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  1. A hat on a date? Hope you’re going somewhere casual ha. This is the reason I had a partial shave so I wouldn’t become a hermit
  2. Haha you’re a brave man going on dates so soon after a HT
  3. I’m sorry but just using half of your head as a donor blows my mind
  4. Not even hit the 2 month mark yet unfortunately. I went Asmed as I saw a family member have unbelievable results from his HT so I’m pretty confident in mine turning out good too.
  5. I went Asmed with very similar hairline and plan as you. I ended up with 3200 grafts, but I had few temple grafts done. Dieps donors after would put me off him personally
  6. Looks great at the moment, but I think even at 6 months will look even better
  7. Have notice diep donor’s always looked butchered after, big holes and very red. Also the hairline finishes near your ear on one side and further back on the other? Hopefully will all look good when healed and grown in
  8. Gotta say Asmed did a great job at going right back to my existing hairline so I don’t have any sort of gap
  9. Just coming up to the 1 month mark so here is my update. Again taken with flash, the shed is in full force
  10. Day 9. Pretty much scab free and everything seems good, just itchy donor occasionally which is probably cause it’s healing up. Pictures after shower with flash
  11. Thanks, I’m confident it will too having seen asmed’s results in person and they were brilliant.
  12. 1. 28 2. Yeah all in one day, was a long day for sure 3. Can’t remember exactly, was like 9,500 4. Stayed at the hotel, literally round the corner