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  1. Fantastic. Nice comprehensive review with photos starting from the start right up to the 5 month mark. Look forward to your 6 month update.
  2. I did a consult with him at the end of last year for a similar graft count and while he was happy to go along with FUE (my choice) he pointed out several of the benefits (including cost) of FUT. It was clear he preferred FUT but was happy to accommodate me. I didn't submit a video though.
  3. It only improved growth up to a certain point and then it stopped, no matter how many times you applied it. So it was a lot of hassle for minimal gain. To be honest I have thought about trying again. By the way it completely removes any dandruff which is nice, I've noticed coconut oil does that as well.
  4. Yes I've tried it and yes I had some positive results. I tried it 2-3 times a week for about 9 months. It seems to heat the scalp up and stimulate blood flow, at least that's how it felt to me. I had some hair growth all over the scalp, however it wasn't a miracle cure. Even though I could see a difference I doubt anyone else did. I noticed there were many new smalls hairs that would grow, yet only a certain percentage of them would go the full distance. After stopping the application, all progress was gone within 3-4 weeks.
  5. It's always interesting to see threads where you can see results many years later, rather than just up until 12 months after a procedure. On the one hand the transplant still looks great, however there is obviously some noticeable loss, particularly in the crown area, but really all over all as well. Considering the procedure was only 4 years ago is this considered normal? What will it look like in another 5-6 years? You said the last 2 years was the most stressful time of your life so I'm assuming that has played a part in the loss. But how much?
  6. It's great to see updates so many years later. I've often wondered what the results are like further down the track.
  7. What about the transplant you had 7 years ago, what % would you say you have retained since then? Is it normal to experience some loss of transplanted hairs with time? To be honest your current photos (from the front) look almost identical to the ones you took in the months just after the procedure.
  8. I would prefer to have it done in one go. But Ill look at Dr Lorenzo all the same, thanks
  9. HI everyone. I've been lurking on the site off and on since 2014. Back then I decided on a particular surgeon but then I noticed a lot of their results were suddenly subpar so I backed off. I then decided to go with another surgeon, and even had the online consultation done, but then they also started to get some subpar results, so I backed away from them as well. So now I want some advice of who to go with. Im 40 years old, NW5 and was told with my previous online consultation I would need need 5000 grafts and that I had around 6500-7000 in the donor area. My preference is FUE. I contacted Ha
  10. Of course you would go back to the same place that screwed things up since you want to get what you originally paid for. It's like paying a mechanic to fix your car and he does a bad job, you go back and get him to complete the job you have already paid for. Plus I imagine the second time round the surgeon will make you their top priority since they don't want it continue any further.
  11. Am I missing something... I can't see Dr. Radha Rani on the interactive map.
  12. I noticed Dr. Radha often puts makes indentations along the hairline (it's not perfectly straight), is this to give a more natural looking hairline? What about if the hair is cut very short will this look jagged and unnatural or will it be fine once the implants have matured? Im asking as I plan on visiting her in the future.
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