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  1. My question is should you do this if you had a transplant.
  2. He should be concerned about a linear scar. I had 4k grafts done by hasson seven years ago and 80% have now fallen out. Who knows why that happened, but we don't talk much about grafts falling out over time. If that happens and you have a depleted donor and the only option is to cut hair really short, you are left with the bad decision for everyone to see. with his results now, he should forget about a HT.
  3. I reviewed their price quotes that you linked and I think the premium service and highest price has him involved 100%. They seem to have three price structures which dictates their percent of involvement.
  4. I thought that Dr. Pradeep would do 100% of the extractions. I was a little surprised to see that he was involved in only 30% of the extractions. Why is this? Harin...Do you remember if Dr. Arika was involved in 100% of your extractions?
  5. I 500 beard hairs implanted just behind front hairline. I can assure you that most of the hair have grown. Other users such as hairin on here also have had great yield. Look on Dr. Umars site of the young man who had beard hairs used to restore his hair. Where have you seen that the yield is not that great with beard hair. Is this just anecdotal or known? I have seen numerous cases where people have achieved incredible results with beard hair. Can you give science behind the less yield you are referring to?
  6. Where have you seen that the yield is not that great with beard hair. Is this just anecdotal or known? I have seen numerous cases where people have achieved incredible results with beard hair. Can you give science behind the less yield you are referring to?
  7. I have seen the numbers in regards to safe harvest. I was wondering of a more personalized number considering my own density. How far down the neck can you go to harvest grafts or are grafts taken generally only under the jawline.
  8. When you mean clearer, are you meaning focus? I thought this photo caught everything under the jawline.
  9. Just a question on how many grafts can be taken from my beard. If there are any surgeons that want to chime in, I would love to hear your opinions.
  10. 3.5 months ago I went to Dr. Bhatti for a combination head, beard, and chest hair FUE. I can only comment on my results thus far, but as of now I am happy with the results and hoping there are more to come. This point has already been alluded to by Shera and I will reiterate. You can take the best surgeon in the world in his/her respective specialty and see outcomes that did not match the initial expectations. It is the nature of medicine. There are no guarantees with any medical procedure. Why would any reputable transplant surgeon give money back to customers because the outcome was subpar? We are talking about something that is subjective and hard to quantify. I am not trying to reduce the OP's concerns, but for the degree of hair loss and the amount of grafts harvested you can't expect it to be a one and done type of procedure. When I went to Dr. Bhatti, I was already planning the next procedure in my head because I knew my ultimate goal and I was realistic in what was needed to achieve it. The OP talks about grafts growing straight up in a "kinky" fashion. What does the original poster think that beard hair is going to do? It is not going to lay perfect like head hair. Over time it will be less obvious, but that takes patience. Also, I read where the original poster said that they can take all of his beard hair because he doesn't like shaving. From my understanding, that is the opposite sentiment that he should have. He would actually be better served growing out his beard to hide any possible scarring, even if minimal. I think I had approximately 700 beard grafts harvested and I can tell you, without a doubt, the majority are growing like a chia pet. I plan on getting at the very least 700 more harvested. The spot where Dr. Bhatti took the grafts shows a very slight thinner appearance than the other portions of my beard and there is no way you would ever notice if I didn't tell you to look. Overall, I am very happy with how Dr. Bhatti treated me and will definitely be going back to him in the future. In fact, my year month mark will be in October and hope that I can have my 2nd procedure with Dr. Bhatti at that time. I came to the discussion forum to search for something that can control an itchy scalp. I purchased generic Scalpicin and started applying it yesterday. I wanted to make sure this was not going to compromise results. I clicked on the patient results section and this was the first thread I saw and I felt compelled to write. If all my grafts stopped growing tomorrow, there is no way I would ever ask for a refund because I understand the high variability from person to person to any cosmetic procedure, especially something so particular of graft harvesting and transplantation. We aren't discussing breast augmentations. We are talking about a highly meticulous procedure with an unmeasurable amount of variables, including patient post-op care, that can determine the quality of the outcome. The thought of creating perfect results for everyone that undergoes a hair transplant is unrealistic and will never happen, regardless of the surgeon. We should all be thankful of surgeons like Dr. Bhatti willing to explore possibilities like using beard and chest hair at a very reasonable price. For that, I am grateful and may the outcome of my results rest on the chemistry of my DNA. Please excuse any grammatical errors. I don't have time to proof read.
  11. Damian I had the same issue with no response. I will forward my email to you for consultation with BHR clinic. Let me know if you need anything else from me after you view the email Best Regards.
  12. I agree man. I asked a straight forward question and no answers at all.