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  1. Hi Afrohead, Please feel free to contact info@bhrclinic.com if you have any doubt or question. Dr. Bisanga could assess your case. Kind regards,
  2. BHR Clinic Dr. Christian BISANGA Age: 39 Technique: FUE Medication: No Donor densities: 50-50 FUs/cm2 Hair Type: Afro-Coarse Total FU used:- 2001 * FU breakdown:- 1s 220 2s 1475 3s 294 4s 12 TOTAL: 2001 That means 2509 FU = 4075 Hairs. Average = 2,03 hairs/FU. The goal of this surgery was to rebuild the hairline due to traction alopecia, searching to improve the frame of her face. Pre-Post surgery 1 Month 8 Months Comparison 0-8 Months
  3. BHR Clinic Dr. Christian BISANGA Age: 29 Technique: FUE Medication: Finasteride Donor densities: 70-80 FUs/cm2 Hair Caliber: Fine Total FU used:- 2500 * FU breakdown:- 1s 564 2s 983 3s 953 TOTAL: 2509 That means 2500 FU = 5389 Hairs. Average = 2,15 hairs/FU. The goal of this surgery was to rebuild hairline and temples. Pre-Post Surgery 8,5 Months Wet Hair Comparison 0-8,5 Months
  4. Hi jj51702, We usually implant an average density around 50-60 FUs/cm2 on the 1st mm. of the hair line, using single hairs. Then density drops gradually but we used FUs of 2-3-4 hairs. Density is important, for sure, but from our point of view calibre / thickness and average of hairs per FU are more important in order to achieve a natural result. Kind regards,
  5. Dear BOW32, Looking very good considering last pictures were taken around 5,5 months post-op. If you need anything from us don't hesitate to let us know. Kind regards,
  6. Hi, This is a new case done by Dr. Bisanga. The patient wish to restored frontal 1/3 area. Here the data: BHR Clinic Dr. Christian BISANGA Age: 36 Technique: FUE Medication: Finasteride + Minoxidil Donor densities: 80-80-90 FUs/cm2 Hair Caliber: Medium Coarse Total FU used:- 3344 * FU breakdown:- 1s 562 2s 1677 3s 998 4s 107 TOTAL: 3344 That means 3344 FU = 7338 Hairs. Average = 2,19 hairs/FU. All pictures, except the surgery ones, were provided by the patient. Before Pre-post surgery 2,5 Months 6,5 Months 10 Months 0-10 Months Thank you all.
  7. Hi, This patient just sent us new pictures after 9,5 months from his surgery with Dr. Bisanga in Brussels. Kind regards,
  8. BHR Clinic Dr. Christian BISANGA Age: 30 Technique: Strip Medication: None Donor densities: 70-70-80 FUs/cm2 Hair Caliber: Medium Fine Previous procedures: Yes, Strip one in the past. Low yield on recipient Total FU used:- 3150 * FU breakdown:- 1s 611 2s 1323 3s 814 4s 402 TOTAL: 3153 That means 3153 FU = 7013 Hairs. Average = 2,32 hairs/FU. This patient had a strip procedure in the past to restore his temples, but the result achieved was not the expected one. Dr. Bisanga proposed to rebuild the whole hair line and current temples in order to give him a more natural look and density. Patient was proposed to do a FUE procedure but he preferred a new strip done removing the previous scar, since he did not wish to shave donor area. Here the pictures at 6 months, so we expect more yield to come in the next months. Pre-Post surgery 6 Months Comparison 0-6 Months
  9. Hi Bonkling, Thank you very much for your comments. We usually don't advice surgery on patients who are on their early 20's. Normally they have some slight recession on their hair line / temples and we recommend to start on medication and assess in 2-3 years. On cases like this one exposed, the patient is closer to his 30s. If Dr. Bisanga agrees with a possible surgery, he will always advised a conservative approach in terms of hair line design since the patient is still young. We always advice to be on meds too to keep native hair, but it is up to the patient. But if he refuses it, we would probably do a more conservative approach thinking of mid-long term because hair loss will probably continue. Kind regards,
  10. Thank you very much for the comments, RecessionProof. Kind regards,
  11. BHR Clinic Dr. Christian BISANGA Age: 28 Technique: FUE Medication: No Donor densities: 70-80 FUs/cm2 Hair Caliber: Medium Fine Total FU used:- 2502 * FU breakdown:- 1s 400 2s 789 3s 1085 4s 228 TOTAL: 2502 That means 2502 FU = 6145 Hairs. Average = 2,45 hairs/FU. The goal of this surgery was to rebuild the whole frontal area. The pictures show the result at 7 months so we expect more hair and caliber/volume within the next months. Pre-Post surgery 3 Weeks 7 Months Comparison 0-7 Months
  12. Hi Paddy, There was some part of my reply which was missing and I was editing it. I just replied about the figures. Regards,
  13. Hi Paddy, Apologies since I forgot to comment your post. Each can can be different, but after 6000 FUE grafts I'd say that the patient may still have around 500-1000+ grafts, depending also on how well donor area recovers. A good yield on recipient area is not the only goal of a surgery, but avoiding depletion or trauma on donor as well. Regards,