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  1. Hi Mate, I had an FUT and on day 14 did exactly what you did. I felt they were looking loose so I tugged on them gently and they came off. I felt they were ready so tugged away 40 % of them only to realise in 30 minutes "shit have a messed it up" I was reassured by my surgeon ( plantinum follicle awardee) and top surgeon from Newyork( another platinum follicle awardee) and a top notch surgeon from south east Asia that 10 days is a very good ball park and 14 and in ur case 16 is pretty good. The week after was a horrible week of second guessing and roller coaster ride. I am 2 months out and see new Villous baby hair in the area where there were none before so I feel it should be good. Won't know for sure but so far so good. I feel you will do well, hang in there. Kind Regards, KK
  2. Hello Folks, I am 2 months post HT. Prior to HT I was on Minoxidil with retinoid acid regime. For 2 months post op I stayed away from retinoids and used minoxidil only. I was hoping to go back on minoxidil with 0.01 % retinoid acid as it was fantastic. Will the retinoid acid do any damage to the new follicles ?
  3. Thank you G ! Yeah i figured the new hair will be fine, wispy and grow unlike thick small hair which just kinda stays there and doesn't grow.
  4. Hello all, I am 6 weeks post op. Has any of you noticed small dots of black hair start appearing just above the surface, but doest grow as normal and just stays there. If tugged, comes off as if it was retained hair fragment. Are these retained non growing hair fragments or are these indeed new hair ? Thanks, KK
  5. Hello everyone, I am 4 weeks post FUT. Went for a walk on the beach, 4pm Australian sun, 30 minutes. Had a cap on, plus a bandana underneath just to be extra safe. Is that decent care ? Will the heat generated under the cap and the bandana be an issue? Haha its a douche bag of a surgery isn't it, where you tend to second guess everything as results are not visible till the cows come home.
  6. Hello all, I am 1 month post HT. Went for a walk on the beach first time after HT, wore a bandana and a black cap on top of it just to be safe. Don't like sun screen, did not use it. 30 minutes, 4 pm australian sun with the above protection. What do my fellow HTers feel ? Any damage ? Also can the heat generated under the cap and the bandana cause any damage to the precious little follicles?
  7. Hi fellas, I am brown skinned block in australia. 1 month post HT, i went for a walk on the beach with bandana + a cap on top to be extra safe. Total time on the beach 30 minutes 4pm austrlian sun. No sunscreen though. Kindly thoughts whether 1) would if be any damage to the grafts/ follicles 2) Would heat generated through the cap and bandana be a problem ? Kind Regards, KK
  8. Hello my fellow comrades, I am reaching the one month mark post FUT and notice fine, colourless / golden coloured hair more around temples, where there was nothing prior. Is this a sign of growth ? Also this is only around the temples and not the front hair line. Is the front hair line slower to grow than the temples. Dr. Kiren Kodali
  9. Hello everyone, Just for curiosity, which is more coveted / prestigious ? The platinum follicle award or the golden follicle award. Kind Regards, Dr. Kiren Kodali
  10. Hi Rothki, I am a client of Dr. Matrinick as well. Good to see your results. I am 17 days post op and am still in the shit phase of the recovery haha. sat day 14 i gently tugged on the transplanted hair and it just came off without any resistance or bleeding. Is that okay, did you happen to do that too as Dr. M advised to actively scrub off dead hair aggressively after 14 days.
  11. Hello fellow Doctors and friends, I have a burning question. If studies done by who are regarded as pioneers of FUT, clearly stating that day 9-10 is when grafts are completely secure, why is there a hesitance to try work the dead hair off or gently tug off the dead hair off the scalp. Essentially is scrubbing off dead hair after 2 weeks better or letting it sit there and shed naturally better. Kind Regards, Dr. Kiren Kodali
  12. Well trans hair, i slowly eased off and pulled all transplanted hair after 2 weeks as i was advised to do so. Hopefully the grafts were safe by then, fingers crossed. No resistance of bleeding. So i am assuming 10 days as per research articles I have read, done by Dr. Bernstein
  13. Hello everyone, I had a HT 17 days ago and am quite curious why shedded hair has the J shape or L shape. I am physician myself, but cannot get any explanations in the books or the net. May be the gurus of HT, can help us out.
  14. Hi Guys, My surgeon asked me to actively scrub away any remaining hair after 2 weeks, as he felt waiting for more than 3 weeks predisposes to folliculitis. She said that follicles are well and truly safe after day 10. Any thoughts ?
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