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  1. Asmed charge 2.5 euro per graft. That includes hotel, transfers, food at the clinic and all the after operation care package.
  2. Great progress so far - for only four months. Worst part is over. Sit back and watch them hairs sprout. You will be amazed how things will improve over only a few weeks. Over the moon for you, hope you stay on track.
  3. Hi Guys, I'm currently 8.5 months and was just wondering what other members thought on a percentage basis its likely to have further improvements with regard to - New hairs appearing Improved density Improved hair calibre I know we are all different and a 'one size doesn't fit all'. Was just looking for a ball park figure. I would say I'm about average progress wise so far. Appreciate any feedback.
  4. As others have stated, its a 12 to 18 month journey. Its not wise to compare yourself to others, however its human nature I guess. I'm at 8.5 months and find I have surges here and there. Just relax and chill out, I've read so many similar accounts - then hey presto at 12 months all has come good.
  5. I stick by original post. End of discussion.
  6. This is a sales pitch and should be removed.
  7. Join the club on 'hair greed' Luke
  8. 8 month update. Hi Guys, well it was 8 months on 26th June - but due to the site being updated was unable to post. I'm not going to post any pics, just give a brief update. I will update fully on Month 9 with pics. Progress has again been slow but steady this month. I have started to grow the hair on top, keeping short at the sides. The hair again is improving in thickness and texture and I still have thin hairs appearing. As advised last month, density is not where I would like it to be. if I could achieve another 25% improvement, I would be very happy. Can anyone advise if a 25% improvement from Month 8 to 12/18 months is achievable on average? I really happy with my hairline, really pleased with Dr Koray's artistry in this area. Crown is still weak, but improving. I used a little topic last week as was going to a social function. and this made such a difference. I only had to use a little, rather than the bucket full I used previously. All in all, happy with where I am. When I look back at Pre Op pictures, the difference is staggering, my daughter commentated the other day that I look at least 10 years younger with the new look.
  9. Sorry to hear of your poor result. Clear message here for all those peeps considering a HT > research - research and research more!
  10. Hi Markee, lol, not sure everyone would agree with you on that one . Try and find time to do some sight seeing in Cyprus, its very cultured. You will feel right at home, great Greek / Cypriot/ English culture. I will be doing my 8 month update tomorrow. Things are going well, density still needs to improve, but very pleased with hairline. Crown is still weak, but this is usually the last area to fill out. I have been deliberately keeping a low profile since the HT, but the family and friends I have met recently have taken a second look when meeting. Most ask if I have lost weight, which is funny as I've actually put weight on. I think that tells a story in itself. Keep us updated pal.
  11. Hi Markee, Glad to hear you have had positive feedback and your adventure will soon be starting. The clinic you have chosen always seems to turn out great results. You will be fine in Cyprus, its a beautiful place, people are friendly and most speak English really well.
  12. Just remember these are the results at 6 months, still another 6 to 12 months to mature and improve. I bet the patient is very happy so far.
  13. Hi Art, Your donor looks great, considering the amount of grafts taken. Dr Koray and his team are fantastic at this aspect of the process. One of my main reasons for choosing Asmed was the way they manage and harvest the donor area. To the untrained eye, no one would know what you have had done. Bit of criticism on here recently regarding Asmed's hairline design, number of grafts used and multi hairs in hairlines. My thoughts are that all are welcome to their opinions and we all have different expectations, but surely no one can criticise the donor management provided by Asmed. Had a little chuckle to myself at your hairline picture (laughing at myself not you I might add), I remember so well being there around the middle of December last year and thinking what I have done to myself :eek:. Hang on in there my friend, I'm sure you will have an awesome result.