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  1. Look, I know I messed up; I'd really appreciate if people offered advice as opposed to chiding me about something that's already happened. Prior to the operation, I had great results with TB-500 injections to the scalp. Darker thicker hair even in donor areas, sprouting hairs at the hairline. Stopped using it 3 - 4 months before procedure. At about 8.5 months post-op I decided to restart TB-500 once again, to ensure maintenance and augment the hair I have. I did a few rounds of injections to the scalp before switching to the forehead area, just to be sure my HT would be fine. Did I potentially cause any damage from those scalp injections or injections near the scalp? I really need an answer, I'm scared
  2. I've been considering TB-500 because I got great results from it before I ventured into a hair transplant, and I think it'd help with maintenance and even bolster the results nicely I'd appreciate an answer to my question though: Would scalp injections of something other than PRP harm the grafts 9 months op? Dr. Charles: Do you mean to say that although you don't necessarily advise it, 12 - 15 months post OP there's no risk of harming the grafts with something other than PRP injections?
  3. Hey, I'm about 9 months post op, would scalp injections i.e. PRP, corticosteroid or thymosin beta 4 harm the grafts, even though they've long since been secure?
  4. Thanks for the replies, What are the odds that the area will fill in in the upcoming months? From my understanding, it takes a good 12+ months to see the full result And of course I'm on Finasteride, it got me some regrowth
  5. Here's my hair now, 6.5 months post op I like where it's going, just that thinning in the front is maddening Starting to wish I had 750+ more grafts packed into the frontal third, although I doubt any ethical surgeon would deplete over 5000 grafts on a 22 year old Think Dr. Hasson would take the the risk? Dr. Rahal? Haha
  6. I have thick donor hair, Dr. Hasson literally exclaimed "oh jesus" when he saw the quality of my grafts
  7. Dr. Hasson is phenomenal and he did a great job, I'm just wondering if now I should somehow convince him to implant an additional 1000 graft in areas 1 through 3. The results I'm hoping for is like this guy: Hair loss, hair transplant and hair restoration advice He had 3200 grafts done, almost 1000 more than myself. Granted, I probably had more hair there initially than he did
  8. Here is my hair before; greasy and in bright lighting And here is my hair about 2 weeks ago, 4 or 5 days shy of the 6 month mark: I've had more growth since this picture
  9. I'm almost 6 and half months post op from an almost 4500 graft FUE surgery, courtesy of Dr. Hasson I've had a lot of growth; at this point it hardly looks like I'm thinning, save for the past hairline/vertex area in harsher lighting. It's driving me out of my wits, this thinning. I've had around 2250 grafts in the frontal third area, which is what's bothering me. Will that area grow out more? Other areas of my hair look a tad thin from certain angles in bad lighting too According to the charts, I'm roughly 60% done growing... It's just maddening thinking that my hair might look great under certain lightings when it's not wet or greasy, but will still show some scalp under other conditions, and that I'd be avoiding swimming pools and spotlights like the plague for the rest of my life. I'm thinking that maybe I should have had 3000 grafts dense packed into the frontal third area... I don't know, I'm quite young, being only 22. In fact, I had to email Dr. Hasson and tell him how much distress my hair loss was causing me, otherwise he didn't even want to operate to begin with
  10. Hello, and thanks for the support Just got done with the 2nd procedure. Both procedures went great, better than expected in fact - Initially I was quoted 4000 grafts, and that the crown area wouldn't be covered. But when Dr. Hasson saw areas of density in my front that didn't need grafts, he told me that finasteride should hold those just fine, and that he'd implant those grafts destined for those areas to the crown. In the first session, we got over 2200 grafts, the second one yielded over 2100 grafts. All in all, I managed to get 4400 something grafts implanted, quite a bit more than the original quoted 4000. The additional grafts were free of charge. I was given quite a few compliments on the density and quality of my donor grafts, in fact they managed to unearth a graft with 5 hairs. I didn't even know 5 was possible, I thought the max was 4. Anyways, plenty of doubles, triples+ grafts, and Dr. Hasson was very pleased with my progress and thought the work looked really nice. The staff was great - Particularly Elena, who worked tirelessly on my head with great skill and dexterity, while catering to my every whim. She was also very comforting and friendly. Both procedures took about 12 - 13+ hours apiece. Overall, I'm very pleased with the experience. Would definitely recommend H&W to anyone looking into hair restoration
  11. Needless to say, I'm absolutely stoked. Apart from the post OP instructions, does anyone have any additional advice to give? By the way, I'm getting 4000 grafts FUE from Dr. Hasson in two procedures spread out a day apart from each other
  12. I'm going to be getting 4000 grafts, placed in the frontal area. They won't address my crown though, sadly. That's why I'd like to switch to avodart; for further crown growth and an overall increase in density My crown looks alright when it's washed, unlike the above picture
  13. They said that FUE would be better since the hair on my sides was thin. Having a strip done that will most likely reach into the thinner hairs doesn't sound too appealing, so I'd rather take their advice and go for FUE, where they'll pick out the best grafts available. Plus it'll be nice to not have a linear scar
  14. I wanted strip for the better graft yield, but they were strongly suggesting FUE since my hair on the sides is thin, while the back is dense. I've decided to listen to the pros and opt for FUE
  15. Both doctors are suggesting that I choose FUE over FUT, since my hair on the sides is thin, although they think that FUT would produce a good results as well. But since FUT has better graft yield and less donor damage, should I pick FUT?