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  1. you are right photos can not provide an accurate picture of what the real density is. In my case I had a face to face consultation with a coalition doc of this web site and was very disappointed when he said my donor density at the back of head was around 40. this was after 3000 FUE. Then had another consultation with DR B of BHR, he used his hand held magnifier and said my density was 85. Clearly a big discrepancy. At last decided to have a combination of FUE and FUT by DR B at BHR clinic and please with my result.
  2. Has anybody used back hair for transplant? I have plenty on my back which is straighter than my chest hair. I will need to increase density at the crown and mid scalp if donor area allows.
  3. It would be nice to see your pictures to make an accurate judgment, I have made comments about this doctor's cases before. He seems to accept the ones with low Norwood grades and not high ones. In additions, he is using lots more hair follicles for a given area than compared with other renowned HT docs. He refused my case due to my high Norwood, but I was determined to have HT and you can clearly see that I was a candidate for HT. I would advise you to contact some other HT docs, depending on your age and degree of hair loss, his recommendation about finasteride may be the only reasonable advise he has given you. best of luck
  4. Growth post 6 to 7 months is not always the case. Obviously maturing of the hair will continue. In my case following my second HT of 6700 with BHR, honestly I have not seen any major change after six months post HT.
  5. Another solid result by HDC clinic, well done and congratulations to both. I would also like to do some work on my crown and if donor area allows to increase density on the front and mid scalp. Will contact HDC clinic at the right time as currently only six months post my 3rd HT.
  6. You will need anything in the range of 10 to 12k to cover the bald area. This can be achieved if your donor has good density and you have good beard and chest hair. I was NW7 and so far had 3 HTs. In my opinion you need to consider FUT first followed by FUEs. You will certainly need at least 4 HTs to provide you with some result. I had 7k scalp hair, 2700 beard and 2500 chest hair and still quite thin on the crown. Still have another 1 to 1500 from scalp and can have 1k from beard and chest to increase the density on the crown. Discuss your case with BHR and opt for a combination of FUT and FUE plus body hair pending your budget. Eugenix is another option but they do not perform FUT. Good luck
  7. very good result and the client should be really happy. I wonder how his donor area managed to provide so many grafts and still looks untouched. What was his density in donor area?
  8. great to see such a long lasting result, keen to know if you are taking any medications?
  9. Hi greyG I had my first HT in Turkey, second one with BHR in Brussels and the third one in Georgia. Good luck with your HT
  10. Very nice write up David, we are all eager to see the latest up dates on your progress. I will also need one or two more FUEs to increase the density in my scalp using body and scalp hair. Can you clarify if Dr Ball uses motorised or non motorised device for hair extraction? Does he transplant body hair( chest/back hair) to scalp? Many thanks
  11. I have had HT including body HT with good results and not taking Finasteride. This drug is proven to stop hair loss and in some cases helped men regrow the lost hair. Fenasteride immediately Post HT to increase the success rate is unheard of, what are really important in terms of graft survival and success rate: surgeon skills in addition to his/her technician abilities time grafts left out of the body. looking after those implanted grafts to ensure they are not dislodged for the first 7-10 days. Surely others may have some more to add to this list
  12. I am surprised this guy has accepted to do your HT. He usually sticks to lower Norwood and uses a lot of hair than anyone else for a given area. When I contacted this clinic for HT, got refused and advised to consider tattooing my scalp, silly man with unprofessional advise. Wish you good result.
  13. I had my second procedure done by Dr Bisanga, he knows what he is doing and his confidence level is pretty good. I was refused FUT by two other docs recommended on this site but Dr B did it and my scar is pretty good. The only issue with him is that he tends to complete all his work and then leaves the technicians to carry out the extraction and implantation. This leads to the work taking a long time and more importantly graft time out of the body being longer. The issue that made me really disappointed with BHR clinic was that while paying the deposit, my bank managed to pay two lots of deposit which I did not realise until one month post procedure. However, at the end of my procedure they asked me to pay the outstanding balance without mentioning that they received twice the amount of deposit. It took me a while to take my money back and not even received the full amount. BHR let me down by not following my case up, currently 10months post procedure and had no follow up appointment with them. Just to be careful when paying the deposit, they are friendly and good prior to procedure, however post HT it is hard to get any reply from them.
  14. hi I had 3000 FUE to crown using beard and body hair, did it only last month and two soon to give any feedback on the result. As you mentioned, each clinic seems to claim that they are the best. However it is the final result which matters the most.