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  1. Hang in there man, do not let this take you down, the way I see it you have a partner and you have a good beard so you don't need to be out there searching for females or anything, worst case scenario is you grow the beard out, get some scalp micropigmentation and shave your head to look like you have that short haired strong beard look. Get the micropigmentation to help disguise the HT scar and rock out bro. Don't let the vanity shit destroy your life... be strong.
  2. Starting to look good mate, wait until it grows in around the 9 month mark, I bet it looks full!
  3. Is he still doing all the extractions, incisions an placements by himself or is he using techs now? If he is doing all that by himself in his mid 60s he's a beast!
  4. Hey bro, yeah trust me this is normal, I remember when I first started on fin the hair loss slowed down, I have been using it consistently for the last 6 years and my hair is consistently falling out, it's a depressing feeling, knowing something works like fin but also knowing it doesn't stay as effective as it once was the longer you choose to use it, the body adapts to it and fights back at it with more force, so you are taking generic fin right? So was I, just recently switched to DUT to see if it halts the hair fall, have you ever thought of going on name brand fin/ propecia? I've read that the name brand version can be more effective... also a lot more expensive though. Hang in there mate.
  5. Awesome mate... I hope it goes great for you! The one thing that worries me about Konior is his age, like anything wouldn't someone become less skilled and tire out quicker as they get older? Maybe I'm wrong
  6. Mate good luck on your procedure, keep us posted, I'm interested in going to him as well.
  7. Cost wise Erdogan seems to be the best bang for your buck but it also sounds like he runs his clinic like a factory, 5+ hair transplants a day and if you have a good look at his results posted from patients on here, it's a mixed bag and thus he has his supporters and his naysayers. The proof is in the pudding, the common argument for proponents of his is that all surgeons have their average to poor results, yet I find it hard to spot any bad results posted by patients or the clinics of surgeons like Konior and Hasson and Wong etc. You tend to get what you pay for in this industry, much like many others. Do your research thoroughly like I am and when one seems to fit your criteria go for it I say... I'm close to making my decision, the info is out there, don't let those with vested interests in particular clinics or those with axes to grind because of a poor result or unrealistic expectations sway you from what is right in front of you often times.
  8. From what I've seen Konior is the leader in hair restoration. The recent results he has posted of his FUE work looks so clean and meticulously done that you cannot argue against it. The only two negatives with him are the long waiting list, it's something like a year + at the moment and also the cost, he charges a lot. Rahal seems to be really good with hairlines and FUT especially but I have seen mixed results with his FUE's recently. Erdogan has some good results but also the most mixed results of the ones you've listed that I know of though he has the most results also posted on this site so that means there is a larger sample size as well. Dogonay I can't speak on as I haven't paid much attention to him. Good luck with your search mate, I've been doing mine for 6 months and it's still ongoing, it's such a big decision.
  9. Thank you for all of the updates, it's that type of information that is invaluable for all of us on this forum, appreciate it bro. I think everything is looking on point, Dr Diep gets great results and you will be in for one from the pics I believe. In terms of his donors, they always concern me, it's the whole transection thing I cannot get past. Yes his results are good but I worry it's ignoring the need for subsequent HT's for patients in the future. With an FUT/FUT/FUE mix you can get up to three or four good quality HTs, with two Diep FUE's I would be highly concerned that you couldnt afford another full HT just based on how sparse the donor would be after two, but that's just going off visual evidence on these websites.
  10. Kiwi Guy

    Advice Needed: Hairline Maintenance

    You have a thick, dense head of hair sitting beyond the initial line of hair loss, a hair transplant of 1500 to 2k grafts I bet would do absolute wonders for you bro, and if you keep your hair long on the sides like that you could easily have an FUT over an FUE so to get a better transection rate and better graft quality and it will cost less. Best option in my opinion.
  11. See a doctor, don't let that fester and get worse, it'll leave a horribly large scar if you do, nip it on the butt early.
  12. Kiwi Guy

    FUE Scarring - Small Procedure

    Good point, however I also feel like some of these clinics are to blame for that because they really do sell you on these near perfect transplants that seem to completely restore your hairline when in reality these results are very few and far between and the truth lies some where in the middle.
  13. Kiwi Guy

    Fue dr gabel 1500-1600 grafts

    Can you post a picture of you with how your hair is currently without you pulling the hair back and stressing the area just to see how your hairline is naturally sitting and whatnot? It looks like your temples have definitely been filled in but based on the natural density of your native hair and the safe amount of hairs per cm2 a reputable surgeon like Dr Gabel can do it's not out of question that it wouldn't be visible under harsh lighting or when wet... also are you on fin to stop further hair loss?
  14. Kiwi Guy

    FUE Scarring - Small Procedure

    yeah this is true too... I'm learning from you guys that you really need to weigh up how much you actually require a hair transplant.
  15. Kiwi Guy

    FUE Scarring - Small Procedure

    You could always look at getting scalp micropigmentation onto the scarring after you've healed to further hide the FUE dots if you really wanted to go to a zero guard. I don't know how effective it would be but it's a way of seen people camouflage the work they've had.