattern. It's not a one-shot deal.
  9. Hey Shifty... this depends. Can you post some pics of the type of result you're after. "Decent coverage" is open to interpretation. I can give some feedback then.
  10. p.s forgot to mention...be very careful when docs recommend fut+fue combo...especially with your hair loss pattern. Couple of issues: 1) you're hair loss will progress...and it's possible the scar will show through the hair. Sure you can get smp. But don't 100% bank of a fine scar. 2) It's not true you can get more grafts via a combo...maybe on a class 3 (who is guaranteed never to lose more hair) you can harvest to to the max with strip...then outside the safe zone...but this does not apply to you. You have a limited donor supply/area...and your donor area will shrink...your sides will drop. So any ethical doctor will plan for this...and only harvest from your future pattern. It's either fut or fue. The only danger if that you might go with an inexperienced fue doc and damage your donor supply.
  11. Hey Corbyn... can you post some photos of you wearing your system. You have a result in mind...and you're asking us if you can achieve this result...without showing us what you want to achieve. You wearing your system will tell a story You have a few things against you...advanced hair loss pattern, high contrast between hair and scalp. Most likely (based on your ethnic background) average donor supply. Though your hair characteristics make up for it...a little. If (and it's based on your expectations) you're a candidate...you're looking at a very mature hairline and thinning crown. Maybe smp is as option to thicken things up. In your case, look for a doctor who can manage your donor supply. Look for transection rate (partial and full), plus punch size. You need to cover a lot of area and every graft counts-more so than a class 3-4. I'm not concerned about motorized vs manual (or doctor vs. technician) - but 100% avoid ARTAS, neo-graft. Hope this helps.
  12. HairLossMentor

    FUE 2700 Grafts (want your opinion)

    Hey Shmiggy, that's an easy one. The only doctor you should be considering in Toronto is Dr. Rahal. All others are cosmetic doctors (jack of all trades, master of none)...part-time hair transplant hacks...or strip docs who produce just "ok" results...not butchered...but not great.
  13. Hey man. Hold off on the hair transplant for now. Give meds a shot and see where you're at in 12 months. You dont know if you will end up like you dad. You have an agressive hair loss pattern. Not a good sign at your age. If you were 30's, 40's it would be a diff story, donor looks good, hair characteristics, etc. But too many unknowns at 22. Sucks man. I get it. But getting a HT at your age (and pattern) is just too risky. Shave your head, maybe look into smp and speak to your doc about getting on meds.
  14. HairLossMentor

    FUE 2700 Grafts (want your opinion)

    Hey bigmike84, I know you don't want to hear this man - but looks like a failure in my opinion. Sadly we are seeing more of this, mainly due to part-time hair transplant docs. There are a lot of them in Toronto. Yes it's too early to judge the "final" result. But there are things to look for. Keep in mind that you can fix this. But that doesn't mean jumping into the chair again. You can either get a second HT to increase the density and coverage. Or say screw it and shave your head. You can smp your fue scars and laser skin resurface the recipient area, plus dermaroller. Both are options man. Just keep that in mind. I actually shaved my head and lasered the pluggy grafts after my failed HT. You can look like you did prior and put this behind you. I'm proof. In the end, I decided to get another HT years later though. If the clinic is decent, they will refund you. It's the right thing to do. Ask me any questions man. Private PM or here. I've been in your shoes and happy to share my experience.