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  1. There is no doubt Eugenix is by far the best in the industry at the present moment. The good thing about them is their doctors are constantly trying to upgrade their skills by visiting other well known surgeons of the world.
  2. Hello folks, I took this pic of my hairline 2 weeks ago. I have completed my one year just thought to share it with you all. Not expecting too much growth from this point. I am really happy that i have choosen dr Sethi and dr bansal for my surgery. I can't thank enough both doctors and Eugenix team for the service and hospitality they have provided. Keep up the good work guys.i have no doubt that eugenix will be number one in few years within HT restoration industry. My hairline now. My hairline on the day of surgery
  3. Hi Guys, I just wanted to provide quick update on my progress. Here is 11 and half month pics I took from close angle of my hair line. This will give you good idea about hair line density. Overall I am very happy with my result and I have achieved what I wanted from my first HT. Very grateful to dr arika bansal and dr Pradeep Sethi. I am still in touch with both doctors never felt like I went to unknown place to get my HT done. One advice to all the people who are still researching never choose the place just by seeing few pics on their website.talk to their past patients of the doctor and once you are confident then just trust your choice and go ahead. You will never regret.
  4. Hello @Min12 Sorry I have missed your post.Here is my donor area after 11 and half months. I took this pic today.
  5. Hey @Melvin-Moderator, This is absolutely right choice.I had my own surgery from Dr Pradeep \ Dr Arika and i am very happy with my results. I have already shared my experience here along with my pics.In my opinion both are genius in Hair Restoration field. Their dedication and commitment is unmatchable. Results they are producing on consistent basis is remarkable and what I like about both of them that they are still very keen to improve their skills and technique. Good luck to both doctors and i must also appreciate your commitment towards community by introducing best doctors of the world. So patient like us have more options to choose from. Regards
  6. Hi guys, This is my 9 and half months result. I am going to post my donor area pics this weekend.
  7. Great write up @Looking for HT I liked the point you have covered about pain. People need to understand there is always some sort of pain if procedure is surgical it is never painless. I am sure You will have great results.good luck.
  8. Hello All, So here I am with my 240 days (8 month's) update. Apologies for not updating my post last month.I just want to share my great experience I had with Dr Pradeep Sethi & Dr Arika Bansal. I am happy with my result and progress so far. Grafts implanted in my frontal area has grown completely. I can see small bald patches in my crown area which is not noticeable at the moment even in the pics I took from very close distance. I am planning to live with this for next few years at least and then get it fixed. Doctors didnt target that area and I had no grafts implanted in my mid scalp area. Overall I am happy with my results and progress. I am not hoping too much growth from here onwards but I will still update my post every month for next few months. I have received many questions about my experience with Dr Pradeep Sethi & Dr Arika Bansal only thing I can say about them is that both of them are amazing personalitu who really cares about their patient's. They looks after their patient's and don't leave them on their own after surgery they stay connected with patients and create life long relationship. If you are still researching and don't know who is the right surgeon for your HT just trust Dr Sethi & Dr Bansal and go ahead.Dr sethi and Dr bansal keeps his clinic up to date with latest tools and train their technicians regularly. They have team working for them for 10 years.Both doctors in my opinion are excellent they regularly attend conferences to keep up with any latest innovation happening within hair restoration field both are keen learner's and want to improve their skills in their respective fields. I am here to help this community and I will do my best to answers as many questions as possible. Feel free to inbox me. I have researched for 14 years before finalizing Dr Sethi and I can proudly say I have made the right choice. Regards,
  9. to be honest paddy. My donor area looks untouched even after doctors have extracted 3700 grafts. Even with short hair nobody can tell i had any hair removed from back of my head.
  10. Hi @paddyirishman Yes I have completed 6 months yesterday. I am uploading some pics which I took yesterday. Density has improved in last one month. I would give 2 more months to judge my final result because I don't see there will be too much improvement after 8 months. So far happy with my progress. Other experts can judge my progress and give their feedback. I have tried my best to take pics from all the angles and as close as possible.
  11. I am expecting same too @LeftHook that density continue to pick up from here.Considering it has been only five months this is what i was expecting so i am satisfied with my HT journey so far. Will keep you guys posted. Thanks for your kind words.
  12. I am glad my post inspired you. I hope it inspired many others and they make informed decision. HT is very emotional decision for lot of people and if it goes wrong we end up regretting and feeling helpless that is why proper research is very important.