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  1. this is a great result, is the reason this was achieved with such a small number of grafts due to the fact it was only to bring the hairline down and you didn't have to encroach into his existing hairline because that was also thinning, so is it an illusion of density created by the pre-op hairline?
  2. Nice result. Is there any toppik or anything else in your hair in the last photo you posted?
  3. Kiwi Guy

    My Hair Loss Journey

    Great result overall, congrats. Do you do PRP or have you had any micro-pigmentation done?
  4. Sadly the thing is that so many of us have to weigh up cost as one of the main factors in choosing a HT clinic/ surgeon because the best of the best (Konior etc) are so highly priced and in the real world a high percentage of us cannot afford to go with these guys. I understand in the ideal situation price wouldn't matter, but it's also unrealistic to think it doesn't. It really comes down to what you can live with.
  5. Kiwi Guy

    Removing grafts via FUE

    yes, from the research i am doing there is cases where the grafts can be re-harvested and used again.
  6. As i go through my journey to find a HT surgeon I am less and less likely to go with Asmed after just so many cases of people being unhappy. I see the apologists sticking up for the work they do but the results speak for themselves.
  7. I'm also interested to find out what punch size he used? Please enlighten us and congrats on a great result.
  8. why do you ignore every post from someone asking for detailed pics of pre op? It's as though you just want to complain but you don't want us to have an accurate gauge on where you started and how far you've come.
  9. it looks good at this stage i think mate, hang in there and remember this is the ugly duckling phase.
  10. Hi guys, So I'm looking into doing some PRP treatment to help stabilize the shedding before I make the final decision as to who to go with for a HT. Being that I live all the way in NZ it is a treatment that is only really available for skin rejuvenation and the like, I have found a few places that do it for hair loss as well but I doubt they perform it on a regular basis which concerns me. My question is - does anyone have detailed information of what to look for as it pertains to PRP injections? Things such as how fast the blood is supposed to be spun and how many treatments you will need etc... Any help would be much appreciated gents.
  11. let's see some photo's bro... usually at 4 months the growth is only beginning.
  12. this is looking good artofeden, congratulations, i hope it keeps improving to where you want it to be.
  13. Fair points, thank you for sharing your experience.
  14. Hi Deb, congratulations on your original result with Erdogan the first go around... question, are you at all concerned about all the mix reviews he has had since you had your first op? It seems as though he has had some new techs come on and the results have been a lot more hit and miss then just a few years ago.