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  1. Looking good, hope the patio turns out as good 😉
  2. You look right on track my friend, next few months will produce a flourish of new hair.
  3. Looking good nb98, looks quality work. Loving the temple points. 😁
  4. Hi Deb, Yes really pleased thanks. Your write up was one of the main reasons I chose ASMED as you know. The new facility is simply stunning and i'm sure you will be impressed. Say hi to Sema for me 😉. Not sure why you're going again as your hair looks amazing, but the very best of luck.
  5. Looking good NB. You should get a great result. Grafts look to be packed very densely. 👌
  6. Hi Guys, Just a quick update. I'm now at 13.5 months almost post Op. I'm still finding improvement each month. Mostly the improvement is in hair calibre. Sorry no pictures, will try and provide some ASAP. I need a good haircut to be honest. I was lucky enough to be in Istanbul recently and called to see the team at Asmed. Dr Koray checked my hair and was happy with progress. We did agree I could do with another 1000 or so grafts in the crown, and he suggested addressing this via a long hair fue transplant, also probably a few hundred in both temple areas. I will give it till I'm 18 months before I decide on any further surgery. I've stopped with the Fin due to sides, so the weakness in the crown is probably down to losing further original hair. A little Toppic covers in seconds, so no real issue. I was lucky enough to be shown around the new facility at Asmed. It is amazing, really hi tec with the feel of a five start hotel. The place is huge. Everything is brand new and absolutely top quality. Whilst there I met up with all the old faces including Sema & Suzanne who were amazing as always. Also spoke to a couple of the Techs who were on my surgery. Some on here will no doubt say its Asmed turning more into a factory to push through more patients. I would suggest its reinvestment to give clients better care, support and ultimately a better result. Also worth noting Asmed have changed their post care pack slightly. ATP spray only used now up to the first wash - which is better and the foam has changed to more cream like application, which is used prior to the wash.
  7. All looks normal and on track. Try not to worry about shock loss, it should recover. Prepare to batten down the hatches for the next 3 months. Month 4 is usually the time when the magic starts. You should get a great result with 5000 grafts. Good luck with your progress.
  8. Hi Deb, I was in Instanbul recently and called for a check up at Asmed's new facility. The place is amazing. Feels like a five star hotel. It has a similar feel to the old place, but is so much larger. It was as you would expect absolutely spotless and pristine. Nice to see they are reinvesting for the benefit and care of existing and new clients. Good luck with your next adventure, keep us updated.
  9. Absolutely fabulous result, takes 10 years off you Luke. This is one of the best transformations I have seen. Still another 6 months plus to improve also.
  10. I'm 100% happy with my ASMED HT, and I consider my procedure a complete success. I'm very sorry for you and really hope your situation is resolved very soon.
  11. Hi Wheretogo, I just use a small spot of gel after washing and that's it normally. Have used hairspray, sprayed on to a brush and brushed through. This gives a fuller look and gives a nice shine.
  12. Ben, I really have no issue showing the hairline or any other aspects of the hair. I had full input into its design and I’m 100% happy with its shape / contour. I did think it was slightly low after the grafts were placed, but trusted the Dr that it would look good, I think it’s just right. As soon as I can get my hands on a decent camera, I will take some updated pics. The hair looks ok wet, obviously with 50% or less original density it’s never going to look like it once did. Only time my hair gets wet is when im washing it, so no worries there. 3 months, nearing the end of ugly stage. Over the next couple of months, the magic will start. Hope you get a fabulous result.
  13. Hi Guys thanks for the comments. I will try and get some better resolution photos posted, together with it brushed forward and scrapped back. I may come across as Pro Asmed, I'm not - just trying to give honest feedback. Ben, I will be honest the hairline does contain a few doubles, but it really doesn't bother me one bit. As I've said previously the general public are mostly unaware of grafts having multiple hairs (my experience anyway). I'm wearing my hair to one side so the hairline is no really visible. I can honestly say that my hair looks as good as it did 25 years ago, when I was in my mid 20's, obviously when styled correctly
  14. H Hi guys, apologies - not been on the forum for a while, been busy with other commitments. Just thought I would chuck a few pictures in there as I see a lot of criticism has been aimed at Asmed recently - (most unjustified in my opinion)I will do a full update on 26/10/18, which marks my 12 months since the Op. Judge for yourselves, I still think I will see further improvements. All I would add is, a HT is an illusion not a miracle. Those who think they are getting back what they had at 18 will be disappointed. Any comments welcome on my progress. Hi guys, well its been a year since my HT with Asmed in Turkey. What a year it's been, all ups and no downs regarding the hair. I wanted to voice a few observations on the HT game, note observations not criticisms. Anyone considering a HT must accept it's an illusion, you will never get the hair back you once had. You actually will probably end up with less hair than pre Op. The hair looks best with a quality cut cut, correct styling. It can also be made to look less flattering by doing the opposite. Please please please wait the full 12 months before announcing that the HT is a failure, I personally expect further improvement in mine for another 6 months. It amazes me how people compare themselves to others, we are all different with so many variables., focus on yourself and don't panic if someone else seems further ahead. I also think some people on the forum have fallen into the trap body builders can fall into. I.e. Looking in the mirror and only seeing faults, when 99.9999% of people would say they would die for that body builders body. I think I've had a really good result so far, I would have taken it 12 months ago. I would like more density and my crown could do with maybe 500 grafts dropping in, but all in all I'm content. I would not have changed a thing other than maybe having the additional grafts placed in the crown. I think the hairline is age appropriate as is the temple recession. Yes there's a few doubles in the hairline, but ha ho who gives a f**k. Most people don't even know the difference between grafts and hairs ( few on here as well). Asmed has been getting a lot of criticism lately, personally feel it's the snowball effect. When I was researching another clinic was getting the same, they are hardly mentioned now. I can't fault Asmed, the work, care, price and result were great. I'm happy and that's all that matters. Anyway, will update again at 18 months. Good luck to all of you guys in the process of researching, booking or recovering from a HT. few pics enclosed, I need a haircut so bad!
  15. Dr Koray does draw the hairline on at the consultation. He asks for your opinion and input. Prior to the HT, the hairline is again drawn on and all his team (in my case) and again he asks for your input. I've read people moaning their highline is too low / high, well peeps you have to open that thing called a mouth and tell the surgeon before he starts extracting. When Dr Koray drew my highline on, I thought it was too low initially. I had 18 hours to reflect prior to the Op. When it was redrawn prior to the Op, I still had the time to make changes. At the end of the day, the Dr does this everyday and I trusted his knowledge and experience.