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  1. Thank you very much for your comments, really appreciated. Kind regards,
  2. Thank you very much for the comments. Patient may come back to reinforce mid-crown section. We will upgrade the result if he decides to do it at the end. Kind regards,
  3. Dear kimura50, Thank you very much for the upgrade of your surgery. It really looks very good and natural. Hope you are pleased with it. Anything you may need we are at your disposal. Kind regards,
  4. Hi, At present the patient is taking Dutasteride + Minoxidil. Kind regards,
  5. Hi, We have recently received the pictures of this patient of Dr. Bisanga at 15 months, so we would like to upgrade his result. 15 Months Comparison 0-15 Months Kind regards,
  6. Hi, Thank you very much for the comments. @jj51702 , I will contact the patient and ask him which is the dose of finasteride he is taking now. Regarding the pre-op pictures, the hair was not shaved at that moment: recipient area was very thin and most of the hair was miniaturized. @John Baris , honestly I don't think the number of grafts was very high but the opposite. Take into account that rebuilding a hair line and temples may require at least 1500 grafts, and in this case we focused on the whole frontal area doing a very conservative design. If this guy would have come to us without using any medication, we would probably have advised it to start with it and re-asses one year later. But this patient was under medication for more than 5 years and the only way to recover the area was through a surgery (being conservative as we explained). Kind regards,
  7. Hi, This patient was 24 years-old when he had his surgery. We usually do not accept patients at that age because most of them have small recession on the hair line and temples, and we advise to start using medication. Nevertheless this patient had a high degree of miniaturized hair on the whole frontal area after more than 5 years under medical treatment (Finasteride + Minoxidil). Dr. Bisanga assessed all these aspects and we finally accepted him as a patient doing a conservative approach in terms of design and number of grafts. Here the data: BHR Clinic Dr. Christian BISANGA Age: 24 at the moment of the surgery, 31 on pictures showing current result Technique: FUE Medication: Finasteride (5 years before procedure)+ Minoxidil (7 years before surgery) Donor densities: 70-70-80 FUs/cm2 Hair Caliber: Very Fine, most of FUs of 2 hairs (not many 3-4s) Total FU used:- 1909 * FU breakdown:- 1s 410 2s 1017 3s 447 4s 35 TOTAL: 1909 That means 1909 FU = 3925 Hairs. Average = 2,05 hairs/FU. Pre-Post Surgery 7 Years Comparison 0-7 Years, Dry-Wet Hair
  8. Hi, I will contact the advisor of Kimura50 and see if he can upgrade his case. Kind regards,
  9. Hi, @ jj5102, Dr. Bisanga was trained in hair restoration by Dr. Cole when FUE technique was relatively new. Then in 2003 Dr. Bisanga went ahead and developed his own FUE technique. @ Spex, thank you very much for your comments. Kind regards,
  10. BHR Clinic Dr. Christian BISANGA Age: 34 Technique: FUE Medication: Dutasterie + Minoxidil Hair Caliber: Medium Fine Total FU used:- 1682 * FU breakdown:- 1s 332 2s 850 3s 500 TOTAL: 1682 That means 1682 FU = 3532 Hairs. Average = 2,1 hairs/FU. The goal of this surgery was to improve the coverage in the crown area. Dr. Bisanga recommends to reinforce also the surrounding area with native hair in order to avoid an “island” effect short-mid term if hair loss progresses. Before Pre-Post Surgery 20 Months
  11. Dear Jayboy61, Thank you very much for the upgrade. Hope the appointment with Dr. Bisanga goes well in a few days :). Anything you may need just let us know. Kind regards,
  12. BHR Clinic Dr. Christian BISANGA Age: 36 Technique: FUE Medication: No Donor densities: 70 FUs/cm2 Hair Caliber: Medium Fine Total FU used:- 5976 * FU breakdown:- 1s 898 2s 2388 3s 2271 4s 419 TOTAL: 5976 That means 5976 FU = 14.163 Hairs. Average = 2,37 hairs/FU. The goal of these surgeries was to cover the whole top area on this NW-5 patient. With that on mind, Dr. Bisanga proposed 2 surgeries: the 1st one focused on frontal and part of mid area. On 2nd one, main goal was the crown and we also lowered both temples, reinforcing part of 1st surgery as well. Final pictures show the current result after 6 months from last procedure, so it can improve during the following months. Pre-Post Surgery 1st procedure - 2017 Pre-Post Surgery 2nd procedure - 2018 6 Months post-op 2nd procedure Before - After Kind regards,
  13. BHR Clinic Dr. Christian BISANGA Age: 37 Technique: FUE Medication: Finasteride Donor densities: 70-80-75 FUs/cm2 Hair Caliber: Medium Fine Total FU used:- 2284 * FU breakdown:- 1s 500 2s 1136 3s 621 4s 27 TOTAL: 2284 That means 2284 FU = 4743 Hairs. Average = 2,07 hairs/FU. The goal of this surgery was to rebuild hairline and temples after a previous surgery with a low yield. Recipient area had plugs and pitting after that procedure. Before Pre-Post surgery 1 Month 5 Months The patient at present is pretty pleased but we obvioulsy expect more yield to come in the following months. Kind regards,
  14. Thank you very much for the comments, Spex. Kind regards,
  15. BHR Clinic Dr. Christian BISANGA Age: 30 Technique: FUE Medication: MinoxidiL in the past, not now Donor densities: 70-70-80 FUs/cm2 Hair Caliber: Medium Coarse Miniaturization: some on donor area Total FU used:- 1660 * FU breakdown:- 1s 441 2s 943 3s 273 4s 3 TOTAL: 1660 That means 1660 FU = 3158 Hairs. Average = 1,90 hairs/FU. The goal of this surgery was to rebuild the temples. Pre-Post surgery 1 Month 5 Months 7,5 Months Comparison 0-7,5 Months