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  1. Hi guys, I am 31, Norwood 3 mainly receding hairline and temples and I have contacted both Rahal and Hasson for a quote. They have provided a very similar quote: FUE 2200. I have made extensive research on hairloss forums and reviewed past experiences and I am actually torn between these 2 great professionals. The main criterias being: - artistic frontline design - adequate density - precise temple closure - natural results Based on my research I have a slight preference for Rahal’s but not confident enough to make a proper choice PLEASE can you share your experience or opinion on this tricky topic, that would be more than valuable at this point of my research. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi guys, I have made a lot of research on this website and on others and finally got to the best of the best surgeons based on videos, pictures, reviews, experiences.. For a bit of background, I am 31, Norwood 3 and looking for a surgeon who would combine: - natural but agressive hairline design - max density level based on donor area and futur hair loss progression - artistic temple closure So the final list I got to is: Konior, Hasson, Rahal. Who is the best for you and why ? thanks !
  3. Hi all, I am 31 Norwood 3 and have been taking finasteride (propecia 1mg a day) for 10 years which has slowed the progress of my hair loss. It has been 2 years now that my hair loss has accelerated despite religiously taking propecia every day so I am considering to buy rogaine foam and apply every night to limit the inconvenience of the treatment. What do you think about rogaine? Is it really working on slowing/stopping hair loss? I am also worried about the shedding resulting from the minox. How long does it last and is it happening 100% of the time? Finally, I had a first consultation with Dr Bisanga who prescribed me the minox pill version. But right after leaving his office I checked on the net and it is really not recommended because of the myriad of side effects. Has anyone tried or is under this specific treatment? thanks
  4. Hi guys, I am 32 and it’s been 10 years that I am taking finasteride 1mg/day. It used to work and slow my hair loss but the effect seemed to be less effective since a few years. I was considering to use minox 5% in association but I am quite reluctant because of: constraints of the treatment, shading phase. Do you think it is worth it ? Is it effectively working on receiding hairlines ? I am also considering laser helmets/PRP. Any feedbacks ? Any thoughts ? thanks
  5. Hi guys, I am Norwood 3 and I am strongly considering to do a FUE procedure with a top surgeon to restore my frontal hairline. As all of you are aware , finding the best surgeon for this specific piece of work can be tricky and I really want the best of the best as it is a lifetime surgery. Honestly I am ready to pay as much as it takes so money is not the issue. Does anyone know who is/are the best surgeons in the US who combines perfect angle closure, detailed designed of frontal hairline and adequate volume ?? Also I live in London, and I am considering the US because I have always been convinced that they are the best in term of HTS specifically for FUE. Do you agree ? Or is there any surgeon as qualified in Europe ? thanks in advance