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  1. Day 9. Pretty much scab free and everything seems good, just itchy donor occasionally which is probably cause it’s healing up. Pictures after shower with flash
  2. Thanks, I’m confident it will too having seen asmed’s results in person and they were brilliant.
  3. 1. 28 2. Yeah all in one day, was a long day for sure 3. Can’t remember exactly, was like 9,500 4. Stayed at the hotel, literally round the corner
  4. Looks great in person too 😉
  5. No idea. Yeah it even felt weird lying on my shaved head even before i had anything done as I’ve had lots of hair there for so long
  6. Good stuff. I had my op 5 days after you and I was in the new building, so you were very close
  7. How long did you wait before sorting out the awful bowl cut they give you? I’m currently still wearing the haircut they gave me, think I might wait till all the scabs have gone before doing so
  8. Hi all, Just had FUE at ASMED to restore and improve my headline, not going to go into detail about the whole process as its been covered many times on here, although I believe i was one of the first to experience their HT at ASMED's new building and was very impressive in both size and luxury. So i was originally suggested 2800-300 grafts via email, but during the consultation with Dr Koray when he drew the hairline on himself he sugguested 3200 and adding some temple work which i agreed to. so some stats and pictures below: total grafts:3235 hair/graft: 2.21 singles: 518 doubles: 1650 triple: 938 quadruple: 127 quintuple: 2 sextuplet: 0