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  1. Great review... I just had a skype consultation with Diep and am looking to book in sometime in 2018. (Only 1300 graphs to restore hairline). Your review along with others such as HTsoon has been great insight. The results look amazing so far and your growth seems much faste tha most. Did you get A-Cell with your treatment?
  2. Dr Diep Dr Bisanga Dr Erdogan the list goes on...
  3. Hey mate, I take Saw Palmetto, Stinging Nettle Root, Fenugreek and Ashwaghanda. I think my hair has improved significantly. You need to take them long term. Jump on iherb, they are all super cheap and great for you anyway - so why not?
  4. Looks good, keen to follow this - i am yet to see Dr Paths FUE results! Good luck!
  5. Keen to hear the reviews of Dr Erdogan and Bisanga... I need to book in for the end of 2018 in either one of these two of Dr Diep. Good luck
  6. Sean, If you decide to go ahead please keep up all updated. I underwent a ton of research and Dr L came out as one of my top 3 along with 1 from Europe and 1 from US that this forum will not let me name. But considering you are from Australia like me Dr L seems the most convenient. Love to know how you go as I might book in depending on your results
  7. You can find an excellent review of a FUE done by Dr Laorwong here http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/183378-1652-fue-grafts-dr-laorwong-absolute-hair-clinic-bangkok.html Some of the best results I have seen and Dr L is definitely one I am watching for when the time comes for me to take the leap. Looking forward to Ian posting his results.
  8. Hi Ian, Sounds great! It would be fantastic if you would keep us all updated with your progress. How did you find Dr Laorwong? And any difficulty with the travel and staying / getting around in Bangkok?
  9. Hi Ozzielookingforhair, No I haven't yet. Since i have taken some pictures I thought Id give it a year and see how much it worsens (if any) by the end of the year. The last dr i contacted was one from America whom I cannot name on this site. I think his work looks the best and I am also interested in his PRP. There are some great results floating around on the net. After sending him my pictures he encouraged me to avoid a transplant at this early stage in life - which i respected (the only surgeon who said that). He informed me my temples would not need more than 300 grafts each side and
  10. Long shot but has anyone had any experience with a clinic performing PRP and A-CELL treatment in Australia? Trying to find a reputable clinic but like most things here in the land of Oz we seem to be way behind the trend. :mad:
  11. Hey mate, Im from Australia too. Have you looked into Dr Laorwong? Results seem great and there is a thread on this site with outstanding results. He would be your best bet in SE Asia I would think. hair loss | hair transplantation | hair restoration | FUE hair transplant | eyebrow transplant | Bangkok | Thailand
  12. Jaa: Whats the cost per graft here in Aus? Like Vainism says you would be crazy to get it done here
  13. Yeh I emailed him yesterday and he replied straight away stating there is only the Bangkok clinic. Which is a shame as i hear Bangkok is an absolute b*tch to get around. He clinic is out from the main city centre.
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