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  1. Lorenzo, Thanks so much. Time sure flies doesn't it? Seeing your name here brought an immediate smile to my face. All the best to you in your new career with the best HT clinic on the planet.
  2. Lorenzo My Old Friend, When I saw your name it instantly brought me back. CONGRATULATIONS on your dream job with Hasson and Wong. That's wonderful and I have no doubt that you will make a difference there. They made a wise choice. I'm very sorry to hear of your battle with cancer. It sounds as if it's been a rocky road and my heart goes out to you. I wish you good health. Jim
  3. MAGNUMpi, It's been my pleasure. That's great that you feel that way. That was my hope. Thanks. Djlaserblue, I remember back in the day on this site, (maybe it's still happening), there was a raging debate as to whether closed corner hairline design was feasible. In the beginning I had no idea what that was. I just lusted after a hairline period. Today, would I like a teenage hairline and a full crown? I mean who wouldn't, age appropriate or not. There's no such thing as too much hair. The bottom line, and you're right, Dr. Wong knew what he was doing, aesthetically and practically (li
  4. jackblack71, Thank you. I appreciate it. pkipling, I like the # reference. My kids keep me coonected to stuff like that. At one time I would have said it allowed me to remain "hip", but I've been told that's no longer in style. What never goes out of style is "your hair looks fantastic". Thank you and all the best to you.
  5. Triple7, I agree concerning people that profess hair loss doesn't bother them. It's really a matter of degree. Not many of us are willing to pull the trigger on a transplant. Very few would be willing to travel cross country (Connecticut) and then out of the country (Vancouver), like I did. Thanks again for your kind words. Sultsay, Thanks. I take 1.25 mg Proscar every other day. Dr. Wong felt I wouldn’t see growth as a result because of my age (55 years when I began), but it would help me keep the hair that I had and would also aid in prostate health. Both have borne out. MattyNJ,
  6. Hey Bill, Thanks for responding. I frankly didn’t know if anyone would. This is a treat. Sure, I remember when you became the "new guy" on the site. I never would have thought that it was all the way back in 2004. It's amazing how quickly time passes. This whole hair loss subject is interesting, isn't it? As to why it's a trauma for some and not others I stopped trying to figure out a long time ago. Mine began at the age of 18 years, with the usual comb over (we used to call it borrowing), leading to the big plug transplants that I lived with for many years. During all those years, I
  7. Triple7, Thank you. I appreciate that. Spring15, That's a high compliment, thanks. Helping others is the idea here, and contributing after all this time is a kick.
  8. mikeyhwk, Legend..yeah..I like that. I feel relevant again. Thanks for the compliment. Spanker, Thank you. SADbutTRUE, So there really is somebody out there that remembers the good old days. That feels good. Thank you.
  9. For those of you that don't know me, I used to be a Big Deal around here..you know, around the time algore invented the internet. For those of you that do and have been breathlessly waiting for my return, you can relax now. All kidding aside, I wanted to post these images after all these years because I feel this is probably a subject that isn't addressed too often..Life After Hair Transplantation. As a repair patient that dealt with the effects of large plug transplantation, I'm forever grateful for the transformative and life altering results. It's my hope that posting these images might ins
  10. Drew, Your post reads....Am I unhappy, no....not... I am unhappy. So it was indeed worth a second read for me and what I get for reading late at night with eyes blurred. That makes me feel better about your situation. Anyway, enough of me for now. Keep up the good fight and I will be watching. Jim
  11. Drew, I'm sorry your unhappy. After all these years, I log on infrequently and always find myself wondering what happened in your case. Like all here I'm sure, I'll be rooting for you. Take care and all the best. Jim
  12. Hairthere, Thanks for the clarification as I didn't understand previously. All the best to you also. Jim
  13. Hairthere, Unacceptable, by definition, means poor yield as I don't think the graft placement can be questioned. Personally, from Drew's pictures, I don't believe the yield is poor. On the other hand, I can't say for certain. This is between Drew and Dr. Wong. Bottom line: I do hope this last HT gets you to where you hope to be Drew... Amen. Jim
  14. Drew, Here's my 2 cents if you don't mind. This of course is a subjective thing, a matter of opinion. Considering where you came from, your results are excellent. Certainly, wearing your hair short will magnify any lack of density. It also appears to me that your hair is rather fine, which will also contributes to the appearance of thinness. My point in this isn't to cheerlead for Dr. Wong (Lord knows I've done enough of that through the years) but to hopefully give you a well deserved boost. I'm not sure if you need that, but those are my thoughts. I really do think your results are great. A
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