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  1. Any pictures up close of your actual transplanted hair? Can’t really see in mirror selfies taken a foot away
  2. How long should you wait before using tanning beds? I’m 4 month post op and wearing a hat at the moment on tanning beds to stop the rays going on my head even though I have original hair covering it
  3. 4 month update left side is lagging a bit compared to right, hoping will even out at 6 months
  4. Well he does seem to able to get more grafts than most on a regular basis.
  5. Yeah density could be better, bit too see through considering it’s dry and styled well there. 6-12 months can see it thickening up a lot so still some improvement to come.
  6. No, I want to see the whole area and styled. Not just the obvious bad part brushed apart.
  7. My hair loss was like yours, why don’t you just grow your hair out then have a partial shave? Soon as my back and sides grew back a bit I got it blended in and was looking normal within 3 weeks.
  8. Thanks. Will definitely keep updating this month by month till 12 months as so many people seem to disappear and not finish showing us the final results. I do have very dense hair in the donor, Dr. Koray noticed when having a look and hairdressers have always commented on it too. Im confident it’ll turn out well too and I have realistic expectations, I know I’ll still have to style it well for it to look good, but it’ll be much easier than pre op and give me more styling options which I’m looking forward to.
  9. Why you keep parting the hair like that? And always that side?
  10. Yeah you always show that one area so assuming that’s the worse area so if you’re brushing the worst area apart it’s gonna look bad.
  11. All looks fine. I had loads of the white stuff too, just dead skin I think, pain as gets stuck in your hair. Think a lot of people worry too much about rubbing when washing too hard.
  12. Nice. Pretty much same amount of grafts and design as me. I’m only on month two though.
  13. Looks good! I think the thickening and maturing of the hairs will help it look denser, got to remember it’ll never be as dense as a non transplanted area. Massive improvement from where you came from regardless.
  14. ^^ agreed, which is why I laugh when some people part their transplanted hair and complian about it, never gonna look like someone who’s been blessed by the hair gods