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  1. in hair transplant terms? I get that you want hair and skin to be similar in contrast but is it a huge difference?
  2. So if I Understand correctly even if a person goes bald in front for example they still have the base of the hair underneath the skin. How do you transplant new hairs when the original base of each hair is still there? How is there room?
  3. Excuse my language but how in the fuck? This seems wayyyy too good to be true
  4. They are all transplanted the same day so how come they can spread months apart as far as growing through the scalp and instead why don't they all sprout roughly in the same month for example? what are your thoughts
  5. I am about 2 months post op, I just want to trim the sides I wouldn't really be touching the donor or recipient area
  6. Golden Follicle Award Criteria Outstanding and significant clinical contributions related to hair restoration surgery. 1. The recipient must have been the principal person involved in clinical research or in developing innovations or made a significant contribution furthering the advancement of hair restoration. 2. The work of the recipient must have resulted in demonstrated improved patient outcomes. 3. The recipient may not have been awarded the Golden or Platinum Follicle Awards within the previous 5 years. (Exceptions may be made in the event of extraordinary circumstanc
  7. I'm pretty sure everyone thinks I had brain surgery lol, I had a mix of FUE and FUT so the hair was cut very short and blatantly showing my scar. I have pale skin so the redness made the transplanted hairs hard to see because of my lighter colored hair.
  8. I've seen tons of FUT scar pics when the head is shaved but not FUE what are your thoughts?
  9. I'm about 6 weeks out and at times when I am sitting I feel part of my recipient get hot, I can fell this just by sitting and not touching my head. I did have a pimple there recently so maybe that's it? It goes pretty quick and doesn't hurt but I for sure can tell it feels warmer at the very least
  10. I haven't heard of any exemplary doctors in Kansas or Oklahoma if you are looking for the best of the best but there is someone in Colorado whose name escapes me right now that is very well-regarded... maybe someone else can post his name or else I can look it up tomorrow when I am back at work again
  11. I'm going to be honest with you dude, that was arguably the worst place you could have went to. Check out this thread http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/181277-warning-if-considering-dr-james-boland-colorado-surgical-center-read.html that place is very well known as a butcher shop, search the word "Colorado" to pull up some concerning results
  12. with those two doctors you might as well just flip a coin at this point, you're going to win either way
  13. I'm sitting at work and the shed is becoming noticeable, is it ok to massage my head with the pads of my fingers since it kind of itches?
  14. hmmm I see, but if that's the case then what IS the difference between a follicular unit and a graft?
  15. Grafts are a hair source I guess, a graft can have, 1, 2, 3, or even 4 hairs growing out of it. The amount of 2's and 3's tend to roughly double the amount of follicular units compared to which are just a fancy terms for hairs. They explained it to you in an odd and kind of backwards way but if this forum recommends them I think it would be cool.
  16. I don't see how you can combat redness on the recipient area besides letting time in general do it's thing?
  17. on a side note today is my first day back at work 2 weeks post op and though I'm a Norwood 6 almost nobody can tell I got a transplant because my hair is lighter and my skin is still very red lol
  18. I"m a big NBA fan and have seen Lebron's hairline recede as his headband got bigger ever year. Now all of a sudden he has a hairline and it stays during a game when he is constantly sweating and occasionally fouled in the face. Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
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