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  1. Ffx305- It is difficult to say in my case as I was off Propecia for most of last year, I have not lost anymore hair despite doing this. We have seen some very promising results and have some on our website. Like every non surgical treatment, results will vary from patient to patient but in the vast majority of cases patients saw an improvement. We have a number of cases who have continued treatment several times now over the last 2 years and are seeing really nice improvements. 826- I am a Norwood 6 with an above average sized head and a large area of coverage of grafts. Without seeing your photos I would advise you to take your time and have several in person consultations with a shortlist of recommended surgeons in the first instance.
  2. Finally and sorry for the delay here are my one year post op results of my surgery back in February 2017. To recap around 670 grafts from a mixture of scalp and beard hair were placed into the left left side of crown. As I wear my hair sweeping across from left to right, this was felt to give the best impact from such a small number of grafts into an area that if donor supply was not a problem, 3000 grafts could have been used. At first I noticed the beard hair as it grew in much coarser and was very wavy but in the last few months it seems to have softened and is now easier to style, it blends very well with the scalp hair around it. The results from such a small number of grafts have made a nice impact in this area. As for the scar, I have been able to have the confidence to have shorter haircuts which was my goal. The growth in the scar tissue has been good, it was around 150 grafts in the area shown below and around 100 into the high scar by my temple. The area around my ear was the most troublesome but this has helped hide the scar. I still feel a second pass of grafts is needed to increase the density though. When placing into scar tissue you need to place grafts at a lower density because of the blood supply to the scar is more restricted. Despite having over 9000 grafts removed from my donor it still feels ok. I have not noticed the 650 scalp hairs from my donor and I still feel that we could take more hair from certain areas above and below my scar by FUE in the future. As for the donor area under my chin, the recovery was incredible and healed so quickly. I have not noticed 274 grafts missing from here and would happily pass through this area again to extract more grafts. I only wish is that my beard hair wasn’t so white! Thanks for all your comments.
  3. You have been an asset to the forum David and will be missed for sure around here, like others I have just been too busy to post recently but intend to get back on the forum more. Good luck to you with what you are doing next.
  4. You can gently massage your forehead and apply ice like you have been doing it should disperse soon enough.
  5. There is no real evidence that the ATP has benefits after the first 7 days and is really beneficial in hydrating and providing oxygen for the grafts in the first few days post op. Our patients have a supply for 4-6 days post op so have no experience on using it for 3-4 weeks.
  6. Congratulations on your recent surgery with Dr Cooley I have been very impressed with his work and he is very serious about getting the best possible results. We have incorporated using ATP after surgery and we are seeing really good growth and recovery as a result. Look forward to following your progress.
  7. Congratulations to you and well deserved position for all your hard work with the Italian patients. I am really sorry to hear that your battle with cancer is continuing, wishing you a full recovery and all the best for the new role.
  8. I think that sounds a very solid plan if you are talking about the entire balding area being 187cm2 then that is too big an area to try to cover even with 4000 or so grafts. Unless you have really good hair characteristics with coarse hair and high groupings it is going to look quite thin. If you have accepted the need for a second surgery which most likely you are going to need then I think it makes sense to cover front and top and then deal with the crown in a second surgery. At the same time you can still add more density to areas that need it once you have seen how it looks and lived with it for a while. There is a chance that the meds might help in the crown and having a bald spot here won't bother you once the front is fixed. I have seen it a number of times where guys have left the crown untouched. In reality if you have a good experience and money is not a big concern most return for the crown.
  9. Just saw your thread as have not been active on the forums for a while. Your scalp and hair can feel drier on Propecia, my forehead was always drier from the start of taking it. I wouldn't expect to see much changes with it but if you do it will take 3-6 months to happen in general. I would expect the borders of your crown to thicken up a little but if it can hold you where you are that is a big result for you. From the back photo it looks like your crown will drop down a good few fingers width without it. Don't rule out Dr Wong he is a really talented Doctor and a very nice guy and can hit the big numbers if appropriate. David
  10. You would be in great hands with them both, if you are not able to line up consultations with them both in person are you able to fix a time to speak on the phone or video chat. That way you can get a feel for them and they for what you are hoping to achieve.
  11. HT Soon- Thanks for the message and I hope all is good with you, it's funny on the plane back from Prague from the ISHRS conference Dr Ball commented that my crown was looking improved and that we needed some take some photos. I picked up a bug and have not been in the clinic the last couple of days so will do that next week. As you have seen I have not been active on the forums just down to my workload in being day in at the clinic seeing patients rather than online, but I want that to change and be more active on here. As for how I feel about the crown I have noticed a number of spiky hairs over the months and I can tell the beard hair in the crown compared to the scalp hair. For a large crown like mine with the numbers we used I was not expecting much of a change. It is interesting that I have very curly beard hair when grown long so have been tending to keep my hair shorter than the pre op photos so a proper like for like is only possible with more growth. I also prefer it shorter now. I also stopped Propecia 4 months ago. As for the donor I have seen decent improvements here, my barber can cut my hair shorter sides and back without the same worry that I used to have. We only filled in the worst parts of my donor scars but it now looks like just a slightly reduced density area rather than scar tissue. Under my chin looks amazing I would not know I had any hairs extracted density looks unchanged and the healing was perfect. I just realised I didn't post my shaved face photos from May. I will do this now. An 8th procedure is in the planning to use some more donor scalp hair in the crown and some more beard hair in the scars and repeat PRP. Sultsay- Thanks very much, updates to come I promise. Dr Ball uses a motorised punch he is favouring Dr Devroye's hybrid punch. We have not done a huge amount of body as in chest hair but is something that we are looking into. Interesting lecture on that subject at the conference in Prague last week.
  12. Hi Grigriman, Congratulations on your second surgery with Dr Bisanga, looking forward to following your results. I am sure it is be as great as the first time. David
  13. Hey Hassler! Great write up and review of your experience, it was a pleasure to deal with you and thanks again for showing off your head after surgery to my prospective consultation candidate. You look incredible at two months. No shock of your existing hair and you appear to be well ahead of the game at this stage. What are you using on your hair to get it to grow that quickly? Please keep us all posted.