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  1. Hi Stephen, just watched your latest YouTube (YT) video. Good video and as a former Asmed client myself, its really interesting for me to see what the new clinic looks like. I do hope you have the result you are looking for this time. Just one small bit of feedback, having watched a number of your previous YT videos, I do have to say I sometimes struggle watching as you are quite negative at times. I get that you weren't happy with the result, but even in the early videos just after your original surgery you were quite critical of things (Dr Koray not doing the entire surgery, you not being
  2. Been meaning to post for ages .. looks amazing and I think the back/donor area is totally fine and looking forward to seeing your growth over the next few months too. 👍 BTW, really encouraged to hear that this 2nd HT experience has been much easier for you. I've been discussing a small 2nd procedure with them but I've been half put off as it was both physically and mentally draining for me the first time (doesn't help that I'm quite an anxious person), but your experience is motivating me to just do it.
  3. Just getting properly caught up on your thread and just WOW, that hairline is da bomb! It looks amazing and as VicTNYC suggests, you wouldn't even think you'd had anything done. Will be interesting to see how it will look in a month/six weeks time when its fully shed and you are in the 'ugly duckling' phase. I'm assuming it'll be less noticeable this time as the main hairline is already there. Def curious to see that stage this time around. I did start some dialog with Asmed about a 2nd procedure myself but I have been in two minds whether to proceed as I'm an easily anxious person and
  4. Hi Ben, thanks .. no massive change from 12 months, at least not that I've overly noticed. Still have a few little weak spots, although they are not obvious to others. I am still considering a small touch up/second procuedure with Asmed, but it won't likely been until early next year due to possibly moving home in the next few months. Interestingly, I was chatting to my personal trainer at the gym last week and talking about a 2nd procedure and he had no idea I'd had a HT to start with. Got to be a good sign! Anyway, I'll try and do some updated pictures this week, although expect much
  5. They said free touch up, but I think I’ll have to cover hotel costs and of course my flight I don’t know what their bookings at like currently but I think I confirmed mine for Oct in May of the same year.
  6. Hi, welcome to the board. Don’t worry, it’s not that I’m avoiding posting because I’m unhappy I’m just getting on with life and super busy (and stressed) with work which means I don’t really think to check the forum to often. As for the post above, I think I might have been having a bit of a panic and perhaps overrated. Is it perfect? no, but it still looks pretty darn good and I don’t regret it one bit. I only have to look at some pics from before my HT to see the massive difference. Sure there are some weaker spots and I’m of course conscious of those, but I have been in touch with the cli
  7. Hi Mikeyhwk, so are you saying it’s possible that some of the transplanted hairs are now in their resting phase?
  8. Hi Speegs, I saw comments about seasonal shed too. Do you know if this is something that only effects areas where there is a mix of native because what appears to be thinning is just transplanted hair. Until about 2cms back, all the front of the hairline is transplanted hair and it’s only further back that it’s a mix of both. After posting yesterday and paying attention. I have realised that my scalp is a lot itchier than I had realised. As I said, you get use to things so you don’t fully notice or pay attention but now it’s on my radar, I realise that I find myself touching or wanting to
  9. Okay, so this is worrying. I think I might have shed/loss some of my transplanted hair a year after surgery. As some of you will have seen from my main thread I had pretty good growth, although a few weaker spots on the right side. Anyway all was seemingly fine but then over the past few weeks I’m become a little more conscious of the weaker spots. I put it down to just obsessing and poor lighting (apartment is all recessed spot light so are quite harsh) but then this past week I felt the the front definitely wasn’t as strong as it was and then today, after getting my hair cut and looking at
  10. Hey, funny enough its my right side thats a little weaker too. TBH I don't relish going through the process again, but part of me feels like having already spent the money to do it, I feel like I need to follow through and get a 2nd treatment to address the weak spots and overall increase the density. I'll be 18 months by mid-April so I'm considering popping over to Istanbul (its a reasonbly cheap flight) to see Dr Koray to get his thoughts.
  11. Hi Kumar Looks great from the pics! I'm guessing you are in the ugly duckling phase at the moment? How have you found this the past few weeks?
  12. Hi, sorry I missed your post (past few months have been a super busy so haven't been on the forum much). Congrats, I'll check out your post. :cool:
  13. Hey, Happy New Year, I know in a later post you said probably won't bother, but curious as to what you were thinking of having done? I have been considering the same. I have a big birthday in July this year so I wouldn't get it done until after that, but I have a few weak spots that I would like touching up and perhaps another 750-1000 hairs to give more density.
  14. Thanks, I think I was fairly lucky. A friend of mine still gets annoyed if I talk about the HT as he felt I really didn’t need it anyway ..which some might argue was true but for me it was just to restore a more youthful look, particularly at the temples. On paper I can afford a 2nd transplant but of course I don’t want to spend for the sake of it. I think I’ll give it the full 18 months just to be sure and then see what Dr Koray says. In my mind a 2nd procedure would prob be 1000 grafts max.
  15. Hey, yeah zip up hoodie is probably ideal, what you don’t want is something tight that you have to pull over your head. If I recall I worse a vest type top (so really wide opening at the neck) and a hoodie although Turkish Airlines flight was like a sauna so didn’t actually wear the hoodie. As for my eyelid surgery. I had just my uppers done with Dr Taimur Shoaib at La Belle Forme clinic in Edinburgh. I could have had it done in London but it was around ?2000 in Edinburgh vs about ?2800 in London so I had a cheap flight up to Scotland instead. Looking at the their website it’s now showing as
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