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  1. Thank you for your suggestion. I've contacted Dr. Path and sent him my photos. Is there any doctor that is known for BHTs? I have a very full beard and would use all of it if possible(I hate shaving and have no interest in growing a beard). I've come across Dr. Mohebi and Dr. Vories so far but I want to make sure not to make my situation any worse and have a destroyed face to go along with my destroyed donor area.
  2. I have only been in contact with California, Dr. Bhatti's associate in the US and he told me he will be in contact with Dr. Bhatti regarding my request but I have not heard back. However, I know Dr. Bhatti closely follows this forum and has seen my thread. I believe that if Dr. Bhatti had checked the placement of the grafts after noticing my bleeding my results would have been better than they are. Now I'm worried I am stuck with an unnatural look forever since my donor area looks completely depleted.
  3. Right now I am very skeptical to go back to Dr. Bhatti since my results the first time were so poor and my donor area is all but depleted. From here it looks like all I can do is BHT. Luckily I have a very thick beard that goes all the way to my neck and have no interest in ever growing it out so I'd be willing to use as many beard grafts as are available. I'm waiting to see more results from Dr. Nader on here that are not Tom Forrester. If they are as impressive as his I will probably go with him. Otherwise I will go with Vories and spend the extra money to have a quality American doctor. The donor area looks pretty bad I just pray that I have enough left to fix this mess. If I cut my hair #2 or shorter its pretty obvious. This really sucks because the whole point of getting FUE was so I could cut my hair short. I should also mention that immediately following my surgery when I went back to change into my clothes I bent over to tie my shoes and when I came out the assistant pointed out that there was blood dripping from my grafts. I asked Dr. Bhatti if he should check to see if they were ok because nobody told me I shouldn't bend over and he assured me the grafts would be fine. Looking back I have no doubt this contributed to the lack of results.
  4. I've accepted that the results of my procedure are pretty subpar and probably won't be getting any better. I have been in contact with Dr. Bhatti's associate and requested a partial refund that I could use towards a second procedure with another doctor but this request was denied. This is really disappointing as I did a lot of research before deciding on Dr. Bhatti and it was a pretty stressful experience flying all the way to India and back. I've basically lost 30%-50% of my available grafts, about $5000 and a year of my life. The few grafts that have grown are growing out like pubic hair with a strange wirey texture that stands straight up. Hopefully they don't stay that way. I'm now looking into a second procedure with another doctor. Currently I'm living in SE Asia so if anyone can recommend a good doctor in Asia I would be very appreciative. However I do not want to repeat the same mistake as last time and get terrible results because I tried to save some money. Some doctors I have been considering are Dr. Luis Nader since he is close to the US and has built a good reputation with good prices, Dr. Path in Thailand and Dr. Vories in SC.
  5. Hi butchcoolidge,like you I had a FUE with Dr. Bhatti. My procedure was just a few days over a year ago and my results are very similar to yours. I have a very thin frontal area where the outline of the original hairline is obvious as well as the crown. Dr. Bhatti had assured me that one procedure would be enough but I've come to accept that will not likely be the case. I'm planning on scheduling a 2nd procedure in the fall when the sun is less of a concern. I like to keep my hair very short, #1 or #2 buzz all around but in our current state I found buzzing #2 on the sides and about an inch or 2 on top seems to give at least an OK appearance. @Bill , You said you had 4 procedures before you were completely satisfied. How many grafts was that total? When I look at my donor areas on the sides of my head where the hairs were extracted(3665 grafts) it has a moth eaten appearance making me worried that another procedure will completely deplete the remaining grafts.
  6. The crown is similar to the front. I'll post an update at 12 months after the hair has grown out again. Thanks for the support and optimism as always Shera. You're right although progress is slow it's at least continuous. I came home for Christmas and my father who saw me at the 4 months stage noticed a big difference even though it was less obvious to me. Mick, thanks that's encouraging to hear. I've read cases of improvements even beyond 18 months such as this (link removed by moderator). Best of luck to you as well. It doesn't do us any good to be cynical.
  7. I was afraid of that. I will wait until 18 months and if still not seeing any improvements plan for a second procedure and most certainly with another surgeon. I agree for the number of grafts used I expected better coverage than this. If I look close at my scalp the distance between the grafts is huge. For now I will grow the top out a bit longer as it seems to at least camouflage the thinness. I typically keep the sides at a #2 guard.
  8. Here are photos taken between months 9 and 10. It seems lighting and length makes a big difference. However as you can see when I cut my hair short there are areas that look very sparse especially in the front center. Can I still hope for more growth or should I accept that this is what I am left with? I have to say at this point I am less than happy.
  9. Hi guys. Here is the 7 month update. Aside from the hair getting a bit longer I don't know if there has been any improvement. I haven't noticed any new growth and there are still noticeable gaps of no hair between the new and old hairlines.
  10. Thanks everyone for the replies and encouragement. I should probably also mention that I am not taking Minoxidil. I have taken it in the past and while it did regrew a lot of hair it gave me some other side effects like my face bloating and skin looking old and wrinkly. Hopefully this plays at least a little into the part that I'm about 3 months behind Shera's amazing 6 months results. I will take Shera's advice and try using baby oil on my scalp and see if that helps. I was however taking the Finasteride and biotin for the six months but I have never responded well to Finasteride.
  11. Hi folks. I'm at 6.5 months now. These photos were taken at 6 months. Clearly there is some growth now but if I'm being honest I was hoping for better results at this point. There is a strange pattern where there is a gap between the original hairline and the edge of the newly formed hairline. I'm really hoping this fills in. The crown does not seem to be growing as well as the front. The donor area is still very obvious as well. Up until 5 months I had been buzzing my hair to a #1 guard. I have since been growing it out since then. I'm starting to panic because when I look at other posts from people at the 6 month period their results seem much better than mine.
  12. Thought I'd post a 2 month update. Cosmetically not much to report but some grafts are indeed starting to grow. Prior to cutting my hair to a #1 guard a few of them were as long as 1/2 inch. I've noticed the numbness of the donor area has almost completely gone away. The recipient area sometimes feels numb and sometimes has a strange tingling feeling. I'm hoping month 3 will have some more visible improvements.
  13. Wow, recipient area looks fantastic for such a short time! Congrats.
  14. Thanks for the encouragement Dave. It's going to be a rough couple of months for sure. I'm just going to focus on working out and eating well in the meantime. @thewalker10 - I was explicitly told I would have complete coverage with good density prior to my procedure and it would take anywhere from 3500 - 4000 grafts to accomplish that. I received somewhere in the middle on the lower end of that scale. At this point I am still expecting full coverage since that is what I was told. I'm a bit skeptical looking at the crown post op pics but after reading Shera's post I'm going to keep my faith. I can't tell you whether to go with FUE or FUT at this time but I did meet a guy at Dr. Bhatti's office that had a procedure about a year ago who had brought his friends to have a consultation and his results were amazing. Very dense and natural looking.