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  1. You're reading it partially right and wrong. He stated that it was to give an "idea" of what it would look like because I came in rather clueless as to the aesthetic nature of what I needed. He didn't draw it the day of the procedure. One of the tech's specialized in that. I feel like they did a competent job at it too. My main issue the fact that I didn't discuss it with my surgeon before the day of the procedure. I let him know how unprofessional I thought that was, and he didn't really argue. I strongly recommended to them that they should change that procedure. I'll fill yall in on th
  2. Heres some pics. lmk what ya think! (i'm well aware theres some central vertex thinning. hopefully the meds (just started using all 3 a few months ago, but now have to stop rogaine for a bit) will stop the rest from thinning. but if not, im aware I may not have the graft count to have a full head of hair - and im okay with that. I was so persistent about the hairline because it frames the face. I've always felt like guys who have central vertex thinning can looks much more suave than receding hairliners like me, so I was willing to take the gamble.
  3. Hello, I've made a few posts on here before. I had 2000 FUE procedure done with Dr. James Slusher at the Tampa Hair Restoration Center in Tampa, Fla. The objective was to lower my hairline about 2 cm. I have a rather large head (Im only 5'10" but I always had to use larger helmets in football than most of the team). Due to this, I obviously have more square inches of bald scalp to cover. On top of all this, my hair is rather fine. 2000 grafts of my hair AND the amount of square inches attempting to being covered was a poor choice for the somewhat aggressive procedure. After 10 months, t
  4. Lorenzo, I'm having trouble finding the part where I go to search doctors in my area. Where is this feature if you dont mind sharing Thanks for all the advice, I understand the final desc is mine. I take full responsibility for my poor desc with the previous clinic and I dont blame people for suggesting ideas when I have asked for them especially. But, I've stalked a lot of your posts. You seem very honest, and frankly, knowledgeable. A reccomendation on this website carries FAR more weight than anything an in person doctor could tell me, as this website is the true grinder of trut
  5. Yeah it was Dr. James Slusher. I didnt want to call them out until I was sure. But Lorenzo, I actually just spoke with Dr. Charles' clinic, they actually seemed to have an opening relatively soon, since they do it 5 days a week there and see a few patients a day. They use artas down there, maybe I should have gone with that from the start. But Lorenzo has been on here a while, and his posts all seem level headed and trust worthy, if you believe in him enough to reccomend, that makes me prone to believe in him since you've seen a lot. They said they've done their share of touchups...to be
  6. Hello everyone, 9 months ago I got 2000 FUE to lower my hairline 2 cm all the way across. Did it with what I thought was a reputable doctor, seemed to check out on the internet, and there is one positive review with him on here, no other mentions though. (I'm withholding the name for now, but will release at 12 months) Its been 9 months, and I know there is still plenty of thickening to come, but as you can see from the pictures, that just aint gonna cut it. Im well aware the emergence period is 3-9 months.... and the hair shaft thickening isnt going to be close to enough. Im ke
  7. At 8.5 months, the density isn't really there. I know this is supposed to be a 16-18 month procedure, but can that much really happen in the next 9? The hair has come out but it is still kinda sparse. I know I will never achieve density like the hair behind it, ( I got my hairline lowered 2 cm --- 2000 FUE all on the hairline) but I was hoping I wouldn't have to wear my hair swooped over to add some sort of cover. How much new hair will "pop up" How much a difference can the next 9 months really make in scalp visibility? I want to be able to wear my hair up... think that'll be possible
  8. *feels like newb* My doc took some good ones with a real camera. I'll have them email it over & post tomorrow. Thanks to the ppl who weren't dicks about my poor cameramanship (here's looking at you spidey)
  9. Hey friends, 2000 FUE to lower hair line apporox 2 cm and fill in receding corners to the hairline. (the pictures with the black border are the before, the other 3 are 7 months after) I chose the harshest lighting possible (the dreaded bathroom mirror with the lights on). With a little concealer & the right hairstyle, I can make this look fairly full. But I wanted to get an honest opinion from the guys here. The surgeon in not listed on this site, but is a fully accredited American Hair Loss Restoration Surgeon (Dr. James Slusher). Seems to have a few positive past experiences
  10. Thanks esrec, I'm trying not to jump to any conclusions. I know 7 months is essentially in the middle of things. Im having my 7 month follow up tomorrow, but its hard to believe what the seller of a product tells you. They have performed tons of operations, my techs were very experienced, I researched the clinic rather thoroughly, (The Bassin Center, Dr. James Slusher) They have multpiple appearances on high profile news shows and nothing bad about them on the internet that my friend Google and I could find. The BBB didnt have any negative press about them either. The technology all seeme
  11. I've heard 50% by 6 months and then it goes up about 8-10% per month after that. So by 7 months I should be roughly " 60 % " the way through this. What does this mean in terms of hairs breaking though the surface? I have areas that are painstakingly see through. Some are reasonably dense and cant be noticed unless under bright light and close distance. I had 2000 grafts to lower my hairline about 2 cm. I was under the impression that the telogen phase last 4 months and by the 7th month, most of the hair that were going to break the surface already have. The rest of this "growth or 50
  12. Same thing here, but my rightside is lagging. Just relax. Dont fall for the BS you see on google. 6 months is PRIME for uneven growth. my leftside has exploded recently and my right side is lagging significantly. this seems to be more common than uncommon for ppl who have it placed in their hairline. evualting anything before 9 months seems like a waste of time. too much growth happens between 4-9 months to even start making judgements anywhere in that timeline. once youve reach 9 months, you should be able to make a more reasonable forecast.
  13. after about 6 weeks, i stared to shave my recip area because some of the hair didnt ever fall out and it just looked ugly, then as it SLOWLY started to grow in, it still looked really ugly. I kept shaving it until the 5 months mark. It definitely still looked ugly a few hours after the shave, like a 5 o clock shadow for your hairline, but decidely less ugly than the sporadic, pathetic cluster of random hairs that would have been there. If you wait at least 6 weeks and use a clean razor/shaving cream, i dont think it should be harmful. my new hair is finally coming in full enough for me to
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