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  1. this is excellent result doc.. It would be good to see pics straight after procedure in your future posts.
  2. very natural looking hairline ...
  3. Keep evolving your technique @DrPradeep . I am following your work on this forum and on youtube videos from last two year. I have not made up my mind yet in fact i have been researching since last 17 years. So god knows when i will make up my mind but whatever i decide to do i will keep this forum up to date as this forum has been great help me in preserving my hair till now with the help of medicines.
  4. @DrPradeep and @Dr Arika Bansal you both are producing solid results since you both have been recommended on this forum. Personally i am very impressed with the quality of the work your clinic is doing. Please keep them coming. It's really heartening to see clinic from india is producing results which is same standard as some of the surgeons from outside india produces. I just hope you don't stop showcasing your art and skills in front of this community. Good luck
  5. ahmedabad_guy

    Dr Bhatti Vs Eugenix

    Hello Mate, I am also same boat as you. I had same concern as you and i have spoken to Dr Pradeep Sethi and Dr Arika Bansal both. They have assured me they do get involved in 50 % of surgery by themselves, designing and making all the slits, and remaining 50 %, extraction and plantation is done by other doctors and technician and i think this the case with all the surgeons. I haven't had surgery with them myself but i am in process of finalizing with my HT surgeon. Well having said that i am in process of finalizing my surgeon since last 15 years. It is life changing decision so one has to think carefully. Regards,
  6. your results are impressive considering it has only been four months since your surgery. Happy Growing !!
  7. congratulations to both doctors. Thanks @Bill - Managing Publisher We look forward to have many more results from these two doctors IMO they are both great surgeons.
  8. I have seen several results from both these doctors on this forum posted by patients and then i have checked their website and you tube video and it seems like they are producing solid results. I was thinking to consider them for my own surgery but i was never able to made my mind up. It's great to see bill and his team are finding excellent surgeons within India. It's good to have few options. I am impressed with some of the examples they have presented. @Mick50 i have seen some results on their you tube where they have patients from Canada and USA giving their feedback about doctors. Please watch you can also ask clinic to provide examples of their work they have done on non-Asian patients. It is yes from me as well..
  9. so far work looks very neat and good. Lets see how it turns out to be in next few months. please keep this community up to date.
  10. ahmedabad_guy


    At 5 month mark results are impressive but it would be good to see more pics from different angle pre and post operation.
  11. ahmedabad_guy

    failure and the success

    can you please post your pics for other members to make some judgement ?
  12. @highflier: One thing i must say your scar work looks very clean same as Dr path's work. I am following Dr path's work since last two years. Experts can correct me if i am wrong. I hope you have great result of your HT.
  13. @highflier: One thing i must say your scar work looks very clean same as Dr path's work. I am following Dr path's work since last two years. Experts can correct me if i am wrong. I hope you have great result of your HT.
  14. dude, How much per graft dr path charge ? I have consulted him one year back and he said if i get 2000 grafts then it will be 85 bht per graft. Is it still same ? i am considering him may be in six months time i will schedule it with him.. Please response. Thanks,
  15. to all, Guys thanks for your advise about Dr bisanga. I am still in the process of finalizing which doctor i will choose fro my ht. Does anyone what are his charges ?