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  1. Kiwi Guy

    FUE on grey hair

    Good question, one Ive never seen on here before.
  2. do you have any pictures of your donor pre and post op?
  3. thanks for the response shifty, so this has regrown dormant hairs or just strengthened existing ones?
  4. what was it you've thrown at your hair to get it to grow back?
  5. Bro honestly, you don't need a touch up... when the hair is sitting naturally and you don't have it distressed and pulled back it looks really good, be grateful for what you have.
  6. looking forward to seeing the end result of this, looking good so far man.
  7. any update on this one?
  8. Kiwi Guy

    5236 grafts FUE Dr. Nader

    No need at all for an apology, details is what those of us trying to decide on who to go with actually need, much appreciated : )
  9. Bro your scar is barely noticeable based on the pics provided, who was your surgeon?
  10. Hey man, I'm from NZ and was originally looking at procedures closer to home such as in Aus but in all honesty I have not seen a single result from an Australian or New Zealand HT surgeon that is worth noting. Your best bet for a quality result is to look further abroad.
  11. Some solid advice in this thread to the original poster, however all this extra shit with other people coming in and hijacking his thread with their own questions re doctors none of us have heard of is bullshit... make your own thread and let this poster have his.
  12. Kiwi Guy

    Spotting miniaturization

    Going to a clinic with all the necessary tools is important I think. The best in the business have the high magnification microscopes and also magnifiers on their foreheads during the operation so they can extract the best grafts, I'd say this is especially so during an FUE with the top surgeons.
  13. Oh I agree with the original poster when it comes to shedding once you've had an op', you want those to shed so the growing can begin.
  14. I'm not just talking about the shedding phase when you've had a hair transplant, I never specifically said that. Even before you've had a transplant, this becomes an issue because otherwise you wouldn't need the HT in the first place. Even when your hair is slowly falling out and just progressively becoming more noticeable etc.
  15. Anyone find a productive regime of supps etc to slow it down? Minox' works in cycles but sometimes it even seems counterproductive due to prolonged use and Fin' starts losing efficacy after the same thing. Huge proponent for both due to them putting up a good fight for a sustained period at least.