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  1. Wow this is a great result so far, it's good to see a solid result from Rahal, do you remember the name of the techs involved? Also, how involved was Dr Rahal himself? Also do you have pics of your donor area right after the transplant and int he proceeding months?
  2. Can anyone provide an example of hair restoration for a man with this particular persons level of diffuse thinning and hair loss? Honestly I haven't seen any but I could be wrong, have you looked at scalp micropigmentation?
  3. Keep up the good work Dr, we need this level of transparency and insight from ethical top surgeons, thank you.
  4. Thank you for sharing your journey mate, it's great and making a difference, it's good to see a red head show his experience with a hair transplant, keep it going!
  5. If you use your beard hairs for grafts that are placed on your head via FUE will it leave visible scars on your jawline and chin? I once read that area heals differently and the scar might not be visible at all... anyone know much about this?
  6. Based on your pattern of hair loss, quite frankly yes you should, at the very least you should start on finasteride to see if it can help slow your loss and possibly strengthen up the hair you still have.
  7. Kiwi Guy

    Should you Choose FUE or FUT?

    Without a shadow of a doubt mate, you and Bill keep this place up to scratch and relevant constantly. People come here to be informed and not only you but plenty of the other knowledgeable members really do lend their expertise to help those who are struggling with this issue, it doesn't go amiss at all. When a forum can have world leaders in a particular subject interact with their members (e.g all the great HT surgeons we have that come on here and interact with us plebs by answering our questions and lending their advice and expertise) it shows just how important of a tool it is for both patient and surgeon. Yes it's a business and most of us get that but for all of us men it's personal more than anything... this particular community should be quite proud actually.
  8. Hi there, Most of this seems to come down to personal preference but in my opinion... Manual FUE is the best option of the two Definitely not robotic Density measures like a surgeon measuring the thickness of the caliber of your hair is so that they can work out what level of coverage you will achieve based on your hairs characteristics How do you judge the skill level of a surgeon? Results my friend, results. Look at as many examples of hair transplants as you can, good results and bad, list your top surgeons and narrow it down based on how often you see a solid to strong result that you would wish them to replicate based on your own hair loss pattern and goals.
  9. Kiwi Guy

    Should you Choose FUE or FUT?

    Killed it man, informative, professional and honest, keep it up.
  10. Hey bro, fellow NZ native here too, good luck on your decision, I've been doing a lot of research trying to find the right doc to do my hair transplant with as well, I know quite a bit about each of the top ones at this point due to the research, if you want any info just PM on here. In terms of the surgeons you stated, both a very well renowned... have you had online consultations with both clinics? Also has the FIN stabilized your hair fall? If not, just based on that alone and knowing your family history I would suggest going with FUT as it is known to produce a better yield of grafts, leaves the donor in better condition for future procedures and also because it is a significant amount cheaper than FUE.
  11. That makes sense, facial hair and hair on your head are vastly different so it probably isn't the best idea other than for the purposes you mentioned. Cheers boys.
  12. No that's fair bobble, you don't have to risk doing that, at the end of the day he's on my list of surgeons so when I send my emails I'll get to know the cost at that point, thank you for the info.
  13. Oh ok, very well hidden... usually clinics charge more for unshaven procedures... how much was it per graft?
  14. Oh so you had an unshaven FUT... did this cost more? Thank you answering the questions by the way, I really appreciate it.
  15. Hey mate, good luck with the growth! The work looks really clean and that speaks volumes for Dr Cooley's reputation, you chose a good one, any photos of the donor area/ scar? Did Dr Cooley do all the extractions and implantation's himself or does he use X amount of techs?
  16. I think what Laser stated is very accurate, remember the crown always needs more grafts to cover the area adequately, have you found that the PRP has worked in any way?
  17. Hey Jhonny why can't you just pay in Canadian dollars? It works out cheaper from what I've seen. I know if you're from the States H&W charge you in USD but surely if you're from this side of the world (Aus, NZ) you would be able to travel over and pay in Canadian.
  18. Great result for this patient! Do you happen to have photos of this patients hairline before either of the two procedures? I'm assuming the before and after in these pics, say the very first one for example, is post first HT on the left and post second HT on the right.
  19. What Melvin said, those are the most renowned where you are based and considered two of the best HT clinics/ surgeons in the world. Do your research first, there is plenty to be found on both of those choices on this forum. Things to consider as you research are - do you prefer FUT or FUE (largely upto how you wear your hair), from your own eye test who has the best and most LEGITIMATE results and what are your realistic expectations as opposed to your dream results because from what my research suggests there is sometimes a disconnect between these two for a HT patient and this can cause issues post transplant. Enjoy your search bro.
  20. Thanks for the clarification bro, oh that's good of the doc to be as honest as that, the reason I asked you that specifically is my hair and type of thinning is almost identical to yours so was wondering on the logistics of your surgery.
  21. Definitely a valuable asset for those new to the HT world.
  22. Hey mate, good luck on the growing, the work looks really clean and precise which is always a good sign, most of us know that background well enough to say you went to a good Dr, either one of them lol. My question is... is that really 4k grafts or is it 4k hairs so around 2k grafts? It just doesn't look like the usual 4k graft type HT's I've seen in other threads. 4K usually covers a lot more of the scalp if I'm not mistaken. Maybe Melvin or one of the other experts can clarify this.
  23. oh yes Mycroft you are right, it was a 1.5mm dermaroller in the study.