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  1. Well deserved. HTsoon is a great choice. HIs input and knowledge in the past was always with the goal of helping posters.
  2. lorenzo

    Overbearing censorship

    Hrsp People like you are very valuable to this forum. You are here because you want to help and gain nothing by doing it. I enjoy reading your post and understand your passion. Glad the misunderstand got figured out.
  3. lorenzo

    Very important to read

    No I did not get the ink tested, not sure how I would do that and if so I am sure it would be expensive. I am not familiar with anyone else that got cancer after SMP. Not sure what was in the ink, it is the same ink used by alot of SMP clinic and is supplied from Italy. Again I want to state I probably will never know what caused my cancer but I think its important to share my story.
  4. BTW I forgot to mention at Hasson and Wong we did an italian patient a few years ago that received 17500 hairs (9000 grafts). We also did another Italian last year I believe the hair count was about 16500 (8400 grafts). When a clinic makes statements first do not mean much (without a result) and are incorrect , this show a lack of knowledge or professionalism. Smoke and mirrors is a marketing style used by clinics that are trying to get you to ignore the most important aspect, the result. These type of things are red flags, telling you to research more and most likely stay away from these types of clinics.
  5. Regardless of the number of grafts results are important. I recommend anyone that considering any clinic should get as much information as possible. The best information is from actual posters that are legit and have gone to that clinic. Every clinic in the world regardless how good or bad they actually are, believe they are amongst the world best. In my opinion the best clinic usually have one office for surgery and the clinic is actually run by the transplant doctors and not by a businessman. I would never consider a clinic that is a chain and has many different locations around the world. This is not Mcdonalds and quality control is not easy to duplicate in more than one location.
  6. lorenzo

    Very important to read

    After all that I have been through I will never do SMP again. As for recommending it I would tell the truth. I would share my story and then give them my opinion about SMP. This what I believe 1) I am very happy with how my SMP looks or looked. I still have SMP and in some places, it has been there for more than 5 years, I did not think this is normal 2) If done by the right person or company SMP looks very natural and great. I have seem some photos from Marks work and it does look top notch. 3) At no fault of the tattoo artist but sometime even with the best, SMP can fade very quickly (less than a month). This has alot more to do with the person than the SMP company. Again I am talking about top SMP companies. I have enclosed some picture after I lost my hair during my second fight with cancer. All there is on my head is SMP, the side were done more than three years before the top was done a few time , last time I believe 10 month earlier. I will tell you a funny story. I was seeing my radiologist shortly after these photos to discuss my full body radiation. She told me your hair looks very thick but I have to tell you that it may not come back that thick. She did not know I had lost all my hair with chemo and all she was seeing was SMP.
  7. lorenzo

    Very important to read

    Thanks I agree. http://www.cbc.ca/news/health/tattoo-health-1.4288837 interesting article. Tattoo ink has been known to leak into lymph node as the picture shows. There could be many reasons for this but this is a possibility. It is not known if this causes cancer or not. There is no need to me to discuss this more since I have already shared my views and story.
  8. lorenzo

    Very important to read

    MarkWestonHair Mark I do not have an financial gain or loss sharing my story. Just to let you know I have a cousin and her husband (head of department) that are lymphoma specialists at the Mayo Clinic, so believe me I have asked alot of questions. I am not going to get into the details. I got cancer soon after my smp, went into remission got smp again and the cancer returned. Now this could be coincidence but for me it is IMPORTANT to share my story. People can do whatever they want, to me it does not make a difference. As I stated before I have nothing to gain or lose. Let me ask you a question. Do you guarantee on a contract your clients signs that SMP does not cause cancer? Probably not because nobody knows for sure and if someone get cancer after your SMP it could have nothing to do with it. I understand this is your living and you want to protect your investment. My intentions are not to hurt anyone or tell anyone not to do SMP. I said it before it was reading the same story by someone else and had never had cancer, I would get SMP done because I would say even if the odds are low, it could never happen to me. :confused:
  9. Details I am glad you came to an agreement.
  10. lorenzo

    FUT Questions (H&W)

    couple more questions for FUT - the longer your hair in the donor region the day of the surgery, the less noticeable the scar/staples will be in the few weeks after the surgery? or do they need to shave the whole donor region down to a certain length? or can they just shave the strip that’s needed? longer hair would cover the scar/staples nicely then All that is shaving during the day of surgery is the recipient area and where the hair is taken in the donor. When the doctor takes the donor from the back he will only shave the area needed. Once the area is closed the existing hair covers the staples. The remaining donor hair will not be shaved but keep it at least 2-3 cm when you come to the clinic. There is no length of hair that is too long in the back before you come. I hope this answers your question. Good luck at the Super Bowl, hopefully your quarterback has better time management than McNabb did in 2005 and beat the Patriots this time!
  11. You are a prime example of why basing a decision on price and location could be dangerous. The doctor that said 1800 is way off, I mean way off. I am not going to call him dishonest but maybe this is all he is able to do. You can not expect a Fiat dealership to try to sell you a Ferrari. Thankfully you decided to consult with an ethical doctor that gave you a realistic quote. When I see 5000 grafts I am think 50%-66% of the area will be covered (front to mid). Keep researching and maybe send consults to other doctors to get more opinion
  12. HairResearch8 Welcome to the forum. I think it is great that you are researching first before making this huge decision. I would recommend that you broaden your area because there is also alot of good doctors also in New York. Without taking anything away from these doctors but the two biggest mistake alot of people do base their decision on price and location. This does not mean you can not find a great doctor in your area but it best to research and feel fully confident of your decision. Losing your hair is natural having a bad transplant is not. Good luck on your search!
  13. lorenzo

    FUT Questions (H&W)

    It would not hurt. The more knowledge you have the better decision you make. Keep me posted! Good luck to the Eagles or sorry for the Steelers.
  14. lorenzo

    FUT Questions (H&W)

    BTW even though I represent Hasson and Wong but first goal is to educate posters. What is important to me is that you feel comfortable with whatever decision you make and choose a good clinic.
  15. lorenzo

    FUT Questions (H&W)

    I doubt it. Something like heavy weight lifting (squats) may stretch. There is many reasons that a scar may stretch. What is most important is that you choose a clinic that has a good reputation with scars. A doctors needs to know the limitations, and what a person skin can take for tension.This takes many years of experience. Sometimes due to a persons healing the scar maybe a bit bigger but in most cases the doctors has an idea before and make the proper adjustment to avoid this. A lot of people are concerned about the scar before the procedure and this is expected and normal. Honestly after the results come in I have yet to hear from someone about the scar. Most patients are overjoyed. Let me tell you a story, I help italian patients and one patient came from Rome and the day before his surgery he had doubts about the scar and cancelled the surgery. One hour later he got a hold of me and said he was scared but he was already here and decided to go ahead. He had a big area and knew it would take about 8000 grafts to fill in the area and take two sessions. Now he has booked his second surgery for his crown and is bringing his friend. He is so happy and do not even mention the scar once by email.