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  1. I am expecting same too @LeftHook that density continue to pick up from here.Considering it has been only five months this is what i was expecting so i am satisfied with my HT journey so far. Will keep you guys posted. Thanks for your kind words.
  2. I am glad my post inspired you. I hope it inspired many others and they make informed decision. HT is very emotional decision for lot of people and if it goes wrong we end up regretting and feeling helpless that is why proper research is very important.
  3. Thanks for the kind words @Melvin-Moderator . I am prepared to wait for another 2-3 months and then I will judge my results. I am doing my bit to keep my post up to date with my progress. Hope my results will help other patients in their research.
  4. Thanks for your comment. I can still feel that some hair is still growing when i run my fingers over my head. I think in next two months we will know exactly how it is going to turn out. So far i am happy with the progress but i am hoping for better density in coming months. Numbness is settling down but i wouldn't say it is completely gone yet. When are you getting your HT done ?
  5. Day 148 (2 days short of 5 months) No comments only pics. I have tried to take pics from as close as possible.
  6. Hi Paddy, Yes crown area is improved due to finax, regaine and multivitamin s I am taking. Regarding numbness doctors has asked me to wait for one more month
  7. Day 140 (4 months 20 days) updates Apologies first of all due to my work commitment I was not able to update my thread. I have received few PM I have tried to answer as many as possible. If I have missed yours then ask your question here I will be happy to share my experience with eugenix. Some of you who has my number feel free to call me if you have any question I will be happy to answer. I have gone through this process and I understand how difficult it is now a days to find surgeons you can trust due to this fake marketing. Few words about Dr Pradeep Sethi. My results are not 100% because it has been only four and half months so I will reserve my comment s about his work for few more months. So far I am happy with the growth and hoping to see more improvement in next few months.I must say Dr Pradeep Sethi is amazing man he is patients doctors. He is best in this field and master in hair line design that is why I have chosen him and so far I am glad I have been proven right behind the scene Dr Arika Bansal makes sure their team is properly trained and they follow all the procedure when it comes to HT. She understands that this is life changing procedure for patients. I think they both compliment each other really well. Anyways back to my progress. I still have some numbness In frontal part of my head. I need to speak to doctor about this when this will be gone completely. Density is improving day by day and hopefully in next 3 months i will have full coverage.Other then that everything is going normal.I let you guys comment and provide your feedback. Please find my latest pics attached
  8. In north India you have Dr Pradeep Sethi and Dr bhatti. I would suggest do your research properly meet and talk with their past patient's and then finalize your surgeon. I had my surgery with Dr Sethi you can check my progress on my post. This is going to be very important decision of your life so if you have any doubt don't choose that surgeon and also don't limit your search to north India. Just go with the best.good luck
  9. I thought for bald patients results are more important then the name of the business.