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  1. Nice. Pretty much same amount of grafts and design as me. I’m only on month two though.
  2. Looks good! I think the thickening and maturing of the hairs will help it look denser, got to remember it’ll never be as dense as a non transplanted area. Massive improvement from where you came from regardless.
  3. Similar to mine. Looks good.
  4. ^^ agreed, which is why I laugh when some people part their transplanted hair and complian about it, never gonna look like someone who’s been blessed by the hair gods
  5. I’m not anxious. I’ve seen poor results from pretty much every dr.
  6. Yeah does look gappy that. Is that where your original hair meets new hairline?
  7. I remember seeing someone who had 5000 grafts at asmed in person at 6 months and thought it looked good, but looking back that was literally the start really. So yours is good and you’re very early doors
  8. Fair enough. Seems like most drs have their techs do some of the work, of course there is dr’s who do it all themselves, but they are much more expensive and like you say don’t have a 100% success rate either. I’m pretty sure a member off here got offered a touch up for free from asmed actually. Not many will give you a warranty in writing.
  9. Staying away cause of one sub par result? Who’s to say it’s just not payam’s hair/body responding well? Better stay away from all HT doctors as none have 100% success rate.
  10. nb98


    Completely unshaven? Or partially? I just had my back and sides shaven then blended it in 12 days after
  11. I don’t think it was his hairline that won his wife over. Try his bank balance 😉
  12. It’s pretty obvious every Dr seems to have some bad results, I love Rahal’s hairlines, but I’ve seen a few bad ones from him. I think people forget not every responds to everything especially HTs the same. Some people just have poor genetics which are going to play a big part in recovery and growth. I’m a avid gym goer and you always see people who respond much better to diet and exercise than others, same is going to happen with HT. Asmed obviously has a lot more reviews and progress threads on forums, so you’re more likely to see the unlucky results online, but his success rate is still high when you actually use your brain and look at the %’s of his results. I’ve seen like 50+ asmed threads and I would say I’ve only seen 2 genuinely bad results. I like Rahal’s work but not seen as many threads by people who have work done by him probably only 10 and I’ve seen 2 bad results from him too. End of the day all these Dr’s are good at what they do, just pick the one best suited to your needs.
  13. Month two. Not a lot happening shedding stopped about 2.5 weeks ago, in the boring stage now. Hard to get a good picture with the weak hair at the front grown back.
  14. Hi all, Just had FUE at ASMED to restore and improve my headline, not going to go into detail about the whole process as its been covered many times on here, although I believe i was one of the first to experience their HT at ASMED's new building and was very impressive in both size and luxury. So i was originally suggested 2800-300 grafts via email, but during the consultation with Dr Koray when he drew the hairline on himself he sugguested 3200 and adding some temple work which i agreed to. so some stats and pictures below: total grafts:3235 hair/graft: 2.21 singles: 518 doubles: 1650 triple: 938 quadruple: 127 quintuple: 2 sextuplet: 0
  15. A hat on a date? Hope you’re going somewhere casual ha. This is the reason I had a partial shave so I wouldn’t become a hermit
  16. Haha you’re a brave man going on dates so soon after a HT
  17. I’m sorry but just using half of your head as a donor blows my mind
  18. Not even hit the 2 month mark yet unfortunately. I went Asmed as I saw a family member have unbelievable results from his HT so I’m pretty confident in mine turning out good too.
  19. I went Asmed with very similar hairline and plan as you. I ended up with 3200 grafts, but I had few temple grafts done. Dieps donors after would put me off him personally
  20. Looks great at the moment, but I think even at 6 months will look even better
  21. Have notice diep donor’s always looked butchered after, big holes and very red. Also the hairline finishes near your ear on one side and further back on the other? Hopefully will all look good when healed and grown in
  22. Gotta say Asmed did a great job at going right back to my existing hairline so I don’t have any sort of gap
  23. Just coming up to the 1 month mark so here is my update. Again taken with flash, the shed is in full force