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    FUE on grey hair

    Good question, one Ive never seen on here before.
  2. do you have any pictures of your donor pre and post op?
  3. thanks for the response shifty, so this has regrown dormant hairs or just strengthened existing ones?
  4. what was it you've thrown at your hair to get it to grow back?
  5. Bro honestly, you don't need a touch up... when the hair is sitting naturally and you don't have it distressed and pulled back it looks really good, be grateful for what you have.
  6. looking forward to seeing the end result of this, looking good so far man.
  7. Anyone find a productive regime of supps etc to slow it down? Minox' works in cycles but sometimes it even seems counterproductive due to prolonged use and Fin' starts losing efficacy after the same thing. Huge proponent for both due to them putting up a good fight for a sustained period at least.
  8. any update on this one?
  9. Kiwi Guy

    5236 grafts FUE Dr. Nader

    No need at all for an apology, details is what those of us trying to decide on who to go with actually need, much appreciated : )
  10. Bro your scar is barely noticeable based on the pics provided, who was your surgeon?
  11. Hey man, I'm from NZ and was originally looking at procedures closer to home such as in Aus but in all honesty I have not seen a single result from an Australian or New Zealand HT surgeon that is worth noting. Your best bet for a quality result is to look further abroad.
  12. Some solid advice in this thread to the original poster, however all this extra shit with other people coming in and hijacking his thread with their own questions re doctors none of us have heard of is bullshit... make your own thread and let this poster have his.
  13. Kiwi Guy

    Spotting miniaturization

    Going to a clinic with all the necessary tools is important I think. The best in the business have the high magnification microscopes and also magnifiers on their foreheads during the operation so they can extract the best grafts, I'd say this is especially so during an FUE with the top surgeons.
  14. Oh I agree with the original poster when it comes to shedding once you've had an op', you want those to shed so the growing can begin.
  15. I'm not just talking about the shedding phase when you've had a hair transplant, I never specifically said that. Even before you've had a transplant, this becomes an issue because otherwise you wouldn't need the HT in the first place. Even when your hair is slowly falling out and just progressively becoming more noticeable etc.
  16. Hasson and Wong, Konior, Rahal, Diep, Gabel and Shapiro bro, especially if money is not an issue. Also depends on the whole FUE vs FUT thing due to some being good at one over the other.
  17. Have you narrowed down the surgeons you are interested in?
  18. Kiwi Guy

    5236 grafts FUE Dr. Nader

    for that many grafts that scar is really fine, good work by path earlier.
  19. Matt is right in regards to a lot of the hair looking weak but have you looked into something like PRP to try to strengthen the existing hair you have left? There seems to be no definitive studies on it but you do see good results from it on some of these sites as well. You may need to seriously consider not ruling out FUT due to your level of loss. For extensive loss such as your own people usually advocate for FUT because you get the most hairs out of it during mega sessions and the graft rate sounds slightly better than FUE. I also hate the idea of a scar but would you rather have to grow your hair a little longer but have the most hair on your head as possible or have tiny scars and a little less coverage on top? All things to weigh up.
  20. Hey man, it seems to really depend on the thickness of your native hairs and the coverage you get with them. I think if you continued to buzz cut at a 1 guard you would be able to see the dot scars if your native hairs are of average to fine density but if you had thick, curly hair it may mean a little bit better coverage, even at that short of a length. I think you have to consider the surgeon and the technique they use as well as the size of the punch they have gone with.
  21. You could always get your sides buzzed to a 2 or lower and keep the back buzzed at a 3, with the right barber they'll be able to blend the difference in to where it's barely noticeable, it really depends on how your scar heals and also the thickness of the hairs on your head.
  22. Hey man, I'm in the same boat as you, except I'm in New Zealand. I've done a lot of research the last 3 to 4 months, especially with the invaluable help from this forum and I would say there is a lot of variable to answer your question. If money were no option I'd probably go with Konior, but also are you ok with a 1 year waiting list and would you rather do FUT or FUE because some surgeons are better at one then the other. Our exchange rate for the US is crap at the moment also so that is something to consider.
  23. When that time is up can you please advise us of who the clinic is? Those of us who are starting out on our HT journey really need to know who are the good surgeons producing quality results like yours.
  24. I'm looking at the top surgeons on my list, most of which are recommended from this site, Konior, H&W, Rahal, Diep, Erdogan, and it doesn't look like any of them do beard creation or transplants. While my main concern is my receding hairline which I will be getting a HT for I am also wanting my mustache filled in and also the creation of a goatee... any of you gents know of any top surgeons that are known for this by any chance?
  25. good luck bro, i've seen your youtubes documenting this, i hope it goes better for you this time around.