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  1. BHR Clinic Dr. Christian BISANGA Technique: FUE Medication: Finasteride Donor densities: 70-70-80 FUs/cm2 Hair Caliber: Very Fine Total FU used:- 1819 * FU breakdown:- 1s 400 2s 798 3s 621 TOTAL: 1819 That means 1819 FU = 3859 Hairs. Average = 2,12 hairs/FU. The goal of this surgery was to rebuild hairline and temples and improve the frame of his face. Pre-post Surgery 2 Weeks - Donor area 2 Months 6 Months 9-10 Months Comparison 0-10 Months
  2. Thank you very much for the upgrade, Jayboy61. Kind regards,
  3. Hi PeloDinero, All the images we have posted in this case are very clear and defined. We have also post several pictures with wet hair, which are extremely realistic of the result achieved till now. If you have any doubt about the result you can also see the video combing the area and showing the scalp. Regards,
  4. Hi, I spoke to the clinic and they confirmed the pictures were taken the same day in 2 different rooms of the clinic. Last one was taken with flash probably. The patient has "salt and pepper" hair so probably if the light conditions were different (also wet hair in the 1st ones and dry in the last one) it can give that impression about the colour of the hair, but that's not the case. Regards,
  5. Hi PeloDinero, Thanks for your comments. I would have to confirm it with the clinic, but I believe all pictures were taken the same day. Definitely they are at 6 months mark. That said, in the 1st 3 pictures of the comparisons the patient had wet hair, and in the one with blue background it was dry, and probably on another room with different light. Hope it helps. Kind regards,
  6. That looks normal after 3 weeks. Just be patient in the next 2-3 months. Best wishes,
  7. Hi, You can see a video of this patient on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QE24KTFycqI Thanks.
  8. BHR Clinic Dr. Christian BISANGA Age: 40 Technique: STRIP + FUE Medication: No Donor densities: 70-80-90 FUs/cm2 Hair Caliber: Medium Fine, slight wavy Miniaturization on donor area: No Previous surgeries: Strip surgery in the past Total FU used:- 6161 = 3986 Strip + 2175 FUE * FU breakdown:- 1s 1068 2s 2719 3s 1958 4s 416 TOTAL: 6161 That means 6161 FU = 14044 Hairs. Average = 2,28 hairs/FU. The goal of this patient was to cover all his baldness in one procedure, so he decided to combine both techniques (Strip + FUE). Pre-Post surgery 6 Months Comparison 0-6 Months
  9. That's a very good advice. It is totally understandable to think of a surgery when you see some pictures, but the 1st step is to stabilize the situation. You have a big % of native-miniaturized hair on top. Using finasteride without any breaks for 9-12 months at least can help a lot, and if you can wait at least 2-3 years more with the same conditions, perfect. A short-term surgery could kill native hair which can improve with medication. And being that young you must look into the future since you will probably lose more hair in years. That means donor area has to be very well managed, because you will care about hair when you are 30, 40, etc. Best wishes,
  10. Hi Bismarck, The next result we will share as soon as possible is a case where patient had a "combo" surgery using Strip and FUE techniques in the same procedure. If I am not wrong Strip grafts were used on frontal-mid section, and FUE behind to restore the whole area. Dr. Bisanga used 6000+ grafts in total. Hope to post it very soon. Kind regards,
  11. Hi Kimura50, Thank you very much for the upgrade. Everything looks fine considering the current stage. Maybe it is true there's that area on the centre of the hair line, but also true that hair there parts a little in opposite directions. Once the new hair settles down I think it will look good. But as previously said, I think the current result is very good. Whatever you may need just let us know. Best wishes,
  12. Hi jimbrann, Bennyt89 had some problem with his username and opened a new thread here: Kind regards,
  13. Dear Jayboy, Thank you very much for upgrading your surgery. Definitely it looks thicker compared to previous images. New hairs can grow up to 7-9 months, but you will mainly see improvement in terms of thickness till 12-15 months and that will help to the final result in terms of density. Anything you may need just let us know. Kind regards,
  14. Hi Princessisland17, Dr. Bisanga used 3071 Strip grafts on this case. Regarding the cost I should ask to the clinic since it was a repair case and maybe it was a little bit more expensive than usual. Please feel free to send me a PM if you wish to know more about this case. @ Gasthoerer, thank you very much for your comments, really appreciated. Regards,
  15. Pathways are very common after the 1st days from a procedure. There's nothing to worry about it. Many patients even ask us if they would have a "line with no hair" there, but as said it should be fine if the process is correct.