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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    In the last 10 years
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    Norwood V
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    Maintain Existing Hair
    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Dr. Jerry Cooley
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    Propecia (Finasteride)

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  1. @JayLDD sorry mate but have you seen my result to call it a poor result? I dont see any recent pictures of myself anywhere on the forum for you to even suggest it was a poor (or a good) result? Let’s not make assumptions.
  2. Dr.Cooley this is a great result. The patient must be over the moon with his results!! Excellent work!!
  3. You’re looking exactly how you should after 5 weeks buddy!! Get through the next month or so and you should start seeing some growth. Don’t worry too much about the shock loss, it will grow back (most likely in month 3 and 4). Are you taking any meds?
  4. Wow this really does look incredible!! Congratulations buddy!!
  5. Thanks buddy, yes it was exactly for that reason i added the pre-op photos. I’ve added a picture of where the grafts were added in my previous post as requested. Hope you’re seeing some more growth, the pictures you shared last week looked very promising indeed. Speaking of which when you adding your thread here? Cheers buddy, these are all photos WITHOUT any concealer. With toppik it looks even better but you would expect that. You’re right about the lighting. Under strong lighting the scalp is definitely more visible but as you said from where i was prior to surgery to now, there is a massive improvement. I’ll add some photos in my next update in strong lighting. Definitely a second pass to add more density as well as finish the crown off is on the cards at some point. I dont have any pictures of the incision but will add some in my next update. Getting pictures of the incision is not a one man job!
  6. As promised here’s some photos taken today. I was actually surprised to see the change from last few months to date. There’s been a massive massive improvement. I still want a little more filling and thickening in the mid scalp area however, that’s just me wanting more! The crown is really irritating me now and just want to get back in to the seat and get that sorted! Should pictures generally be taken when the hair is dry or wet? Also, wondering if i should comb the hair differently in the photos? I’ve added pre-op photos as well for comparison purposes. Feedback always welcome.
  7. Looking good Buzz!! I see an improvement in the appearance. I see what you mean about the thin areas, lets hope you get some growth / thickening in the next few months. Happy for you!
  8. Wow!! Buddy, this is looking awesome!! Really happy for you!! And that scar (which i know you had reservations about prior and after your procedure) looks great!!
  9. Sorry have been a bit slack with the updates. I’m currently a little over 8 months since the procedure with Dr.Cooley. I haven’t seen any new growth since the initial growth in months 4 and 5. The hairs are growing in length. I’m hoping that i get some more growth and that some of the areas (particularly in the mid scalp) fill in a little more as its still pretty see through. That said with a little bit of toppik it does give the illusion of fullness. At this stage i’m happy with where i am (you always want more!). I appreciate i had a large area which needed covering and fully realise i’ll need another procedure. I’ve attached photos which were taken last month. I’ll add some more photo to show how it looks currently, later this week. Welcome any comments.
  10. All the best buddy! I’ve seen quite a few of Dr. Arocha’s results and they look great. You’ll be just fine! Good luck!
  11. Massive change in his appearance!! Looks really good. Definitely agree with Melvin that he looks a lot younger! Great work!
  12. Don’t know about you Buzz but i already see a massive difference in how you looked post op, last month and this month!! Like me you’ve just gone past the half way mark you have a lot of good times to come! Looking good buddy!!
  13. You chose a great surgeon in Dr.Cooley. I can totally relate with how you feel particularly around the incision. Aside from a little redness at the one month stage, mine felt completely normal and pretty thin at one month. Now at 6 months i just have a small area which is still a little red but the rest has healed really well! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised in the months to come! All the best buddy!
  14. 6 Month update - Day 190 Post Procedure So I’m just a little over the half way mark post the procedure with Dr Cooley back in December. I haven’t seen much new growth since the last update. That said, when i run my fingers through the mid scalp i can still feel stubble like hair which on close inspection looks like hasn’t grown yet. Hoping these will grow and fill some of the areas which look a little sparse. The hair looks a lot fuller when dry than it does when its wet. I’m hoping the next 6 months things start to thicken up. Comparing to where i was back in December to date, i’ve seen a huge difference. Areas which were previously bald now have thin and long whispy hairs growing. I no longer have areas of the head which slope down because there is no hair growing when pushed back. Everything is looking pretty even. In fact I had a friend say “your hair is looking fuller and thicker”. Granted i still use toppik to conceal but it was good to hear. I’ve also noticed i’m using a lot less toppik in the areas where the grafts were planted. The journey thus far has been uneventful, no major issues at all considering the ordeal we have to go through and i put this down to Dr Cooley’s techniques, professionalism and his expertise. On that note both Lollie and Dr Cooley have been in touch over the last few weeks to find out how progress is going and have both been very responsive in their replies. Something which i really appreciate as a patient and especially being overseas. I look forward to seeing what the next 6 months have in store and am already thinking about the next pass to cover the crown and maybe add some density. I know its still early yet! I’ve attached some photos taken today in reasonable lighting conditions and with the hair being dry. I’ve also attached a photo of how the hair looks with some toppik in (taken last month), how the hair looked back in November with a whole load of toppik prior to the prcoedure and what my scalp looked like back in December prior to the procedure for comparison purposes. (last 3 photos). As always i welcome any feedback.
  15. 5.5 Months Post Update So i’m just a couple of weeks away from hitting the 6 months milestone. To summarise, the hairs are coming through slowly and are growing in length. The incision has never really been an issue for me and is healing really well. When i run my hand over the head i can still feel some stubble like hairs which i am hoping will come through at some stage. The left side and the back of the head is growing quicker than the right side, hoping the right side catches up. I’ve noticed that i’m applying a lot less toppik in the front / mid scalp area which is great. The crown area still takes a lot to cover. I’ve attached some photos which i took today. I’ve also attached a photo of how it looks when styled. As always, welcome any opinions / questions.