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  1. If I was you I would definitely give it a shot. Asmed’s donors always look great after no matter how many grafts you’ve used up so at least you know they won’t ruin your donor.
  2. Ever seen two lads go to the gym and do same routine and often look very different... genetics.. your 1st HT had poor yield too, something else to remember
  3. I definitely believe this is down to the patient’s genetics not asmed
  4. In car selfie with hair swept to show hairline
  5. Same as mine, just need some length and thickness now
  6. 6 month update. Nothing major this month I don’t think, little disappointed with the density of the left side considering how well the right has turned out, but still looks good when pulled up or blended into existing hair.
  7. Any pictures up close of your actual transplanted hair? Can’t really see in mirror selfies taken a foot away