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  1. Hello Guys, Time for my one month update. Shedding has been started since last week but still not lost all my transplanted hair. I have heard from other people shedding will continue for one more month so i am expecting by next month i might lose all my transplanted hair.Not looking forward to that but i guess this is the part of the Journey. Please find my one month pics attached.
  2. I went with option 1 and i would recommend all the members who are considering dr pradeep sethi\ dr arika bansal just for your peace of mind. Both doctors are very dedicated & committed to their work they don't compromise in quality but as you might know in India you have to think about people who are on tight budget and that is why they have different packages.
  3. @LeftHook sure mate. If you are in London and work in central then we will meet up for coffee sometime. If you are interested in meeting doctor then feel free to PM him. He is coming to london on 14th June.
  4. @Kevin20 i think @DXB001 has answered your questions. If you still have doubts go to my thread i have covered everything in detail
  5. you have absolutely nailed it @JayLDD. I can't agree with you more on this topic. One thing i will add for all the members who are looking for surgeons shortlist your doctors follow their work for at least 6 to 12 to see what kind of results doctors are producing talk to patients who had surgery done at least 3-4 and then go with full confidence for your surgery without thinking twice. Always remember to speak to the doctors and get everything clarified prior to the surgery.
  6. Yes @Rawkerboi i am not looking forward to the shedding phase. My current hair style looks lot better then before.
  7. Day 16 Back of my head. Hardly noticeable that i had anything done. Remarkable recovery. I am hoping it will get even better by Monday. I am back to work from next Monday. Lets see if someone notices that i had HT done.
  8. Your understanding is absolutely correct only difference in option 2 is upto 20%. IMO you should go with option 1. Dr Sethi or Dr Bansal they are supremly talented. I will repeat again you should do your full research only choose your surgeon when you have full confidence in them. Hairline design, placement of grafts and extraction should be three key factors you should consider before choosing your surgeon. Compare lot of results from different doctors and then make your final decision.
  9. This is my 15the day pic before and after head wash.Going out with my friends without cap. So far only comments i got. Why did you trim your hair? I responded by saying because its hot in India. So far work looks clean to me and nobody has commented if i had HT DONE
  10. That is the best thing about Eugenix @paddyirishman They always listen to their patients feedback and Dr Pradeep Sethi makes sure there's is no delay in implementing those suggestions given by their patients. In my post i have mentioned lot of things where i have told dr sethi that some members have raised concerns about your pricing, involvement of senior doctors in surgery and he made sure all those concerns gets clarified by publishing missing information on their website straightaway. After spending some time with Dr sethi and his team i have realised one thing they just don't want to make money they want to become best in the world. I am confident they will achieve that very soon.