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  1. Yes , finax 1mg Daily at night time to stop further hair fall of non transplanted hair and Minoxidil 5% for growth of new hair , by this we can get gain in hair density.
  2. Hi , This is vinay and Completed Six Months 10 days and Posting the results of mine. 60% of hair came and Doctors @ Eugenix said remaining 40% will be expected in next two or three months.
  3. Hi , this is Vinay. I had completed two months post surgery @ Eugenix , Mumbai. At present my transplanted hair almost falled and some hair remaining. I observed some hair is growing. I will share my pics after the completion of four months because the result of transplanted hair will be start in end of fourth month or fifth month based on Individual Persons. The support from Eugenix is marvellous regarding post hair transplant surgery queries. I highly recommend Eugenix for Hair Loss and androgenic alopecia.
  4. Eugenix Hair Sciences is the best hair transplant centre in India. I was suffering with hair loss from 5 years. My Surgery was done by Dr Arika Bansal, Dr Priya Darshini and their experienced technicians team at Eugenix Hair Transplant Centre , Mumbai on 22nd and 23rd October 2018. The way of treating patients at Eugenix Hair Sciences was marvellous by Dr Arika Mam, Dr Pradeep Sethi Sir , Dr Priya Darshini , Dr Abhinav as well as Eugenix doctors , Medical Counsellor Vrushali @ Mumbai Centre along with their experienced technicians and remaining staff. I will share more about my transplant res
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